PEUGEOT – Review, History, Technology and much more

PEUGEOT – Review, History, Technology and much more

PEUGEOT – Review

Peugeot started life as an industrial manufacturer’s way in 1810 – a steel foundation production such as band saws, umbrella frame and coffee grinders. The first car to carry Peugeot name was revealed in 1889, Peugeot to make the world’s second oldest car manufacturer and the oldest continuous car brand.

What is Peugeot famous for?

Peugeot has been in business for more than 200 years and without the best doubt to make the car. In 1850, the firm joined the lion as its trademark and showed its first automotive car in the World Fair in Paris – three aspects based on a steam designed with Engineer Leon Serpollet.

PEUGEOT – History

Peugeot’s history is over 200 years, started in a city in France – thinking, where the Peugeot family started on many modern creatures. Their modern nature will lead them to making them one of the world’s most established automotive brands. Today, Peugeot has offices and manufacturing plants around the world.

Discover the interesting date of Peugeot with our timeline below, from the beginning of our first motor vehicle revealed, from the beginning of the concept of thinking on our land. Take a look at Peugeot’s heritage and find out that it all started.

1810 – The beginning of 200 years of innovation

Jean Pierre born in 1734 is known as the father and founder of PEUGEOT. During his life, he made many fields in the industry, with the first weaving business, a dye job, an oil mill and a grain mill.

In 1810, two sons of Jean Pierre, Jean Pierre II and Jean Friedrich set up PEUGEOT Frères. He converted his father’s old grain mill to a steel foundation and converted his engineering skills to a wide range of steel products, which coffee grinders and springs in the frames and bicycles make everything.

1847 – A Recognizable Brand

The lion sign was first published in 1847 when Peugeot family was producing steel products. The lion’s image was used to represent the strength and speed of the product – the symbol of lion’s foam and sharp teeth. In 1858, Logo Peugeot was registered as trademark. From 1948, Icon logo appeared to appear on the bonus of Peugeot cars, the 203 model was introduced to the public this year.

The lion logo has developed throughout the years. In 1998, the lion symbol was the increase of pins to show power and corporate balance; the logo was already the head of the lion. In addition, the color of the Blue Background color company was introduced to the company branding for the symbol of nature symbol of nature.

1889 – The unveiling of Peugeot’s first motor vehicle

Armand Peugeot, the grandson of Jean Pierre, who was proud of any mechanical, looking for its first motor vehicle led by the company. In 1889, as a result of cooperation with Steam Expert Leon Serpollet, he achieved success. The car was Serpollet-PEUGEOT – a steam powerful three wheels.

By the following year, Armand had abandoned steam in favor of petrol and Peugeot had built the first four wheels, petrol-based car – Type 2 quadricycle with a Daimler engine.

Construction partnership with other industry experts is something that PEUGEOT continues to work for many years, to cooperate with Ford and BMW’s likes and development of some unique engines.

1929 – The famous numbering system begins

Peugeot in 1929 announced its first mass-prepared car – 201. It was the first Peugeot to use the ICICOIC counting system now with zero in Peugeot medium, and massively But business marked Peugeot’s approval from mass business. The PSA Group is now one of the top ten largest automotive manufacturers in the unit sales-based world.

201, with 401 and 401 and 601 in 1932 and 401 and 601, achieved mutant success for the first Peugeot. This number tradition still continues today 201 – 208, 308 and 508.

1953 – Launch of a Peugeot scooter

Since the creation of Peugeot cycle before, Grand Bi penny-farthing in 1882, Peugeot has continued to develop bikes with style and durability throughout the years. In 1953, the two-wheel theme was developed more with the first scooter of Peugeot, S55.

It is responsible for many innovations, including the first scooter with the physical work of plastic work in 80CC SC / SX, 1982, in 1982, in 1995, the first scooter with Scooter and ABS break. First Scooter 2002, among others.

Peugeot Scooter is the oldest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles in the world and still getting stronger today.

1962 – An icon is born

Peugeot was widely increased by the success of 401 and 601 clips in Coupés and Cabriolets in 1934. Both of these models featured a retractable metal ceiling features, designed by the automobile designer and the hero of French resistance, George Paulin.

But it was in 1962 that Peugeot Coupe-Cabriolet traditionally designed by Pininfarina , with the beginning of beautiful 404 Cabriolet.

This 60s icon still remains a collector’s favorite and was a more recent stylish coupon of PEUGEOT’s, such as 308 CC and a competitive RCZ.

1974 – Peugeot and Citroen merger

Peugeot got 38.2 percent shares of Citroen in 1974, then it increased by 89.95 percent in 1976, in which he created PSA PEUGEOT Citroen – Peugeot Society. In 2009, Citroen was seen as a premium sub-brand which first created DS. DS was shortened by different spirit or specific series that will run with its mainstream cars. The name is also a game on words, as this word in French is clear like DCC, meaningful Goddess.

Since 2015 (and in China since 2012), the Citroen branding DS line model was dropped and the DS has continued as a styling brand.

In 2016, PSA Peugeot Citroen rebranded and was known as PSA group.

1977 – A record breaking Tour De France

In 1977, Peugeot won its tenth tour de France with Bernard Thévenet in the saddle. This record number of achievements is unattended on that day. Thévenet’s ride confirmed the Peugeot’s place in the Cycling Hall of reputation, which won the Louis Trousselier in 1904 for Peugeot with his first legendary tour de France.

In honor of beautiful racing bikes resulting in beautiful racing bikes, Peugeot Bikes launched the range of symptoms in 2011, which includes the latest version of the winning Tour de France bike.

Peugeot still keeps bicycles in the heart of your plan for environmental friendly journeys, and the bike is inspired by the past like Electronic Assistant E-bike and the new, urban Abram, they represent the most future .The.

1983 – Another record-breaker is born

In 1983, Peugeot now started by 205 GTI by 205 GTI so far by 1984 by 1984. The arrival of 205 identified the start of Peugeot’s success in the small car market, and the rally version, 205 Turbo 16 won two global rally championship titles in 1985 and 1986.

Peugeot in 1998 was built more than 5 million Peugeot 205s before expanding in 1998, which broke this record with more than 6.5 million models.

Then Peugeot starting in 2006 went to become the highest selling car in Europe. Then 208, which was launched in 2012 and is currently one of the best selling models of Peugeot.

1999 – The fight for the environment

By 1999, the world had to face the United States to the extent of environmental issues and the vehicle industry needs to change the big step. The effort to reduce the CO2 developed by the world’s vehicles was more important than modern and before controlling in the effort to reduce the technical information of all industry.

Peugeot entered with the world first in this field – 607 equipped with a diesel particles filter with a HDI engine (known as FAP in France). The FAP automatically removes 99.9% of the soup particles absorbed by diesel engines and spreads a large number of Peugeot HDI engines in late ninety / early job.

In addition to this in 1999, Peugeot started its Carbon Sink’ operation in Brazil, with collaboration with it, French National Forest Service. The purpose of this operation was to deal with the effect of greenhouse with a huge scale tree in the world’s lungs’. The project has a great success with 2 million trees and approximately 111,000 net tons of CO2 checked.

2009 – Peugeot makes sporting history

In 2009, Peugeot made the history of motorsport, the first and other places in the race-bearing race, Li Main 24 hours, with 908 HDI IFAP. And in November 2011, 908 HDIPP activated another successful double in China, China’s ILMC Championship in China.

The Peugeot game continues to make history in the world of motorsport, but also other areas of sports success are also determined.

It includes sponsoring France’s open for 14 years, which becomes a government partner of Lancôme Trophy by 2003, and even its own golf tournament is also starting its golf tournament.

Recently, Peugeot game engineers have work close to three production cars combined with Peugeot – RCGR (now retired), Peugeot game and 308 GTi 270 by Peugeot game by 208 GTI by GTI, which usually combines Peugeot with better sports styling and Peugeot game performance.

2010 – Peugeot celebrates 200 years of innovation

In 2010, to mark the Bicentenary of Peugeot brand, the emblematic Peugeot Lion changed to reflect a new era. Peugeot designers made an easy, more dynamic logo a new stand and a new feeling of movement.

Peugeot also celebrated with many future starts. First of all, the entire electromagnetic concept was revealed, EX1, which has already been set to break several global records for speeding. Then the top range came to RCZ coupon, its unusual ‘Herald as a design icon for the roof of the double bubble. And finally, 100% electric car, Peugeot ion reached the city scene.


In all automotive companies still in production, Peugeot is one of them where the children of the founders are still shares and catch administrative positions.

The dynamic and modern spirit shines by the Peugeot family still lives in the company in two centuries. Although despite being a car manufacturer, Peugeot still produces a number of non-automotive products, including saws / chisels, grinders and salt and pepper mills.

Yet Peugeot has led the brand to become the world’s identification manufacturer who continues to be the top of the modern design and at the top of the automotive technology breaking on the ground. Peugeot offers modern, latest innovation and technology like Peugeot I-Cockpit, Park Help, Grip Control and CarPlay.

With new concepts and plans for the 21st Century, Peugeot is set to continue their adventures.

Full List of Peugeot Car Models


Discover a new way of driving with hybrid cars in Peugeot plugin. The Plugins are hybrid cars versatile and allows you to travel long.

Switch to all electromagnetic in no time and travel up to 39 miles.

Whether our range of hybrid cars in Hatchback, State or SUV, plugin meets your needs, without combining modern design, environmental performance and modern technology, without any agreement.


The intense appeal of the fixed high-end new Peugeot 308 captures you with the role and dynamic power.


The amazing silhouette of the new Peugeot 308 is dynamic from each angle. Its sleek, athletic lines with bold proportions emphasize a powerful personality:

The assertive verticality of the great grid continues with a long bonnet.

The rear end is muscle and powerful, its aerodynamics increased by its low ceiling line. It’s huge, sitting firmly on its wheels.

The distinguished and streamlined profile shows its athletic look.


The new default ergonomic and intuitive PEUGEOT i-Cockpit provides full access to the full range of features carefully designed to carefully design your time to change in quality time.

The new compact multi-function heating all the controls of hot steering wheel, radio, media, and telephone and driver support systems.

New panel of 10 “design devices or new 3D digital device design. For a joint ship experience, Peugeot I-Cockpit® is very accessible to passengers:

New intuitive and customizable multi-window touch screen and new virtual I-toggles.

New central console with multiple storage spaces.


With a bold design and resetting the connectivity of the board, the new 308 SW Compact Station Wagon intensifies the quality of your time, while professionals meet the technology, volume, modular and practical expectations.

With the determination of the power of Peugeot’s choice, give yourself the freedom to equipped with the hybrid engine in effective petrol, diesel or plugin.


Featuring the new Peugeot badge, with the lion in the center of its new vertical radiator Grill, the new Peugeot 308 SW State offers a powerful stand, which extends the extended bonnet and strong by a set-back wind screen.

Its bold proportion, expressive and sharp, sexual design shows a vertical and unique personality, practically and reject stereotypes without the sacrifice of the modular. Recommend construction of a compact and generosity, its sleek silhouette draws athletic and final lines, elegant chrome exposure, beautifully closed with a better light signature and brand new lion icon.


Take control of new user-friendly, intuitive and ultra-linked Peugeot i-Cockpit. A flagship feature for the brand in the board’s safety and quality terms on the board, it has completely changed to present the driver and all the passengers have increased better ergonomics, design and technology. Equipped with a central touch screen equipped with a new compact multi-function, ultra-dynamic hot steering wheel, a digital head-up display and modern new Peugeot I-Connect infection system, it all offers a unique board experience.

PEUGEOT 3008 & 3008 HYBRID

Peugeot 3008 and discover its unique revolutionary style. The innovative Peugeot i-Cockpit as well as the modern technology range deployed on the board is designed to enhance your prosperity and safety. Discover our power of election commitment: Choose your Peugeot 3008 with 39 miles range with hybrid engine in effective internal combustion or plugin.


PEUGEOT combines powerful lines of 3008 power and optimization, dynamic and smooth. Its new success gives it a strong personality at the end of the front. This top range indicates the beginning of an empowered new era of SUV modernity.


Peugeot’s top range Ergonomic driving position and upgrade i-Cockpit, driving on the board Peugeot becomes 3008 simple and intuitive. Equipped with a compact multi-steering wheel, a 10 “HD touch screen, elegant chrome piano keys and a head-up digital display panel, it offers better convenience and safety.

On the hybrid version in the plug-in, head-up digital display and touch screen allows you to add a fully dedicated display that you have specific driving information such as driving mode, electric battery charging level, rest or energy maintenance Allows to reach the limit.

Your Peugeot 3008 is also more beautiful and style, especially on the GT premium version, “Black Pack” options and its specific “black” elements.

Make your mark from the beginning with the new “Black Chrome” Front Grill. “3008”, “GT” and “PEUGEOT” seed satin are in black.

Front wing finishers, rear bumper stripes, and ceiling and disorder trims, brightness are over in black. In addition to 19 “Washington” Diamond- cut alloy wheels Camel Black Shine a ‘Black Fog’ Varnish and 19 “” San Francisco” diamond-cut alloy wheels Matt Stage Black ‘Black Fog’ with Hybrid Edition.


Peugeot appreciates 508 radical and padded designs. Enjoy a wonderful driving experience and advanced technical innovation.

With the power of election commitment, select your Peugeot 508 equipped with a hybrid engine in an efficient ice or plug-in, equipped with 37-mile driving range in the power mode.


A new driving experience in stability and electrical mode:

  • Up to 39 miles range (WLTP) in electric mode
  • Access to restricted emissions zones
  • A smooth drive with no jolts, reduced vibrations
  • Sharp acceleration thanks to instant engine torque
  • Quiet operation


Its low, dynamic shape, aggressive front end and hollow, muscle style, Peugeot 508 fast back game is a new era of sporting and beauty.

This is the statue lines, its new black chrome checkers grill black and its light signature emphasizes its sleek, bold and modern spirit.

Additional Facts

The Company Sochaux Soccer Club, which was started by a member of Peugeot family sponsor.

Peugeot is a high premium on the company’s safety. For example, their 308 models have a system, which is known as LDWs, which carefully visits any uninterrupted lane.

308 include other features such as electronic break force distribution systems, an ABS system and a break-assisted system.

Peugeot motorcycles are a leading manufacturer of European bicycles, scooters, and mopeds. Between 1903 and 1983, their bikes won 10 Tour Persian races.

It was a Peugeot car, inspired by Jules Goux, who won the Indianapolis 500 in 1913.


Peugeot offer you a range of online services. Whether you are interested in purchasing a new car for your current Peugeot, you can do it with your home comfort.

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