10 things that will disappear in the next 10 years

10 things that will disappear in the next 10 years

You should not be very old to remember VCR tapes, LPP, street directories, and fax machines. They were the most common one decade, but now it’s disappearing now. What will the next 10 years come? There are 10 things that will probably do things that will disappear in the next 10 years.

Things That will disappear 

Credit cards

Oh, yes, we will still be able to pay by credit – it will not disappear at any time soon – but we will not need these ice rectangular bits of plastic. Already we are looking at more and more people who pay with their phone, watch, fit, or ring, and it is just more common. Soon, you may not need a device because the payment system will work through the face recognition (it’s already happening in China).


Cash will not disappear completely, but it is already on its way, and it will not be longer before becoming a minimum priority (and more expensive) payment option. The average number of ATM transactions has reached 2010 to 40 to 25; Reserve Bank has reported that cash consumers have declined by 60% to 37 percent, and market analysts from East and partners It shows Australia shows that Australia will be. Approximately cash (up to 2 percent of purchase) until 2022.


Are you one of the thousands using passwords such as QWERTY, ABC123, LETMEIN, 123456, or Password? If so, you should really know better! But do not worry – you will not have to use the passwords soon. Already, you can unlock your devices with your fingerprints, eyes or faces, and soon all security will move to bio-metric identification.


When we are on the subject of security, let’s say keys: House keys, car keys, office keys. They can all use the museum because we use our phone, watch, or fit bit. While doing everything will lock and unlock. And yes, you guessed – it will also be changed with biometric identification.

Eye glasses (spectacles)

Long ago, it will be very common for us to become cyborgs – that is, our bodies need technical reforms to make us “Superman”. You can say that we are with centuries (and now contact lenses) with centuries, but this “technology” may disappear soon, change the eyes of nano technology automatically your approach Fixes

Airport queues

If you don’t like to row on the airport to check the safety scanning and passport (and who do you?), You will be happy to hear this change. Dubai International Airport is a smart tunnel that scans passengers through passport control in just 15 seconds, and even the Australian government has a decent plan to fully get rid of passports.

Parking meters

Perhaps you have heard when we all wander in vehicles; there will be no need for parking. It’s true, but this self-driving Utopia is still at least several decades. But before we reach this time, the good parking meter will disappear; the license plate will be replaced by an automatic charge in the technology and your credit card.


If you have a late model smartphone, you probably support “wireless charge” – but it means it rest on a charge pad. It’s more convenient than plugging in a cable, but even better option. The true wireless charge is “OTA” – it’s on the air. Just like Wi-Fi, it does not need to charge any wires, plugs, or pads – it just charge devices up to 10 meters quickly and safely. This technology has been around the year (Nicola Tesla was also predicted in the 1900s), but it is only at the time that energy companies are trying to make it affordable and scale.

Big hard drives

There was a time when the storage space was an important factor in choosing a computer or phone. But, with the fast Internet access and cheap cloud-based storage, the size does not matter anymore. For a small membership fee, we Spotify and Netflix Stream, automatically backup (iCloud, Google, and Dropbox), and quick access to multiple devices.

Remote controls

F You have not yet seen what the maximum buttons on your TV remote control, do not worry – you will not need it soon. After all, you already have a powerful hand-held device you use for everything: your smartphone. Soon you will be able to use it to control each device: TV, air conditioner lighting, music, oven, and even artwork on your wall.

What Things Will Disappear In Just 20 Years

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