Karen Haircut is moving around in the world of trendy hairstyles

Karen Haircut is moving around in the world of trendy hairstyles

This name is on everyone’s lips right now – for all the wrong reasons! Yes, Cairns is the victim of a million memes everywhere, mocking middle-aged white women for their entitled attitudes, crazy complaints and outrageous demands. If you work in retail or customer service, you may know a Karen with her famous catchphrase, ‘Can I speak to your manager?’ However, they also have an instantly recognizable ‘look’. With Cairns making headlines around the world, here are the hairstyles you should avoid to make sure no one mistakes you for one of them!

What is a Karen Haircut?

The Karen haircut is an inverted bob or lob also known as an A-line cut. It is always long in the front and short in the back. As a result, it forms an acute angle when viewed from the side. Karen’s haircut can be parted in the middle or feature an asymmetrical fringe and is often paired with chunky highlights. While the classic Karen look is blonde, it has evolved to include many different color combinations.

Here are the top 7 embarrassing haircuts you might see coming to a Karen near you (but not if you see them first)!

Neat and Clean Karen Haircut

Karen’s haircuts can range from sharp and edgy to sleek and polished. For high-class Cairns at the country club, a neat, feathered haircut looks great. Less glamorous than the classic Karen cut, it has less exaggerated elements. However, the haircut retains the original Karen elements of chunky highlights and a shorter length.

Brassy Blonde Karen Hair

Although now is a great time to experiment with a new shade of blonde, be careful! Your hair can turn ‘brassy’ when the natural color is warm and not tone after bleaching. For example, instead of pure, icy platinum, hair can look yellow or even orange. Because of the combination of cool and warm highlights in classic Karen hairstyles, many of them end up with brassy hair. It is neither true blonde nor golden, but a mixture of the two.

Platinum Blonde Karen Haircut

A Karen haircut is far from natural – which is why many Karen’s like to pair it with glamorous colors like platinum blonde. Shiny and icy, platinum blonde hair always attracts attention, which Cairns loves. However, they also often have prominent dark roots and eyebrows, which clash with their platinum locks. When platinum blonde goes wrong, a brassy blonde Karen will emerge!

Original Karen Haircut

The original Karen haircut, as worn by reality TV star Kate Gosselin, is an asymmetrical blonde bob. The cut has a long, side-swept fringe compared to a shorter, sharper cut in the back. Perhaps the most popular part of the hairstyle is the chunky unblended highlights, which create a ‘tiger stripe’ effect. Uncluttered and edgy, the original Karen haircut stands out for all the wrong reasons.

Black Karen Haircut

Karen’s look isn’t just for blondes! Dark-haired women can undoubtedly suffer from chunky, asymmetrical and messy haircuts. Perhaps the worst part is the highlights. By keeping the signature unbleached and streaked blonde pieces, dark-haired Karen’s risk looking like a pedestrian crosswalk. There are many great ways to rock dark hair with highlights.

Red and Blonde Highlights Karen Haircut

Cairns are known for their fiery temper, and what better way to let everyone know than with red and blonde highlights? Like Karen’s other haircuts, the highlights are intentionally unnatural and chunky, making them stand out even more. With their flaming locks, these Karen’s show off their aggressive side!

Brown and Red Highlights Karen Hair

Shaking it up from the traditional blonde look, some blonde Karen’s opt for bold red highlights instead. Red streaks – from bright copper to deep auburn – draw attention and help Karen stand out from the crowd. Since the red and brown color combination has an edgy vibe, it pairs well with short and spicier Karen haircuts. However, for a more flattering look, Cairns can opt for different options for brown hair with highlights.

Karen Haircut Memes

The Internet is full of Karen-themed memes. Karen’s power to complain and demand special treatment is legendary, and there are many ways to get in on the fun. From children getting Karen haircuts to Karens taking on their most worthy rival: a store manager, check out our selection of some of the funniest Karen memes.

  • Emo girls as gothic Karens.
  • I want to see the manager, Karen.
  • A group of complaints is called Karen.


In conclusion, the Karen haircut has transcended its origins as a meme and evolved into a recognizable and, for some, fashionable hairstyle. Its journey from internet humor to a mainstream trend demonstrates the intriguing ways in which cultural phenomena can permeate various aspects of society, including fashion and personal expression. While the term “Karen” itself has been associated with certain stereotypes, the haircut has taken on a life of its own, allowing individuals to embrace a distinct style that may or may not align with the stereotype.

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