Frog Eyes Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

Frog Eyes Piercing - Snake Eyes Piercing

The frog eyes piercing stands out as an intriguing tongue piercing option, far from being mundane. Emerging prominently from the tongue, it creates a lasting impression. Notably, the piercing is relatively low on the pain scale and tends to heal swiftly. If you’re curious about the additional advantages and potential drawbacks of the frog eyes piercing, we’ve compiled all the details here. Our guide also features aftercare tips, various jewelry material choices, and other valuable information.

What Is A Frog Eyes Piercing?

Mouth piercings offer a diverse range of styles and types, including double and single piercings, vertical and horizontal orientations, midline and frolic placements, as well as lip and tongue piercings, among others. The frog eyes piercing represents a specific type of horizontal double tongue piercing. This involves symmetrically piercing the tongue and inserting two barbells into the holes, creating an effect where their ends protrude when the tongue is extended, resembling a frog’s eyes. It’s crucial to ensure that the piercings are positioned at the same level and maintain a consistent distance from each other. Interestingly, the frog eye piercing is commonly known as the venom piercing, and there is no substantial difference between the two terms.

Frog Eyes Piercing Or Snake Eyes Piercing?

The frog eyes tongue piercing is occasionally misidentified as the snake piercing. Despite sharing several similarities, they are distinct. Both the snake and frog eyes piercings fall under the category of double tongue piercings; however, the snake piercing is situated closer to the tongue tip, whereas the frog eye piercing is positioned more towards the middle of the tongue. Additionally, the snake piercing utilizes a single curved barbell instead of two straight ones. Similar to the frog eyes tongue piercing, the ends of the jewelry in a snake piercing also extend above the tongue, creating the appearance of snake eyes.

Styles of Jewelry for Frog Eyes Piercings

Frog eyes piercing jewelry can be broadly categorized into two types: barbells and rings, each with various subcategories. Initially, your piercer will insert a straight barbell into the piercing hole to facilitate proper healing. The ends of the barbell are adorned with balls, serving both to secure the jewelry in place and symbolize frog eyes. Considering that your tongue may swell after the procedure, the length of the barbell is a crucial factor. Once the healing process is complete, you have the flexibility to switch to a different option of your preference. This could include two slightly smaller barbells, a curved barbell, two tongue bead rings, or various other forms.

What is the Cost of a Frog Eyes Piercing?

The cost of a frog eyes tongue piercing varies, much like other types of piercings, and is influenced by factors such as the studio’s location and popularity, the piercer’s qualifications, and the type of jewelry selected. On average, the price for a frog eye piercing falls within the range of $50 to $100. Due to the nature of having two piercings instead of one, it often carries a higher cost compared to single piercings.

For those looking to save money, considering a salon located away from the city center or with lower demand may be an option. However, it is strongly advised not to compromise on the piercer’s expertise and the quality of materials used, as cutting corners in these aspects may lead to undesirable outcomes. It’s essential to seek reviews or recommendations from individuals who have previously availed themselves of the services of the chosen artist.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frog Eyes Piercings

Undoubtedly, like all mouth piercings, the frog eye piercing comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re contemplating whether to embrace the frog eyes or not, here’s a brief overview of its primary pros and cons:


Quick healing time

In comparison to many other types of tongue piercings, frog eyes tend to heal relatively swiftly, typically ranging from six weeks to two months. However, consistent adherence to proper aftercare is essential for this outcome.

Stylish and trendy appearance

The frog eyes tongue piercing boasts an unusual and attention-grabbing aesthetic. Choosing this option ensures you’ll make a memorable and stylish statement wherever you go.

Can be hidden when necessary

While some may view it as a questionable benefit, the ability to conceal the piercing can be advantageous. This feature is particularly valuable in environments with dress code restrictions, allowing you to showcase or conceal the piercing as needed.


The extensive variety of jewelry options provides the flexibility to tailor the style of the frog eyes piercing to suit your personal taste and preferences.


Increased Discomfort and Pain:

Given that the frog eye piercing involves two piercings on the tongue, the level of pain experienced is higher compared to a single tongue piercing. Be prepared for heightened discomfort.

Challenges in Eating and Speaking:

Tongue swelling during the healing process can impede both speech and eating. Normal activities in these areas may become difficult until the swelling subsides.

Potential Damage to Teeth and Gums: Even with the correct barbell size, the frog piercing poses a risk of erosion to your teeth and gums.

Complication Risks:

Inexperienced piercers may inadvertently damage nerves, leading to issues such as tongue muscle tightness and synchronous movement.

Effective aftercare is crucial for the successful healing of the piercing. Here are key points for anyone considering the frog eye piercing:

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene.
  • After eating or drinking, rinse with antiseptic lotion.
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Avoid alcohol and spicy foods.
  • Keep the jewelry in place until the piercing has fully healed.
  • Rinse the mouth with saltwater every four to five hours.
  • Postpone kissing, oral sex, and intense physical activities.
  • Applying ice or consuming ice water may help reduce tongue swelling.
  • Ensure hands are clean before touching the piercing to prevent infection.

Frog Eye Piercing and Snake Eye Piercing


Upon getting the frog eyes piercing, anticipate requests to showcase it, as its distinctive appearance naturally attracts attention. With the assistance of our guide, you can achieve the best results in caring for and displaying your frog eye piercing.

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