The first steps in an email marketing campaign

The first steps in an email marketing campaign

A few weeks ago we used the importance of email to manage and grow our business. We talked about that time. Advantages of Email Marketing and we promised to share some keys for writing emails for marketing campaigns.

Knowing the basics of writing emails is essential to achieving a good marketing campaign. However, it will be of no use if you do not have your contact information without gathering your contact information beforehand. A digital marketing platform that allows you to manage, automate delivery and measure results. So, there are some preliminary considerations to consider before you start writing.

Choosing an Email Marketing Platform

The first step in an effective email marketing strategy is choosing a professional tool . This allows you to manage contacts, design emails, automate deliveries, and measure results without extensive design or programming knowledge.

Sendinblue, Freshwork, Mailchimp, and Elemento are some of the platforms that can help you get started since then. There is a free version. Take a look at these and others you can find on the internet, compare the services they offer, review the opinions shared by users, and choose your own!

Just as important as having an effective tool to provide technical security for your emails to reach your contacts is to have this tool know how many of those emails were opened and how many emails resulted in a final call to action click. is to pay. Only then can you optimize your marketing strategy for your next campaign.

Legally collect emails

To send an email, you need to require the user to provide an address. The General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) protects consumer personal data, including e-mail addresses, and establishes that e-mail must go through a process called “choice” in order to be lawfully collected. Explicit consent is required for the data collected and for the purpose of its use.

Contact Classification

Any email marketing strategy requires the creation of a database, a list of contacts of people or companies that are recommended to be divided into interest groups. to send emails related to them . Otherwise, the contact may feel that you are wasting your time, start ignoring messages, unsubscribe, or mark your email as spam.

To set up a segment between your contacts, it’s important to know that segment. To do this, it is essential to collect certain information such as age, city of residence, marital status, occupation, and interests. Helps group your email marketing audience with the parameters most relevant to your brand .

It is also important to categorize your contacts based on the company and the interactions with it. The checkout counter where they are. Only then can you launch more specific and effective campaigns for each group.

Creating attractive designs and adding value

No matter what your message is, no one will read it unless the medium in which it is delivered is attractive. Creating an attractive design is essential in any email marketing campaign. This is why email marketing platforms are integrated. Email templates can be customized with your company’s colors and logos. Also, free design platforms like Canva have plenty of resources for creating beautiful designs.

Email should also add value to users. We are busy people. I don’t have much time to read overly long emails. Grab their attention in a few words. It’s important to create an irresistible subject and send a message in the body of your email that entices users to click in a few words. However, we will cover it in the next article.

Personalize your message

Email personalization is essential for: Build a trusting relationship with your clients. In addition to including your name in your greeting, you should create personalized content and suggestions based on the needs of each group of users.

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