5 Best Front Porch Design Ideas and Back Porch Design Ideas

5 Best Front Porch Design Ideas and Back Porch Design Ideas

Porch Design Ideas

The front porch design is literally the first thing anyone sees in your beautiful house. It’s the part that creates the first impression and introduces your personality and style. So a low key porch really doesn’t work, doesn’t it?

That’s why today we decided to share some incredible porch design ideas that will impress your visitors and you when you see your stunning home. After all, interior design isn’t just for living rooms and bedrooms.

Before we go any further, let’s understand which area of the house is classified as your front porch and back porch.

What is a front porch?

Your home’s entryway is either a small space enclosed by an outdoor wall at the front of the house, and your front door may be classified as a front porch. It usually holds your house number and is ideally a deck with views of the front yard and street.

If you don’t have a front yard, the front porch usually has an awning or fence to separate the area from the street. At first glance, it adds a certain curb appeal to the overall look of your house.

What is a back porch?

Unlike the front porch, the back porch is hidden from view. This area can be allocated on either side of the house, not necessarily the rearmost. The back porch is usually a small screened porch area where you prefer to hang out after a tiring day. Mostly it faces your open garden or landscape, maybe even a swimming pool.

A back porch is a great addition to both large and small homes. Enjoy your breakfast or evening tea on the covered porch with a nice seating area. It can also raise the bar on your date night, or add a little flair when you want to give yourself some time after a long, rough day.

10 Best porch design ideas for your home:

Open space seating area

A porch seating area is a great way to inspire your home design. This beautiful open space offers stunning views of your front yard, backyard, community and your garden pergola and shed.

You may have seen it in movies like The Notebook from The Vampire Diaries or Elena’s Home where the open seating area really helps brighten the overall view of the house.

Consider a range of single-seater or small sofas with coffee tables for your back porch. This area can easily double as a relaxing space as well as afternoon tea and small garden gatherings. You can also create a covered porch where you can sit and enjoy the patter of rain without getting wet. It provides a seamless romantic setting all year round.

For the front porch, consider installing a porch swing or some porch chairs and loungers. You can also add an outdoor rug to brighten the space. The overall ambience will provide a place to sit and mingle with loved ones, or relax in the lounge at dusk while watching the nearby children play. It’s really quiet and fun.

Adding a fire pit

Have you always wanted a fire pit to sit around with your family and inspire a campfire feeling?

Well, here is your chance. Whether you choose to infuse it into your front porch decor or your back porch, it adds glamour to your outdoor living. This incredible decorating idea can easily be incorporated into your makeover. Just place some rocking chairs or create a porch seating area in your outdoor living space and see for yourself how relaxing it can be to the overall aesthetic of the house.

But keep in mind that a porch is a breezy area, so your fire pit should be well shielded.

Decorate with light fixtures

You might think that as an outdoor living space, a porch could be paired with some sconces and nothing else. But trust us when we say that hanging string lights from a porch ceiling or adding them to an exterior wall can make the place look even brighter.

You might even consider wrapping string lights around your pergola while you’re sitting on your porch. This creates a magnanimous effect, perfect for a small garden party or a romantic dinner with your spouse in an outdoor area.

Of course, the front porch still needs sconces, and visitors should find a lighted space at your front door. Not to mention, your house number needs to be visible at night, which is easier to do when you turn on your porch lights. Some decorative DIY sconces can really add a personal touch to your front porch decor while illuminating the entryway.

Choose appropriate paint colors

Often, you can choose bright colors for indoor living spaces like living rooms, kitchens, or even the interiors of outdoor rooms. However, the exterior walls of your house create the backdrop for your porch design ideas.

So choose some mild and light paint colors for the walls. You can use a wide range of color schemes in furniture and pavers for added vibrancy. But the walls have to be neutral for the most part because you don’t want the house to look too colorful from the outside when your lights aren’t on.

If the exterior and porch look too dull for you, consider implementing a vertical garden during your home remodel to add some color and vibrancy to your design plans.

Select a style of interior Designs

Your interior design style, or in this case, your outdoor porch decor, must follow a substantial theme. Just because these are outdoor living spaces doesn’t mean you can’t use a Victorian theme or modern eclectic decor or create a farmhouse porch.

You can choose furniture that reflects your style. Maybe instill a personal touch into a simple porch design. You can never go wrong with greenery. It adds energy and vibrancy to any home. If you already have a beautiful front yard and beautiful landscaping, you can still place some plants around your small front porch.

Whatever decorating idea, decor and furniture you choose, make sure to follow a specific theme. A modern house can have a modern front porch, while a Victorian house can have anything from a retro theme to a minimalist design to your liking.

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