How to Clean Any Wooden Furniture

How to Clean Any Wooden Furniture

The furniture in the house is actually the elements that give character to any home. And although many times it is not repaired too much in it’s cleaning, it is very important to pay special attention to those that are made of wood. This material is very cozy, but it has the disadvantage that depending on the finish it can age poorly if it is not cared for. It is very common that with daily friction, domestic accidents and the passage of time, wooden furniture stops looking shiny. In addition, bumps or scratches may appear on its surface. In order to keep them in the best possible way, you have to know how to clean each type of wooden furniture. As well as giving the treatment that each wood needs.

Cleaning the Kitchen Furniture

In the case of wooden furniture that we find in the kitchen, the surface is usually treated. This ensures that the material withstands normal kitchen use. In many cases we find lacquered wooden kitchen Furniture cabinets or with a final coat of resistant protective varnish.

The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning a kitchen wooden Furniture is that furniture tends to accumulate grease. So it is highly recommended to clean just after cooking. In this way it will be easier to clean the grease so that it does not adhere to the furniture. Since it will be much more difficult to remove once it dries.

Cleaning Pine Wood Furniture

There is no house in which there is not a pine cabinet. And it is that this type of wood is differentiated by its versatility and good price. However, it also needs good cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking new. In addition, the good thing about pine is that by accepting so many different finishes it is also relatively easy to clean it and make color modifications.

The most common is that pine wooden furniture has a protective finish that protects it from external damage. But we know that in many cases this is not the case, or else this lacquer has worn down with the passage of time and normal use of the furniture. When the furniture is new and has this protective layer, it is best to simply remove the dust with the help of a duster or dry cloth.

Cleaning Cherry Wood Furniture

Cherry wooden furniture is a good investment since with good cleaning and maintenance it can last a lifetime. Although the price is higher than that of other types of wood, it is also much more durable. Therefore, it cannot be cleaned like pine; cherry wood furniture needs a specific cleaning.

It is very common to find furniture made of cherry wood in objects intended for offices. Since its durability means that it is usually used to manufacture furniture with a classic style that does not go out of style. That is why many times in office cleaning you have to know how to treat this type of wood. Especially in the offices of senior executives or managers.

Cleaning walnut and oak wood furniture

Walnut or oak wooden furniture is very common in all homes today. So we are very used to seeing furniture from all eras made of this wood that is preserved in perfect condition. It does not matter whether they are made of solid wood or natural veneer, both require the same maintenance. To get them to stay looking impeccable there are certain tips that can be followed when cleaning.

Finally, if you have oak or walnut wooden furniture that has lost its shine, there is another homemade solution you can do. Mix a liter of beer with two tablespoons of beeswax and one of sugar, bring it to a boil and then apply it on the furniture. Then pass a dry cloth to collect all the remains and polish. You will see how the furniture recovers its original brightness and color.

Cleaning natural wood furniture

It is not very common to find natural wooden furniture today without any type of finish. That is, furniture that is not varnished or waxed. However, it may be that we buy untreated wood furniture to make a finish to our liking. In any case, we have to know how to deal with the cleaning of furniture of this type.

The best solution is to make a mixture of white vinegar, olive oil and water. With a clean cloth moistened in the resulting liquid, you can rub the entire surface. Once done, you can take another clean cloth and wipe it again to remove any excess mixture that may remain.

Cleaning Teak Wood Furniture

When we are faced with the cleaning of outdoor wooden furniture, we usually find teak wood furniture. This wood is distinguished by its resistance to inclement weather and its durability. Although that does not mean that they should not be cleaned periodically to keep them as the first day. As they are outdoor furniture, they can be cleaned with the help of a hose when they are very dirty. However, the water should never be applied under pressure. When we find stains that are difficult to remove, it is best to use a sponge and detergent. This way we will totally eliminate localized dirt without damaging the wood. In the event that the entire piece of furniture is very dirty, the entire piece of furniture can be rubbed with the sponge. Afterwards, to remove the foam, it can be rinsed again with the hose.

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