Some Strategies to Prioritize Your Life

Some Strategies to Prioritize Your Life

In the 21st century, the century of unlimited information and express answers, life is one of the only things that does not have a manual. The lack of an established path often means that over the years we wonder how we got to where we are.

We have all heard at some point about priorities, but have we taken a moment to understand what they are, see if they really help us?

It is very common that the lack of goals and a prioritization strategy make us fall into the tendency of only reacting. Solving one thing after another, constantly putting out small fires as they appear. This limits the capacity for action and interferes with the choice of leading a lifestyle that predicts good things in the long term. Without clear priorities, there is no progress.

The priorities may not be the same as a manual, but they are one of the best tools that can be applied to get to have the life we ​​want. Of course, they are not just tasks that we cross off a list. They are the key to a good lifestyle, the first step to take on the path of personal development.

Priorities, more than something that is fulfilled, are a constant. They are the principle that remains in our lives until we meet the goals set.

Today we bring you a list that you can use to evaluate and Strategies to Prioritize Your Life. Go ahead, get to work!

Be Consistent and Sincere

The priorities are the most personal of the human being. They go hand in hand with beliefs, personality and dreams. That is why to Strategies to Prioritize Your Life, it is necessary to start with a personal evaluation where you must ask yourself what is important to you? What dreams or goals you want to achieve and what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve them.

Many times we are guided by social patterns, what everyone does, what is expected of me, but we must ask ourselves, does that really benefit me? Do i believe in it?

It is time to open up, without fear! No one is going to judge you, the path and the decisions are solely yours.

Analyze Your Day and Make a List

Don’t you know what your priorities are? Carefully analyze your day to day, so you will know the order of importance that you have been following. To carry out this step, the best we can do is get out of autopilot. Review decisions, trends and reflect on them.

The process of analyzing the days also helps create a notion of what your weeks, months, years and most importantly, your life are based on. For example, if you spend a large part of your time sitting or lying down every day, watching your social networks or television, it is most likely that you have a sedentary lifestyle. If your goal is to be more proactive, you already know that you should reduce the time invested in sedentary activities. You can also look for alternatives like a standing desk.

Categorize the List

You must assign a category to each of the actions that you wrote down on your list; generally these vary between areas such as: family, work, friends, partner, hobbies, personal projects, recreation. Add the categories that you feel necessary.

This process helps generate a visual of what or who you invest your efforts in. This visual helps a lot when it comes to objectively analyzing what is really important, and what we do only because we feel that it is the right thing to do. As well as it can be very helpful to realize in which area we are failing or have a deficient development.

Define Objectives and Break Them Down into Priorities

Objectives or goals are not the same as priorities:

  • Goals are the end of the road, what we want to achieve .
  • Priorities are those steps or things that must always be kept in mind to achieve them. The priorities are the constants by which you have to be guided to reach the goal.

In order to set priorities according to what you want, you first have to be aware of your personal mission and vision . Your goals can be defined in the short, medium and long term. There is also the possibility of having a goal that does not enter a time limit, the goal of being. Being the person you love, for everyone this looks different.

A useful tip for prioritizing is breaking down your goal into activities. Imaginative in X amount of years, in your ideal situation and think how did I get to where I am?

Decrease Instant Gratification

As we told you at the beginning of this article, living in the era of immediacy, we tend to think in the short term, making it difficult to think about the future. We are able to know what everyone thinks due to their likes and comments quickly, just minutes from making a post on any social network. As a consequence, we live in the short term and the process of thinking ahead becomes difficult.

If you are looking for improvements in your personal life, you have to understand that goals need work and time.


The prioritization is based on specifying the things that we know are completely necessary in our day to day life, and being constant with them so that one day we are not naturally motivated. Now that you know these Strategies to Prioritize Your Life, we invite you today to start totally changing the way you spend your days and consequently your life. You are ready to get out of autopilot mode and make strategic decisions!

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