What is global warming? And it’s Consequences

What is global warming And it’s Consequences

Global warming is the topic we all hear and talk about today, but it has great ignorance. When a large amount of information is received through an inaccurate or ignorant source, this ignorance may occur, which will cause error information about climate change.

In this article, we will solve everything related to global warming. We will first analyze what it is. The reason, the consequences and how to fight it alone.

The phenomenon of global warming will affect all creatures living on the earth, people, animals, plants, etc., and the consequences of this warming are very negative. We are humans and are responsible for this devastating warming process.

We are the reason for the high emissions of pollution gases to enter the atmosphere. We have caused forests in natural areas, helping us absorb these gases and a thousand other actions.

Global Warming

First of all, we define two interconnected concepts, but it is usually considered the same. We are talking about global warming and climate change.

One of the characteristics of distinguishing them is that when we talk about global warming, we talk about the cause of climate change. In other words, the increased temperature of the planet caused by the emissions of the atmosphere can lead to climate change. These changes we mean will not happen naturally.

This elevation of temperature has a very obvious impact on glaciers. This melting in a faster way than ever, this has led to this melting to increase the level of evil.

Another result is that the jungle area is drier. Generally, the entire plant area is working hard to survive when the temperature changes so much.

Not only is the temperature and the increase of too much heat is the problem and result of climate change, but also floods, poor harvests, long heat waves, abnormal weather events, etc.

There are many of these issues. Our human beings deliberately cause them, because individuals and companies have been told to the emergency climate and how we can help. We have always been a person who triggers greenhouse gas emissions, and most of the regions have caused global warming.

Green areas, such as large forests, no longer can absorb all carbon in the atmosphere, but reduce it to release carbon more than carbon that can be stored.

Global warming is a series of phenomena and is leading to the meteorological changes of our planet. We must understand the content contained in this phenomenon and how to fight it, because while we do this, we must think that the earth can disappear.

Greenhouse Effect, what is it?

We understand the warmth effect as the warmth that occurs when some gas in the local earth atmosphere retains heat. You can pass them through, but they maintain calories. The more greenhouse gas, the greater the heat accumulated.

It is important to understand the truth about the subject we are dealing with, and to clearly, the increase in greenhouse gas is a serious problem. Not only because of the changes in the climate, but also because so many animals or plant species cannot adapt and die.

As we mentioned, due to the high temperature of the accumulation of greenhouse gases, the ice area of the earth (such as Greenland and Antarctic) began to be unavailable. This melting leads to rising sea planes and even floods.

Over the years, the weather that we can see has changed unexpectedly. One day in April, the temperature was 26 degrees. The next day, the weather was high.

Consequences of Global Warming

We have talked about the main consequences of climate change on the surface. But below, we explain them in detail.

The occurrence of global warming is faster than previously imagined, and it increases through different actions. We have said that the increase in temperature is not only the result of global warming, but also more people are seriously dangerous to our planet and living creatures.

Rising Temperatures

It has been the most popular in history, breaking the record of the thermometer. It is not a problem. The problem is that their temperatures in some seasons are different. This has caused crops to be affected, increasing, increasing drought time, and migration of different animals.


Due to this approach, the forest cuts endless forests. According to the research of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, grain and agricultural organizations disappear 13 million hectares of forests worldwide every year.

This loss causes different plant species to disappear from our landscape, and their rejuvenation is very complicated.

Species at Risk

There are several types of animals that are extinct, migration or death. In addition to excessive and poaching, many species are damaged by habitats due to plastic and pollution emissions, such as the ocean world.

Not only are animal species risky, but also different plants.

Rising Sea Levels

Over the years, the level of ocean and ocean has been rising significantly. It is estimated that if this situation continues, it may rise to 1 meter by 2100.

Residents of coastal areas or islands in the middle of the ocean may be forced to leave their homes and have been evacuated to other regions due to floods and possible land disappeared in these areas.

These evacuation means that residents in coastal areas are considered climate refugees. Not only them, but also those who are affected by different atmospheric phenomena (such as typhoons or hurricanes).

More Intense Weather Events

Fire, floods, droughts, heat waves, whirlwinds, tsunami is the most old weather phenomenon in our constant suffering.

Our Health at Risk

Climate change has a direct impact on society and health factors. Living in clean air, drinking water, and natural food areas are different from the opposite areas. These factors increase the spread of healthy and harmful diseases in the entire society.

In addition to the loss of infrastructure and life, different natural disasters have caused high losses in agriculture and livestock. These changes means that the production of food is threatened, and basic products cannot reach the tables of many families.

How can I reduce global warming?

If we all agree and take action to improve the situation, we can stop global warming. In this section, we will provide you with some small actions that can be performed alone.

Information and Education

The first measure is very simple; you must inform yourself with the people around you, adults and children to understand everything that involve global warming. You must know what it is, the consequences and what we can do to improve it.

From good information, you will know how to solve this global problem in a more accurate way.

Water Monitoring

With this small gesture, you will avoid a large and unnecessary waste of water. Closing the faucet is a gesture. Few people do it on different occasions, such as when hand -washing, let the water run, brush our teeth, take a bath, and so on.

Another important point related to water is to avoid disposal of wet towels, intimate sanitary products and other plastic products, or leave them in the toilet, near the river, lake or beach.

Join Public Transport

Going to work, watching movies, it is very comfortable to shop with our own vehicles, but it is very important to adjust its use. If you have no choice, you can only use your own vehicle. We recommend that you avoid accelerating acceleration without necessary to control the use of air conditioners and heating. The most important thing is to check gas emissions.

The alternative method that must always take the car out of the garage is to use public transportation owned by all cities and countries. With this, you will help reduce the discharge of pollution gases into the atmosphere to improve it.


Recycling waste is a very important step to improve this global problem. Different types of wastes are divided into different trash cans.

We remind you of the function of each cube you can find.

  • Yellow: plastics and metal containers such as cans or food containers.
  • Blue: all types of paper and cardboard.
  • Green: glass containers. No ceramics or glasses are deposited.
  • Grey: waste in general, biodegradable.
  • Orange: organic waste.
  • Red: hazardous waste. Batteries, batteries, oils, insecticides, aerosols, etc.

Renewable Energy

Consumption of renewable energy is a day for the company and many people. They are a free resource. With the help of nature, it does not pollute, nor is it endless.

It is said that in a sustainable future, investment -renewable energy is investing a better future.

In recent years, the increase in greenhouse gas and global warming is a very current problem. It will not only cause environmental changes, but also cause many species to encounter problems in adaptation.

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