4 Best Smart Sprinkler Controller with Alexa Control

smart sprinkler controller

The automated smart sprinkler controller simplifies a few things. From the schedule and weather forecasting functions, they will deal with several things to maintain your garden lush. Add another factor in this mixture, such as Alexa -based voice command; you have a perfect recipe in your hands. These smart sprinkler controllers with Alexa bring some content into the desktop, including water scheduling, application control, regional irrigation, voice commands and weather integration.

Although the installation of hardware is not challenging, you may want to provide the help of a sprinkler device contractor for this work, especially if your municipal authorities ask for this.

Therefore, if Amazon Alexa provides motivation for your smart house and you plan to upgrade the garden, then there are some of the best smart sprinkler controllers with Alexa Control. Let’s check it. But before that,

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Smart Sprinkler Controllers


The device is very small and easy to set, and some users point out this in the comments. You need to install the device on the wall, and then connect the sprinkler to control the water according to the area.

As far as its price is concerned, the smart sprinkler controller of Netro 6 is intelligent. The function of weather knowledge can ensure that the sprinkler does not run when the ground is wet or rainy. Secondly, you can set up smart programs on your application. In this way, you can set the interval between each session according to the solidity. Therefore, if your soil cannot quickly absorb water, you can customize the watering interval accordingly.

Alexa’s integration is good. You can send commands such as “Alexa, Water Sone 3 for 10 minutes”, which will be necessary. So far, Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller has accumulated a large number of user comments, and users praise their affordable price labels and simple installation processes.


The installation process is not challenging. However, you may need to use the help of smart sprinkler contractor to install it. After completion, the device is connected to the phone through Bluetooth, and then you can configure Wi-Fi. Please note that some functions like WaterSense are only used on Wi-Fi.

Unlike some water sprinkler, this does not have a dedicated water or water sensor. Instead, it relies on local meteorological stations. If there is a chance, it will delay the watering schedule.

Although you can publish voice commands through Alexa, please note that Alexa settings are not the most stable.


This feature means that you don’t have to rely on telephone applications to complete work. It also tied bells and whistles, such as local weather monitoring and seasonal adjustment.

This is not a wind -proof equipment, you need to install it indoors. The installation and subsequent settings are easy. However, Wi-Fi integration may sometimes be very good.

In other words, this is a popular product. However, if you are a person who will rely more on applications and intelligent display, not a hardware interface, it is best to skip this.


It is an 8 -layer controller with rapid response and intelligent applications. You can see all the queuing work and historical records through several simple steps. Like one above, you can use photos to identify the area. You can also program the area according to the sun and soil types.

Alexa integration is the best in this sprinkler system. You can call Alexa to water the lawn based on the area number. The good news is that it is also compatible with Google Assistant and some IFTTT Applet.

However, the remaining function is to help its hardware design. It classifies the beautiful smooth appearance and runs through it directly. If the device runs normally, the lines will shine firmly. However, if it is facing a connection problem, it will blink to warn you.

More importantly, Rachio 3 performed perfectly. PCMAG people can run it successfully without losing commands or delay. It responded well to the command and weather forecast.

In short, if you want a real smart water sprinkler system that is truly integrated with Amazon Alexa, then Rachio 3 is the one you should choose.


It is not easy to maintain beautiful lawns, especially when you live in a hot and dry climate. And the above -mentioned smart sprinkler controller and its automated water plan and meteorological station function should help you reach there.

Smart Sprinkler Controller – Weather Intelligent Irrigation System Voice Control Alexa and Google

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