Bada TV Review – A Quick Review of What Bada TV Has to Offer

Bada TV Review

For those who are in search of a great soap opera, the TV series Bada TV is worth checking out. The first ten episodes have already been telecast and people are talking about it like crazy. Even though the first season has only just ended, there is already talking of a second season. And if the first season was anything to go by, the second will be even better!

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Soap opera

Now, this soap opera is not a typical soap opera that we see every day. No, it is a completely different genre. And that is precisely what makes it so fun to watch, because here we get to see a soap opera that is entirely based on a story, the plot of which is told through dialogues and captions, played out on the television screen, with a mixture of music and drama.

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Premise of Bada TV

The premise of Bada TV is that there is life after death, but not in a usual sense. What happens is that a young woman named Maria, who is the main character, gets a visit from her recently deceased mother. Upon her return home, Maria realizes that she is supposed to pick up her belongings from her own funeral, which she does by herself. As such, Maria sets out on a journey to complete her final rituals, as she considers her final farewell to earthly life. However, on her way, Maria meets up with a man, Alba, who also wants to complete his own final rituals.

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Together, they form a group called the Bada. The whole reason for this is so that Maria can find the things that she has left behind in her final moments, which would make her come back to life. But things don’t go well for the Bada, as they quickly discover that Maria and Alba are the same person, and that their stories are connected. Once their tale is told, the entire world is shocked at how the two women have fallen in love.

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Another reason why I like Bada TV so much is because it manages to combine the sensual with the downright bizarre. Maria and Alba go through several steamy scenes. They talk about each other in vivid detail. For instance, when Maria needs Alba’s help to get her sister out of a bad situation, Alba tells her he already knows about her “little secret,” and that Maria would never know, because her “little sister” told him.

I think one of the most memorable scenes occurs after a very awkward and erotic encounter. Maria has had one too many orgasms already that day, and she is totally wild-eyed and thoroughly aroused. Suddenly, Alba enters and picks up where she left off. It is truly incredible to see two people so aroused that they end up making out while lying together on the bed. The scenes involving this particular couple are very steamy and exciting.

One thing I love about Bada TV is that it manages to appeal to a worldwide audience. Although the main characters and the story are based in Eastern Europe, you can’t help but wonder how popular it would be in America or Australia if these women were American or Australian. This is probably due to the fact that they all speak with an American or Australian accent. The sex scenes are exciting, but you have to admit that some of them are a little on the explicit side.

Overall, Bada TV has a great set of episodes. I am a huge fan of the soap opera genre, and this one has a kind of dark humor to it that I really like. It’s a fun watch too. The one complaint I have is that it can get slow at times. Other than that, I recommend you check it out for yourself!

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