How Often Should You Dermaplane? Its benefits and treatment

How Often Should You Dermaplane

Many people wonder how often should you dermaplane. The truth is, you should shave your skin only once a year, at the most. However, there are some people who dermaplane multiple times per year. In addition to shaving, dermaplaning also removes dead skin cells. If you’re thinking about dermaplaning, here are some things you should know before booking your appointment.

Here’s how often should you dermaplane?

Dermaplaning should be performed every three to four weeks, but the best recommendation is once every six weeks. If you’re using a razor, you should wait at least one week before going in for a second treatment. Because the skin is deeply exfoliated, you don’t want to shave too often, or you’ll end up over-exfoliating your face. If your skin is oily or acne prone, you may want to dermaplane less often, but if your skin is sensitive, you should only do it once a year.

Dermaplaning should be done every three weeks to remove two to three weeks’ worth of dead skin cells from the skin. Because it involves removing the top layer of your skin, it can be risky and cause a number of side effects. Your medical esthetician will be able to determine how often you should dermaplane based on your unique situation. A professional will determine how often you should resurface your skin, if at all.


The frequency of dermaplaning depends on the type of skin you have. For the best results, the best frequency is one every three to four weeks. If you have very sensitive skin, you can take longer breaks in between treatments. A medical esthetician will be able to recommend a schedule for you based on your individual needs. The frequency of dermaplaning will depend on your skin type, but the more frequently you have it, the better off you will be.

A dermaplaning treatment should be done every three to four weeks for optimal results. The recommended frequency for dermaplaning is once or twice a month. If your skin is more sensitive, you should go every few days. The results will last a few days. Afterwards, you’ll need to apply daily moisturizers. You should also eat vitamin C and take vitamin c. After dermaplaning, your skin will look brighter and feel more radiant.

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

The procedure is completely painless and has no downtime. You will feel like a credit card scraping against your face. It takes less than thirty minutes. The scalpel is angled at a 45-degree angle and preps your skin with rubbing alcohol. The procedure may cause slight stinging or burning, but this does not result in visible irritation. A dermaplane treatment will be more effective if you prepare your skin beforehand.

What Can Dermaplaning Help With?

Dermaplaning is safe for most people. However, people with sensitive skin, acne, or rashes should avoid it. The blade will cause an open wound. You should avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight for the first three days. After the procedure, you should return to your normal skin care routine. Make sure you avoid aggressive cleaning agents, including bleaches, astringents, and alcohol. A dermaplane will not work if you have sensitive skin.

Acne Prone

The best time to dermaplane is once a week. The average person should not have it done more than every three or four weeks. It is recommended for people who have sensitive skin or who are acne prone. A dermaplane treatment is beneficial for acne-prone or oily skin. For people who have sensitive skin, it is recommended once a week. But, you should not shave your face more than once a month.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

There are a few advantages related with this treatment, for example, smoothing the presence of your skin and delivering a more brilliant, energetic sparkle. Different advantages for this treatment include:

Painless and Quick

Since this is a harmless treatment, your arrangements will be speedy and the treatment won’t include any aggravation or distress. Some shedding medicines, like synthetic strips or microdermabrasion, may include some minor inconvenience for the individuals who have touchy skin, however this treatment is absolutely torment free.

Instant Results

The aftereffects of this treatment should be visible following your treatment is done. Your skin will seem more splendid, smoother, and more brilliant when your treatment is finished up, and will keep on looking improved for the following fourteen days.

Perfects Complexion

Maybe more than some other advantage, the way that this treatment with such ease culminates your tone is reason to the point of looking for the treatment. Preferably, your composition ought to show up splendid and liberated from flaws, dull spots, scarcely discernible differences, and kinks.

This treatment can work on every one of these viewpoints, while likewise evening out your skin surface and complexion.

Better Skincare Product Absorption

One more feature of this treatment is the way that it assists with skincare item ingestion.

Due to the eliminated dead skin cells and fleece hair from your skin surface, your skincare items can infiltrate the more profound sub-dermal layers of your skin. At the point when your skincare items can be all the more handily assimilated, they become more viable.

Easier Cosmetic Application

Numerous patients look for this treatment absolutely to facilitate the use of beauty care products. Items like fluid establishment and free powder are regularly gotten on the wool hairs of your face, which obfuscates the surface of your make-up application.

At the point when the wool hairs are taken out from the outer layer of your skin, your make-up will go on smoother and the end-product will at last look better.

Reduces Acne Scar Appearance

There are a couple of sorts of acne scars – broadened pores, moving scars and dimples on the skin surface, and dull spots brought about by post-fiery hyperpigmentation.

By shedding your skin and eliminating fleece hairs, the presence of collagen-initiated scars will be decreased and shallow scars brought about by hyperpigmentation will ease up.

Helps Manage Acne

Utilizing this treatment consistently may likewise assist with overseeing skin inflammation breakouts. Most skin break out is brought about by pores that have been stopped up by soil, oil, and microscopic organisms on the grounds that the hair follicles from the pore assist with conveying these components straightforwardly into the pore, prompting skin break out advancement. By eliminating wool hair from the skin surface, there is less possibility of soil and oil stopping up pores.

Easily Paired Treatment

This treatment is additionally effortlessly matched with practically all surface level medicines. From facials and microneedling to injectable medicines, it’s extremely simple to add dermaplaning to your ordinary treatment intend to accomplish and keep up with your stylish objectives as a whole.

Can I Dermaplane at Home?

The basic response is no. Patients shouldn’t endeavor dermaplaning at home. All things considered, most at-home dermaplaning apparatuses are simply dry shaving units. While this will eliminate a portion of your dead skin cells and vellus hairs, it doesn’t really provide you with a similar degree of accuracy and viability conceivable with in-office medicines. You’ll probably still see lopsided complexion and surface since not all dead skin cells will be taken out. Furthermore, experts use dermaplaning instruments that are careful grade and can be utilized securely and successfully dissimilar to at home dermaplaning apparatuses that might make bothering or harm the skin.”

Is This Treatment Safe?

Indeed, this treatment is alright for all patients. Despite your complexion, skin type, or skin condition, you can securely utilize this treatment to work on the presence of your skin.


While dermaplaning is a popular cosmetic treatment, it is not recommended to be done more than once every three to four weeks. The benefits of dermaplaning are not temporary. It takes time for your skin to regenerate after a dermaplaning. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should consider using a gentle cleanser after dermaplaning. It is important to avoid excessive sensitivity.

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