How to Make a Fishing Rod in MineCraft – Easy and Simple Steps

How to Make a Fishing Rod in MineCraft – Easy and Simple Steps

How to make a fishing Rod in MineCraft is one of the most asked questions by many players. This is because they are interested to know how they can fish in a more convenient manner without spending too much time and effort in the game. Well, this is totally possible. How to make a fishing pole in MineCraft is not at all difficult. With just a few simple steps, a player can already fish with it.

Fishing Pole

To make a fishing pole in MineCraft, players first need to locate a strong yet malleable wooden stick. They also need to craft three sticks at once, which they can get from different places in the game. To make a fishing pole in MineCraft, players simply need to locate a strong wooden stick and then craft it using the right combination of wood and metal or any other material. Once they have crafted enough sticks, players can then proceed to the second step of learning how to make a fishing rod in MineCraft. In order to do this, they simply need to right-click on the fishing pole they have created and then choose craft.

Fishing Platforms

The next step on how to make a fishing rod in MineCraft is by finding a platform in the game. There are basically four types of platforms found in the game, each with their own purpose. The first type of platform is called the Fishing Platform, which is found in Spawn Island. This platform has a treble hook attached to the bottom that allows fishing to be done from below. The platforms in the next two types of platforms are the retractable platform and the hoist platform. The former features a long rod that players can use to pull a fish from the water while the latter features two poles, which are used to lift the fish out of the water.

After locating the fishing platforms and using them to fish, players will then have to learn how to make a fishing rod in MineCraft by crafting a fishing pole. To craft a fishing pole, a player needs to locate an empty bucket, a fishing pole and a platform in the game. Then, use the bucket to fill up the platform with water. Once this is done, use the pole to hook up to the platform and then drag the bucket towards the pole. When the bucket reaches the desired location, it will drop down and drop off the platform, making it ready for another craft.

Strings of Cloth

The final step on how to make a fishing rod in MineCraft is to craft two strings of cloth using the wool they produce. Two sticks can be made by combining a knife and a piece of wood, while a single string can be made by using a needle and thread. These three materials will be bundled together and then wrapped around the other two sticks, making them tighter and stronger. A player can attach these three ropes onto the platform and then drag them through the water to fish.

After creating these three ropes, it will be time to attach them onto the fishing rods. To craft the first string, a player will need to wear the leather apparel and then use the crafting table. A player then needs to slowly drag the string through the water using the bow and arrow, at the same time, pulling the string until the water runs freely. It takes about 10 seconds for all three sticks to be pulled through the water.

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To improve on how to make a fishing rod in MineCraft, a player needs to learn how to enchant fishing rods. This process is similar to that of crafting any other item, except that players are required to combine three pieces of wood, one with an enchanting block, and two more with an enchanter. Once an enchantment is applied to the third piece of wood, the stick will become stronger and will be able to easily pull water from underground. Players who know how to craft enchanted fishing rods will be able to fish anywhere within a large radius of their house.

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