5 Easy Ways to Prevent Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

The Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment is more common than you think.

The study shows that before completing their purchase last year, the majority of buyers abandoned their carts, and their reasons were taken from more complex checkout for high shipping costs.

Fortunately for e-commerce business, many problems those customers can force to force them to abandonment their shopping carts. Here are just a few ways you can prevent Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment.

Simplify Your Processes

Long time a customer has to spend on your e-commerce store checkout process; at least they actually want to complete it. 10% of customers will leave behind their shopping cart when faced more complex checkout.

When customers can quickly complete the process, conversion is higher, and when you provide progress indicators during checkout, you are likely to keep on the page as long as you are purchased.

Prominently Display Cart Items at All Times

If buyers are purchased, buyers are forced to back track to see the picture, it is possible that they will always get away from the basket. It is easy to make a shopping cart on this page that is separate from your shop, but your customers have quick access to their cart, no matter what they are browsing.

Actually, a company managed their site so their buyers can access your cart through the dropdown menu instead of back tracking on another page. This simple change shipped the shopping cart abandonment up to 4% to 8%.

Offer a Variety of Payment Options

Your customer has celebrated happily on your site, added products to their cart. They breeze through the first part of the checkout process, but they have time to enter their payment when they are briefly stopped. Why? Their preferred payment method is not a choice.

Do your customers prefer to use credit cards, PayPal or wire transfer, and important methods they trust are available. The full stack of e-commerce solutions will be able to provide customers with the desired choices. Another feature of the great e-commerce solution is to accept the capacity of various currencies, ensuring that you can do business throughout the world without jumping.

Offer Free or Flat Shipping

The shipping cost is one of the biggest factors that lead to shopping cart abandonment. Actually, an estimate that 44% e-commerce buyers abandon their carts when they see how much they will spend in their purchase. 22% guaranteed because the shipping costs were not mentioned until the end of the transaction.

Free shipping is free shipping if buyers can be encouraged – buy 93% buy more. Your customers offer unconditional free shipping is one of the most important factors in the purchase completion.

If your business can not manage free shipping, then be transparent about shipping costs from the beginning. Customers do not like amazing fees, so to display the shipping cost immediately as soon as they will put a thing in the basket to build a long way towards the construction of confidence.

Send Customers Reminders about Shopping Cart Abandonment

It is not necessary to abandon some shopping cart. Customers are engaged and their shopping is placed on useless, just forget. Sometimes, customer can purchase before you are ready to purchase. A simple reminder email can be effective to put back to customers on their abandoned items.

Customers offer the option to eliminate their purchase at their convenience – Add links to the email that will be taken directly to the purchase page.

Another helpful feature is to present a “wish list” or “Save for Later” options, which will give customers a place to park their basket until they actually completed the purchase are not ready.

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