What is Balando? What Flash Games are Available on Balando?

What is Balando

In this article, we will let you know Balando. Balando.com is a website full of flash games, on this platform, people can play and enjoy many games, and all games are free. Yes, Balando is the website that allows them to play online games without paying any cents. On the Balando.com website, users cannot use the forum to play the game but can also discuss other content with other users.

Continue to read this article until the end, because we can play new and exciting game lists that can be played online on Balando.com. For our daily tourists, we come to this article to share all information about several fashion games provided on the Balando website.

In the technical age, everyone faces the crisis of COVID-19, because of the persistent living stages, many people are in depression and full of pressure. Not only in this popular, but often is full of pressure. Because most people work at home, it is necessary to do anything else to get rid of the pressure. One of them is playing games. Yes, plays your favorite game can help solve the mentality of the pressure. The games can also play online or offline. Today, the enthusiasm of online playing games is increasing. Therefore, Balando may be the great platform for the type of person to learn online games online.

What is Balando?

When we provide overview of Balando.com. Balando is a platform that can find a list of thousands of games. Balando.com is a website dedicated to the latest and stylish free Flash games available on the Internet! BALANDO was established in March 2004, which is owned by Ordigno.com.

List of Games Available on Balando

Top 10 Games

The rankings of the top ten games are based on tourists, and the game visits in the game of Balando.com. The following is the latest top ten games on Balando:

  1. War on Terrorism
  2. Snake
  3. Bush Shoot-Out
  4. Aqua Energizer
  5. Save the Sheriff
  6. Bug on a Wire
  7. Superbike GP
  8. PipeDown
  9. Cannon Blast
  10. Crypt Raider

Top 20 Action Games on Balando

  1. 3 Foot Ninja
  2. 3 Foot Ninja 2
  3. Bug on a Wire
  4. Commando
  5. Criminal Intent
  6. Gravity
  7. Indiana Jones
  8. King of the Hill
  9. Night Raptor Tunnel 2
  10. Pac-Man
  11. Playing with Fire
  12. Police Chopper
  13. Prince of Persia
  14. Rocketman
  15. Samurai Warrior
  16. Snowball
  17. Space Fighter
  18. Street Fight
  19. Super Mario Time Attack
  20. The Black Knight Game

Top 20 Puzzle Games on Balando

  1. Aqua Energizer
  2. Battleships
  3. Blow Up!
  4. Brain Drop
  5. BUG
  6. Bunch
  7. Carnival Jackpot
  8. Chain Reaction
  9. Chicks
  10. Crash Down
  11. Cube Buster
  12. Flash Ludo
  13. Fowl Words
  14. Fowl Words 2
  15. Jewel Quest
  16. Knockers
  17. Magic Balls
  18. Rural Racer
  19. Smashing
  20. Snake

Top 20 Shooting Games on Balando

  1. L.I.A.S
  2. L.I.A.S 2
  3. Alien Attack
  4. Alien Clones
  5. Alpha Bravo Charlie
  6. Amok Madman
  7. Bomber Bob
  8. Bubble Trouble
  9. Bush Shoot-Out
  10. Cannon Blast
  11. Commando Arena
  12. CounterStrike Lite
  13. Flash Strike
  14. Major Madness
  15. Mission Mars
  16. Paintball
  17. Shotgun Pool
  18. Sling Shot
  19. Virtual Cop
  20. War on Terrorism

Top 20 Sports Games on Balando

  1. Aggressive Alpine Skiing
  2. Air Hockey
  3. Baseball
  4. Beach Tennis
  5. Bike Racer
  6. Blast Billiards
  7. BMX Stunts
  8. Bowling
  9. Disc Golf
  10. F1 Racing
  11. Field Goal
  12. Formula Fog
  13. Italian Bob
  14. Jet Ski
  15. Miniclip Rally
  16. Mountain Bike
  17. Snowboarding XS
  18. Superbike GP
  19. Tennis Ace
  20. The Ashes

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