All Information You Need to Succeed in Kalashtar D&D’s Race

All Information You Need to Succeed in Kalashtar D&D’s Race

What is Kalashtar?

The Quori are a traitorous race that originated from the marriage of all-souls and humankind in a dream dimension called Kalashtar. Many Kalashtar are compassionate and wise people who care deeply about others. The Kalashtar are plagued by conflicts of spirits from other worlds, and it is clear that they belong to a different universe.

Kalashstar is the human protecting the benevolent Quori who escaped the Dreaming Dark. Over time, these connections became inseparable. Partly due to the number of Kalashtars far greater than the number of well-ordered Quoris, the spiritual essence of all Quori is distributed among the many Kalashtars collectively known as pedigree.

How are Kalashtar born?

Every Kalashtar is bound by one of the 67 rebel quarries who escaped the dalquard during Exodus. The Kalashtars were named after their ancestral name, Lanharath. Its ancestor is Harath. Because Quori breed spirits of the same sex as their parents, they have gendered souls inherited by their Kalashtar babies. Kalashtars can interbreed with humans and half-elves. If the Kalashtar parent’s gender matches the child’s gender, the child inherits the bond and is born as a Kalashtar, otherwise appropriate for the parent’s race. They have unique racial characteristics, including their distinctive appearance, which stems from how the Quarry touched their body and soul. “Half Kalashtar” does not exist.

Where do the Kalashtar live?

Sarlona is home to the Kalashtars who live in Adar, a forbidden mountainous region in the southern part of the continent. Kalashtar exists in Adar. Even if their numbers are small, the number of Kalashtars found in Khorvaire is even smaller.

Many Kalashtars are reclusive and prefer to stay in the temples of Adar. However, some have ventured into Eberron. Some Kalashtar set off to escape the dreamy darkness, while others want to end the Riedrans’ siege of Adar.

Playing techniques

If Kalashtar were to travel to Khorvaire, he would not travel without a specific reason. Kalashtar may be driven or run away by the Riedran army to break the siege of Adar. Dreaming darkness. Kalashtars generally lead a secluded and meditative life. They are cerebral friendly and compassionate, but take a critical approach. Kalashstar has strong control over emotions due to the chaos of the united souls. Instead of backslapsing co-workers or making stupid jokes, Kalashtar shows camaraderie with screaming smiles and remarks.

Dal Quor’s Kalashstar sculpture recalls his escape from the place. They are still polite and friendly and try to stay vigilant while fleeing from Dreaming Dark. Kalashtar struggles with the strange and intangible memories of their query souls with the thoughts and emotions of their human half. Kalashtars sometimes reveal their calm faces by acting in unpredictable, dangerous and even completely dangerous ways.


In Kalashtar, names are three to five syllables, with frequent hiss and hard consonants. You can find several different suffixes for male names. This includes harath, -khad, -melk, or -tash. Traditionally, female names have a female suffix such as -kashtai, -Tari, -vakri, or -Shana.

  • Identify the males: Haavrakhad, Kanaatash, Lanharath, Lanamelck, Minhaarath, Malhaarath, Nevitaash, Parmelk, Thakaakhad, and Thinharaath.
  • Identify the females: Thataari, Lakashtaari, Ganitaari, Panitaari, Khashaana, Mevaakri, Soraashana, Novaakri, and Thakasahtai.
  • Names of Kalashtar: Koraatesh, Toraasha, Delistha, Mi’resh, Tel’verrin, Rezjemni, Kalvaakri.


Many kalashtars live within the temples of Adar, but some kalashtars come out to the rest of Eberron. Kala sitars who follow the path of light tend to resist any form of evil. Typically, the Kalashtar chooses to fight the Inspired, while others show a tremendous amount of empathy and endure evil. Kalashtar gets along well with all races, but other races come from a higher realm and are perceived as odd due to their psionic powers.


The following race bonuses and features belong to the Kalashtar character.

  • Ability points increase as follows: Charisma score increases by 1 and Wisdom score increases by 2.
  • Age: In Kalashtar, age and maturity follow the same pattern as humans.
  • Alignment: In order to maintain a noble spirit, Kalashtar must adhere to legal and appropriate forms of behavior. The spirit of Kalashtar is powerful and unites mercy and compassion for all living things. However, some Kalashtar have difficulty resisting the noble influences of their psyche.
  • Size: Medium size.
  • Double Mind: Whenever you use Wisdom, you gain an advantage on every save draw.
  • Mental Training: Psychic warriors can resist psychic damage by strengthening their mental endurance.
  • Mind Link: If the level of another creature is within 10x, you can speak telepathically with that creature. If you want to communicate using telepathic means, creatures must understand at least one language, even if you don’t share a language.

When using this trait during an action, use telepathy to communicate with a creature, and that creature can share it with you for an hour while using the trait. To use this trait, the creature must be able to see you and be within range of this trait. You can only grant this ability to one creature at a time. If you give this to another creature, take it from them.

  • Severed from Dreams: Kalashstar can sleep, but refuses to connect dreams with the living world. For this reason, spells and other magical effects should achieve people’s goals, unlike fiction, but they can’t make you sleepy and affect you.
  • Languages: You can speak three languages. Common, Quori and any other language you want.


Kalashtar believes that at the heart of the Dal Quor is the Quor Tarai, the ever-present image of the infinite and irresistible dreamer who can see everything and live within it. Quori Tarai and Quori Tarai and some other Quori tend to change, just like Quori Tarai. According to Kalashtar, they believe they lived in the third generation of the Quor Tarai era, when the ages of light and shadow faded together.


They reflect every aspect of life in il-Yannah, the deepest source of the Kalashtar faith. Quor Tarai believes that we will usher in a new era of light and joy by moving the cycle of Quor Tarai to the conclusion to actively contribute to the development of mankind.


Path of Shadow is a fine art that combines movement, meditation, combat training, and artistic expression into an elegant, powerful, flexible, hypnotic form of body movement and all-out movement.


As mortals, the spirits of creatures find themselves wandering the underworld while their memories (and their “self” or identity with them) blur. However, since Kalashstar incorporates an immortal query, it cannot be considered mortal in the same sense. When the Kalashtar dies, the double soul splits into two parts: the human part and the Quori part. By redistributing the query among the living members of the lineage, the bond to that lineage is strengthened.

As a result, the fewer members of the pedigree, the more powerful it is.


The dimension of Dal Quori is inhabited by numerous creatures called Quori, the living embodiment of dreams and nightmares. Quori is the force behind the Dreaming Dark, surviving the mortal world by inhabiting the body of a corporeal creature with the ability to dream of humanoids. Over the centuries, they have meticulously crafted a lineage of specially prepared human blood vessels called Inspired that serve as the optimal host body.

Among the Quori, the dream region of Dal Kurga is at the center. Their edgy city in the farthest corners of the universe rises from the objects of dreams, beyond the realms of which mortal souls roam.

Few characteristics identify Quori. Some of them are susceptible to insects, others are dense clouds of snow and shadows, and others consist of hundreds of tendrils. It has been observed that most queries are brutal but sophisticated and favor psychological conflict over physical conflict. They have endless patience and are ready to take revenge for decades or realize their plans in the long run. Quori is completely alien to Eberron and material reality. D&D fans will love this because they love mastermind rogue 5e.

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