Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that stick to natural lashes to make the lash bangs look longer, fuller and deeper. Individual lash extensions are applied to each of your individual natural lashes (one extension per natural lash) using semi-permanent glue. The elements modify from studio to studio, but eyelash extensions can be made from synthetic fibers, mink, synthetic mink, or silk. Most studios offer clients a variety of extension lengths, curl patterns and tints to customize their appearance.


The eyelash extensions are the best ally of beauty in summer so they are one of the most requested services, allowing look perfect look at the long hours beach and pool and without makeup.

However, there are many doubts that clients of this service raise on a daily basis about the specific care of their extensions at this time of year.

Neither the chlorinated water in the pool, nor the salty sea water affect the eyelash extensions, however, we must remind our clients that if they follow some simple recommendations they will be able to extend the life of their extensions.


We must always recommend that for the removal of eyelash extensions they do not go to YouTube tutorials or homemade tricks. Professional glues are designed to resist water, soap, sweat and they do not come off easily, so not dissolving it properly can cause damage to natural eyelashes, even leaving some areas depopulated.

The removal of the extensions must be carried out by a professional in a specialized center and it is preferable that it be in the same center where they were put, since the eyelash technician knows which adhesive he used to place them and which is the most suitable remover.


The proper technique to remove the extensions is to let the product act on the eyelashes and then “sweep” the false eyelashes with the help of a cotton swab. Placing a hydrogel patch under the eye will be very useful to gradually remove the extensions.

But if you don’t have access to one of these products, the ideal is to make the extensions fall off on their own, as the adhesive deteriorates. You can use these methods to help remove them:


Clean your eyes every night with an oil-based make-up remover, focusing especially on the roots . On the one hand, you will be preventing the obstruction of the glands of the eyelids (which can lead to inflammation in the eye and annoying styes). On the other hand, the oily texture will gradually undo the glue of the eyelashes in a way that is respectful of the natural ones.


Take advantage of the daily hot showers to gradually deteriorate the existing glue at the junction point between the extensions and the natural eyelashes. Little by little it will come undone and the hairpieces will fall off. The facial steam baths can also speed up the process.


Use castor oil to loosen the extensions little by little. Apply a little of this oil to your eyelashes every night with your fingertips so that it works while you sleep. This oil will weaken the joints of the extensions making it easier for them to fall off on their own. Even after you’ve gotten rid of all your lash extensions, you can continue to use this castor oil every night to strengthen your natural lashes.

If you don’t have castor oil at home, you can use olive oil for the same treatment.


First of all, it is very important that you do not try to pull the extensions and wait until they have softened enough so that they come out without effort.

How are extensions different from false eyelashes?

False eyelashes are a great resource when you are looking for a temporary effect for a party or special occasion. However, with extensions the result is more natural, while still being impressive. In the following comparative table you can see what other differences exist between both products.

Eyelash extensions

False eyelashes

Adherence takes between one and two hours and the advice of a professional is recommended.

They can be put on and taken off easily and in a couple of minutes.

They are put eyelash by eyelash, or in small bunches.

They come in complete strips.

They stick on your natural lashes.

They adhere to the skin of the eyelid.

They last approximately 3 months, with maintenance every 2-3 weeks.

They are usually used for a single day, or a couple of days at the most.

You don’t need makeup to use them.

It is recommended to use makeup for a better integration with the real ones.


  • First of all, the effect you will achieve with this accessory is unique. The adhesion is made to measure; you can play with the lengths and thicknesses and show off the lashes you’ve always dreamed of.
  • You will save time because you will not have to curl your eyelashes or apply mascara daily. Let’s face it, who has minutes to spare in today’s world?
  • You can do without chemicals. With extensions, you won’t have to put on eye makeup to steal all the attention from your eyes.
  • Lastly, extensions will make your eyes look wider. You can see yourself groomed at any time of the day just by dedicating an hour every two or three weeks to its maintenance.


In addition to the extensions, you will need the special glue and tapes or pads. Also preferably a small brush and tweezers. You should put them on the clean lashes so that they fix better. Then follow the steps below:

  • Place a tape or pad on the lower eyelid so that the lower lashes are completely protected.
  • Grab the extensions one by one with the tweezers and moisten them with the glue. Adhere them on your lashes one millimeter from the root.
  • Wait a few seconds for them to dry and brush the lash extensions against your natural lashes. For best results, see an esthetician.


In the market you will find different types of materials with varied budgets. Take a look at the most common:

Types of extensions




They are made of a polished and acrylic material. They are thick, shiny, and stiff. 

Although there are synthetics that are more expensive than others, these extensions are usually the cheapest.


They are thinner and more flexible and generally last longer than synthetics.

They are more expensive than synthetic ones and cheaper than natural ones.


They are made of Siberian mink hair, they are fine and silky, but the curl is lost when wet.

They are more expensive than the other two due to the difficulty involved in obtaining the source material.


One of the common concerns about extensions is the effect they can have on your actual lashes. If you use reliable products and take proper precautions, this product does not have to be harmful. You should never stick them if you have an eye infection. In addition, you should look at the quality of the glue and choose the most natural possible.

How often the extensions are recommended will depend on your lash type. If they are very thin and delicate, it is recommended that you rest every so often to give them time to strengthen. Make sure that the thickness you choose is adequate so as not to carry more weight than you should. We recommend you always consult a professional.


To do

What not to do

If you are going to use makeup or makeup removal products, make sure they are water-based and not oil-based.

It is recommended not to wet them until 48 hours after adhesion.

Give them maintenance every two to three weeks.

Avoid steamers or saunas so they don’t fall off.

Treat them gently and avoid rubbing them.

It is preferable not to use mascara or eye makeup so as not to spoil them.


Being able to get up and look great is one of beauty’s big dreams. That’s why there are other very special techniques to achieve this, in this case eyelash extensions. We can say that it is the solution you were hoping for and influencers are already seeing it.

Because eyelash extensions can be adjusted to suit every taste. You can choose the thickness and number of eyelashes. What you choose and of course curvature. So you can get a really impressive and flattering look. Of course, once you have it, you start taking care of it. Do you know how?

Avoid water during the first hour of eyelash extensions

Obviously water is one of the big enemies when looking for this eyelash care. It must be avoided on the first day after placement. . Therefore, you should forget to bathe in the sea or pool. And after 24 hours, it becomes weak against moisture, so you need to be careful. So both humidity and hot water are not good companions for expansion.

Water-based makeup remover

Oily finish products that contain oils also don’t go well with eyelash extensions. . However, it is also true that makeup must be removed well and all kinds of debris remain. Makeup removers are best water-based. Because this can make our tools much healthier. Remember that oil serves to remove the adhesive and is undesirable. Clean carefully without rubbing too much to avoid weakening it.

Hydration is the most important

As usual with her body, her eyelashes couldn’t be put aside. From this way, you can enjoy much healthier eyelashes longer. . To do this, you can apply a conditioner-type serum to your eyelashes. So you’ll find it’s much softer and more flexible. We already know that when it dries it can become hard and the result isn’t always what we want.

Can I use mascara?

With extensions, you don’t really need mascara. Because you will make a crunchy look at every moment. So you probably won’t even remember the mascara. However, sometimes we may prefer to have the lashes longer or to touch them noticeably and apply better to the tip area without stopping too much along the lashes themselves. You will definitely love this result!

Maintenance session

Ask the hairdresser and they will definitely tell you so. You will need maintenance for about two weeks. That way, what it achieves is that it can extend its lifespan. We should always do this step in a specialized center. Because it will be much more helpful for us to enjoy our figure longer. Also, don’t pull on any lashes that seem a bit loose and let them fall off on their own. This is because applying force to this part may break the other part.


There are countless methods to curl and lengthen your eyelashes, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, the look that extensions give you is unique and very natural. Also, the fact that they are semi-permanent gives them an added benefit because it saves time and effort. The key is to know how to apply them and give them the care that we indicate.

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