Here are 5 timeless hairstyles for men, you can be absolutely sure of, forever

Hair can be both amazing and extremely frustrating. We both know how annoying it is when you go to a galley (student, wedding, orgy, etc.) and try in vain to get the hairstyle. But we also know how nice it is when you have just cut your hair and are very happy, the hair becomes like a shirt with a perfect fit, but which you always wear incredibly nice.

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Classic Hairstyles for Men, Which Never Run Out Of Time

Below we have collected 5 classic hairstyles for men who have stood the test of time and continue to be as modern now as 20, 50 and 100 years ago.

So if you want a hairstyle that you know will be fashionable both now and in 10 years, then you should run on one of these 5 timeless hairstyles for men.


This is probably one of the most classic of all 5. Throughout our modern times, the side legs have been a walkable and really stylish hairstyle.

In addition to the right haircut, there are a few different hair products you can choose from for different finishes.

Start by having freshly washed and slightly damp hair to make it as easy as possible to work with.

Massage in the hair product you prefer (see below) until it is evenly distributed in the hair.

Comb your entire hair carefully straight ahead so that you get clear lines in which you can see the scalp.

Aim for a slight diagonal line running from the back of the head to the temple.

Using your comb, separate the hair along this line. Then comb and style the hair until you feel it is right.

Hair products you can use when styling a side leg

A side leg can be done in a couple of different ways, so you have a wide range of hair products you can use to style your hair.

Hair gel will give the hair a hard and shiny look that gives good durability but is impossible to re-style later in the day.

A good hair wax is the opposite of a gel and gives a matte and soft look. The wax also does not dry, which means that you can style your hair if needed.

Hair cream gives a soft but glossy look, which gives a very classic style. The disadvantage of the hair cream is that it has poor durability, which means that you will need to style your hair during the day.

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Finally, we have pomade, which gives a real old-school look. The pomade gives the best of the other three products, good durability, and glossy finish but at the same time the opportunity to style the hair during the day.


Short cut on the sides and a little longer (but still short and smooth) at the top. A French crop is easy to care for and very grateful to style.

Then you style a French Crop

In addition to the right haircut, you will want to use a good hair wax. The goal is an airy and matte look that looks as natural as possible.


Here I consciously choose to use the English expression, instead of what you usually hear in Sweden: “Backslick”.

However, one should not mix the two. A slick back is a relatively airy and fresh hairstyle with a lot of life. Which the classic Swedish, and most disgusting, backslick is more or less the opposite of.

A slick back is quite tricky to take care of and requires a lot of different products and a careful hand to feel really good. But when you get it nice and take care of it properly, it is fantastically nice and exceptionally timeless.

If you want a glossy and hard look, it is hair gel or pomade you want to use

If you prefer a matte and airy look, you need a good wax. A good wax gives a matte and airy look.


If you want to get away with as little effort as possible, a trimmed / shaved hairstyle is the absolute most flexible.

But do not be mistaken, because it is not a completely maintenance-free hairstyle. You will need to cut your hair once a week if you want a fresh look. So get a really good hair trimmer, and then you will save huge amounts of time and money.


Slick Backen’s little more playful cousin. A classic Quiff consists of semi-short sides and fairly long hair at the top. The hair at the top is fluffed and styled so that it stands up a little wavy and soft.

This is a real high maintenance hairstyle. You will first of all need to hold on to the length so that it does not flow out and become an involuntary lick back. In addition, you need to be careful to use good and gentle products, because if your hair is dry and worn, you will unfortunately look damn good. But if you have the knowledge and energy required, it is a fantastically handsome hairstyle!For More Information Visit lifestylebuz.com

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