How to Clear YouTube Cache – Easy and Simple

How to Clear YouTube Cache - Easy and Simple

If you are interested to know how to clear YouTube cache, then you must read this article. There are many things that you should know about these two things: They are important parts of your Internet experience. They can affect your computer as well as your personal details. So, you have to take them seriously if you want to protect your online security.

Here’s how to clear YouTube cache

The first question that you have to ask yourself is: How to clear YouTube cache on and off? When you go to a website on your browser, the website will store some data in your computer system permanently. That is why you have to clear YouTube caches and cookies periodically. But, note that clearing YouTube cookies and cache will lead into two issues:

  1. Your computer system will not work properly if the cache is not cleared. That is why you have to clear cache often. When you have to clear cache, make sure that you do it right away. That is because if you do it wrong, you might not be able to reach the website or app that you want.
  2. Clearing YouTube app can affect your computer and personal details. This is because you will get error messages when you try to view something that is not found. For example, you are browsing YouTube and you see error message that says “Sorry, this video is not found”. When you click the link, you see the error message and you see the word “watched “. This means that the video was watched and recorded in your computer but it was blocked because you cleared the cache.

Hence, you have to clear history and cache in right side panel and on top of the settings. The right side panel is the one where you will find all the options that you can access once you are logged-in to the Google Chrome browser. For example, you can see all the history and websites that are open in the current session. When you click the clock at the top, it will tell you the estimated reading time that was used for this session. If you have used a lot of time (about eight hours ago) to watch YouTube videos, then you might have noticed that the estimation time is increasing continuously.

Clear Browser Cookies

You need to know that there are different methods that can help you clearing cache. First option is to use the Clear Browser Cookies function. You will need to click the tool bar and select the Clear Browser Cookies function. After you have selected the desired option, you have to click the Clear History function. Then, you have to wait for about 10 seconds before your computer system will totally clear out the history and the cache files.

YouTube Videos Converter

The second option is by using the YouTube Videos Converter. It is also a great method to clearing cache but it has certain limitations that you might not like. You can use the Google Chrome browser in this process but this method has to be done within a specific time frame that was established using the date and time.

The advantage of using the Google Chrome browser in this process is that it will work automatically so you don’t have to touch it. What you have to do is just to go back to the main page of your browser and tap the Clear Cookies button on the top right corner.

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