How to Make a Lead in Minecraft – The Secret For Getting unlimited Supply of Leads

Knowing how to make a lead in minecraft is really simple. You will need a few tools and items to begin, but if you get everything together correctly, you can create enough materials to create a fence and have the chance to earn some serious money. You can generate fences that stretch from one side of the map to the other using one of two methods. Either by using pressure plates or by using levers, and sometimes by combining both!

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Here’s how to make a lead in minecraft

Craft Store

The first step on how to make a lead in minecraft is to gather up some materials. These include a plank and a bucket, rope, minecarts and an air pump. You can find all of these items at a craft store, which is always a good place to start. If you’re on a tight budget, simply look for some scrap metal lying around the garage or trash can. If you’re creative, you’ll probably also find some copper wire, trash cans and cardboard pieces, which you can also use as a makeshift fence, albeit a better one.

Scrap Metal Dealer

Next, you will need to make a crafting grid or lead bow. This is a long metal wire with four sides, and can be found at a scrap metal dealer. Simply attach the string to the end of the wire, tie a knot, and then attach a slimeball to each end. Craft shops are usually a great source of bargains and sales, and you can even find some rare items at a cheap price. Once you have the crafting grid, simply attach a slimeball to each end.

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Makeshift Camp

Once you have all of your supplies together, you will need to go back to the crafting area and create a makeshift camp. This means you will need to gather up some more materials. Start by finding some wooden crates and other wooden furniture. You should also make sure that there are plenty of stone bricks close by so you can set up your makeshift shelter.

Slimeball and String

Once you have all of your materials gathered, start up your crafting menu. You will notice that there is a spot on your crafting table that is blank. This is what you will fill in with your slimeball and string. Try to make a grid out of one solid block and a couple of dotted blocks where the slimes need to rest. This way your crafting table will look neat and tidy, which is nice when people see it. If you have trouble seeing what you have crafted, simply zoom in on the screen until you can see your work.


Spawn Area

Once you have completed your craft, take it to the spawn area. There will be a mob inside that only accepts the first slimeball they see. Simply use the 4 string you have made to lure the mob over to your new home. Make sure you place the slimeball in the middle of the room so it will be easier for the mob to walk straight to it. After you have placed it, go back to the crafting table and use the slimeball on the crafting ingredient.

To finish off the craft, you will have to fill the hole in the middle with more dirt or sand so the next time you sees a mob coming your way, you can use the same slimeball. If you have trouble placing the slimeballs on the first row or column, you can press the space bar to move your cursor to the first box in the first row. This will allow you to see where the best spot is to place the first string.


If you are having trouble getting enough slimes to place on the first box, you can place more in the higher areas. When you have crafted enough, go to the spawn area again and reload the page to pick up more. Continue to make more until your entire inventory has been used by the mob. Once you have crafted enough slimeballs to fill up your inventory, go to the bank and empty all of them. Then you can return to the game and repeat the process until you run out of lead.

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