How to Make Bricks in Minecraft – Simple and Easy Way

Here’s how to make bricks in Minecraft

Want to learn how to make bricks in Minecraft? You will first need some tools. The first ones you will need are a diamond pick, hammer, shovel, and cement. These are the most basic tools that are required for your first endeavors. With these tools you can easily begin learning how to make bricks in Minecraft.

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New Item

Craft a new item. This is required when starting out. A new item means a block that you can use to create new bricks in the game. There are many blocks in the game, and only a few that are used specifically for crafting. To craft a new block, go to the “recipe” page and pick out a block that you want to craft.

Pick up a brick and put it into the crafting area. Pick up more bricks until you have the amount you need. Then drop the “new item” that you were given and pick up another brick. Continue doing this until you have all the needed bricks in the game.

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Clay Block

Pick up a clay block and place it into the furnace. Pick up a few more clay blocks until you have the amount of bricks you need. Then place the clay blocks into the furnace.

Clay Balls

Use the furnace on the clay balls until they are completely hardened. When the clay balls are completely hardened you should place them onto a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt moves them to the crafting area. This part of the game is called smelting.

Conveyor Belt

Once you have placed all the bricks on the conveyor belt you will need to transfer them to the craft area. To do this you will need to get another clay ball and place it on top of the first clay ball that you had placed. Continue to the next brick and continue to the last one.

Manually Crafting

When all the bricks are placed on the conveyor belt you will notice that they will fall down. You can use a crafted lever to get each of the four bricks to fall. The lever that you will need is found on the crafting table. To get the Lever you will need to go to the crafting table and look under the “activities” category. You should see an option for “manually crafting”.

Slabs of Clay

When you have the lever and the four bricks you will need to stand near the furnace to get them to fall out. Press the red “reset” button on the furnace until the furnace icon changes to the green bar. This indicates that the furnace has reset and that you are able to start a new craft. To get the four clay bricks you will need to go to the crafting bench and press the square “place” button beside the clay slab you are going to place. The slab will move in to position underneath the four bricks and the furnace will start to heat up.

Now you will notice that there are slabs of clay in front of the flower pots. To make the flower pots you will need to make a stack of four flower pots. To make the bricks you will need to shift-click the clay and “fill up” it with more clay. When you have completed this task you will notice that there are brick slabs in front of the flower pots.


Crafting Wheel

At this point you will notice that there are two types of blocks in the game, stone and clay. Stone bricks and clay blocks are used in making bricks but not flowers. To make the clay you will need to break a clay block and drop the broken piece into the crafting wheel. The wooden plank will drop into the wheel when you let go of the wheel. This is how to make bricks in Minecraft – by simply using the wheel.

Crafting Bench

Now that you have crafted the brick you can craft more of them by using the furnace. The furnace will allow you to craft bricks faster than if you are using the crafting bench or if you are crafting from scratch. The difference is that you can craft bricks while inside the furnace. This will allow you to craft bricks faster than if you were crafting from scratch in the open world.

Decorative Blocks

So now that you know how to make bricks in Minecraft you should try making some decorative blocks for your house. If you are trying to make something for your own personal enjoyment you might consider using decorative blocks that you have crafted to make blocks for your own personal decoration or to sell on the auction block. You will be able to earn money by selling off the decorative blocks that you craft by using your furnace.

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