How to Make Glass in Minecraft – Simple Crafting Guide

How to Make Glass in Minecraft - Simple Crafting Guide

Have you gone though how to make glass in Minecraft? It’s quite a popular block among the gamers, since it has many useful qualities. It’s also a fairly affordable block, with the availability of different colored glass blocks making it a popular choice for all the aspiring architects in Minecraft. Glass blocks are also such that any player in the game will use them at a later stage when playing the game, whether for decoration or creating some other structures.

Here’s how to make glass in Minecraft

The way how to make glass in Minecraft is quite simple. You just need to have at least one silk touch block, a gun, and diamond dust. Silk touch blocks are those with a high value on the trading market, so naturally they won’t be easy to find. But don’t worry, as long as you know where to look, you will find them. Go to any junk yard in the map and you will find some.

Scrap Metal Shop

Next you need to find some stained glass blocks. These are available in different forms, but you can easily find them in a scrap metal shop, which specialize on selling scrap items. Once you have the stained glass, go back to the forge and create some pillars for your stairs. This is just the start of a very nice-looking staircase, made out of glass blocks.


How to make glass in Minecraft using dye is actually quite fun. For this procedure, you will need eight pieces of glass. These can be any color you like, although most experts would recommend going with the lighter shades. Using dye creates a new texture to your blocks, so it will be easier for you to create a nice pattern when you are done. When creating the pattern, it is important to remember that you should use the dye in such a way that the pattern does not overlap.


After creating your pattern, go back to where you placed your eight glass blocks and start crafting. Once you are done crafting, go back to where you placed the glass panes and place the stained glass on top of the panes. You may want to sketch out where exactly the patterns will go before you start crafting. Once you have finished crafting all of the pieces, you can then place them back on the glass pane. You may want to make a test run before you put the entire set back on the panes, to ensure that there are no gaps between the panes. If there are, adjust the spacing until they fit properly.

Stained Glass

The dye used to craft the blocks must be cleaned in a separate container before crafting. Once you are done crafting, you can then add the stained glass to your craft list at the bottom of the page. It should be noted that before you add the stained glass to the craft list, you must remove any of the previous glass blocks that you may have placed there. Once you have the stained glass added to the craft list, go to the toolbar and click on the glass block. This will place the block between all of the other glass blocks you have placed so far.

Glass Block

When you have the glass block placed, you can start to craft. Crafting can be done using the normal crafting interface. However, when crafting using the silk touch enchantment, you must click the square while holding your stick or your bow close to the glass block. This will cause the glass block to glow with a soft blue light. When you are holding the block in your hand, the light will be much stronger and brighter.

Modify Toy Items

Glass items cannot be crafted by the glass smith, the glass furnace, or any other crafting table. You can add these blocks to your game by using Modify Toy Items. To do this, you need to add a new drop pod, which will carry the glass item. You can transfer the glass from one block to another by using the Transfer pods.

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