How to Hiding People on Snapchat – Some Important Tricks and Tips

How to Hiding People on Snapchat - Some Important Tricks and Tips

If you have a Snap account, then you are probably quite aware of the amazing features that Snapchat has to offer. As one of the fastest growing social networking sites, there is plenty of opportunity to make some quick and easy money through advertising. This is also one of the few places where you can easily meet people from all over the world! There are several different ways in which you can use this powerful platform to make some cash. Find out some of the most popular ways by reading on.

Here’s How to Hiding People on Snapchat

Post a photo on Instagram

People love to upload photos to Instagram, and it’s one of the best ways to get people to stop and look at your page. Simply upload a picture of yourself, along with your Twitter or Facebook URL, and you’re ready to start raking in the cash! People are always looking to reconnect with old friends and enjoy new ones, and an image can be enough to spur someone into joining your network.

Hide photos in your news feed

The next time you log onto Snapchat, notice the top of your screen. This is where your news feed usually shows up. Have a look around and try to find any recent photos. Tap one of them, and it will take you to your news feed. There are lots of neat ways to hide photos here, including the ability to change the title from whatever it is you were doing at the time to whatever you were searching for. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep your social media pages less visible to other people.

Post to your Facebook and YouTube friends’ walls

Many of your Facebook and YouTube friends probably won’t be on Snapchat, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t see your latest snaps. Simply go into their main pages and find all of their recent photos. Now, click on a few of them, and then post to their walls. You can even put a caption above each photo to make it less obvious that you’re sharing them with your Facebook and YouTube pals.

Private message to your nearest and dearest

If you don’t want to broadcast your every secretible move online, you can use private messaging to do it instead. Tell your closest buddies that you’d like to share some recent snaps with them, and you’ll have them spread the news to their friends. It’s also a great way to let some of your closest friends know about stuff that you might not want them to know about. After all, they’ll appreciate the honesty!

Hide photos in your Explore tab

The Explore tab in your news feed will often show recent photos that someone has posted online. You can quickly hide these, too. Simply click on the globe icon to the right of the thumbnail that appears in your news feed. If you click inside the blurb, however, it will become available to everyone else on your friends list. This is especially useful if you post photos online from various places and often comment on them.

Use bots to help you out

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook now include bots that help you discover which conversations are of interest to you. You can simply type in your searches and let the bot do the work. It’ll bring up tweets and posts from celebrities and other notable people. If you see something you think is funny, you can save it to share. You might even decide to retweet some of the tweets if you find them funny enough.


These are just a few ideas on how to hiding people on Snapchat. There are literally hundreds of things you can do with this new social networking tool. Just remember to be careful who you give your information to, or you could end up posting some sensitive info about yourself. That’s why you should always use caution when giving out details online, unless you’re exactly sure that the person you’re talking to is reputable.

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