How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft – Easiest Way to tame a Parrot

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

How to tame a parrot in Minecraft is pretty easy if you know how to handle them. Parrots would surely have special personality to any person and it’s really important for you to know their behavior. As one of the most passive mobs in the game it also has easy move that distinct from others especially animal.

As the mob mean almost every living and moving creatures within the whole game such as cat, chicken, fox and others. To know how to tame a parrot in minecraft first you need to know that these mobs are not the easiest to handle. If you think you can just jump on the mobs they will just run away.

Here’s how to tame a parrot in minecraft


You can try to find the tamed parrot through the use of its seeds. Seeds are the most important item for knowing how to tame a parrot in minecraft. There are many places that can give you seeds like crafting kits. Once you have gathered few seeds, then you can plant it at a place where there are lots of mobs around. But you need to know that you won’t be able to plant all the seeds at once, you have to wait for some days until all the mobs around the place are killed.

Seeds, Feather and Food

Another important step on how to tame a parrot in minecraft is collecting required materials. You will need to gather mobs tamed by using the seeds, feather and food. After that, you will also need to use an egg and craft a nest.

Jungle Biome

The second step in how to tame a parrot in minecraft is finding a good location to spawn your pet. There are different spots that can give you a chance to tame a parrot. The first one is at the North-East part of a jungle biome. It’s recommended to place your parrot here because it will be hot during the day. After you have spawned your parrot, make sure to add some honey to its dish or food.

Third step on how to tame a parrot in minecraft is gathering the required mobs or animals. The best place for gathering these animals or mobs are the forest biome. There are also jungle camps which are easy to get. But if you really want to know how to tame a parrot in minecraft, you better search for the mobs in the following areas: Gorilla Hills, Zaer Highlands, as well as the Spider Caves. These mobs are not easy to kill, so don’t think that it will be a breeze.


Fourth step on how to tame a parrot in minecraft is learning how to use your wings. To effectively use your wings, you should learn how to control your wings while flapping. If you learn how to effectively control your wings while flying, your pet will become much more stable while taming. By effectively using your wings, you can learn to control the direction of the wind that you are generating and you will be able to generate more heat.


Fifth step on how to tame a parrot in minecraft is using the hotbar. To use your hotbar, you need to consume seeds. The right click on the parrot. And then, right click on the seeds. After you have used all of the seeds that you need, make sure that you have placed them in a location where the parrot will always have easy access to them.

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