Individual Fundraising Ideas: 5 Types, Ideas & Tips to Get You Started

Individual Fundraising Ideas 5 Types, Ideas & Tips to Get You Started

Everyone is aware that life might occasionally surprise us with unforeseen events, such as a medical emergency, an untimely death, or a severe storm. Whatever the circumstance, fundraising is usually a fantastic choice to take into account when you need assistance!

Fun fact: It applies to businesses as well as nonprofit ones. Although fundraising for a person is naturally a little bit different, the end objective is always to raise the most money possible for a certain cause.

What Do People Fundraise For?

You could be thinking that individuals only raise money when unfortunate circumstances arise for which they were not financially prepared. Wrong! In addition to the ‘negative things,’ people fundraise on a personal level for a variety of reasons, including:

  • When people want to support a charity, they’re passionate for
  • A student’s college/school fund
  • An upcoming big trip
  • Wedding or honeymoon costs

The list is endless! There are always justifications to raise money. The finest aspect is that there are no restrictions on what you may achieve.

5 Types of Individual Fundraising Ideas

Individual Fundraising Ideas For Trips

One of the world’s most delightful pastimes is travel. Making new acquaintances, experiencing new things, and creating lifelong memories are all benefits of travel. Even yet, many individuals never get the chance to travel since it might be pricey. How will you raise money to pay for your vacation, then?

Many travelers rely on fundraising for assistance, and at Bonfire, we want to assist you in obtaining the funds required to embark on your voyage. Here are a few suggestions for Individual fundraising ideas for trip.

Our Favorite Individual Fundraising Ideas For Trips

  • Online T-Shirt Fundraising
  • Pet Sitting
  • Lawn Mowing Marathon
  • Host a bake sale or a garage sale
  • Host an ice cream social and Much More

Individual Fundraising Ideas For Teenagers

Teenagers are typically difficult to reach when it comes to fundraising, but that doesn’t mean they can’t earn money for a worthwhile cause. Community service hours are frequently required of teens, and your organization may profit from this need. Check out our collection of effective fundraising concepts for teen participation.

  • Teens’ Cookbook
  • Potluck Spaghetti Dinner
  • Big Game or Oscars House Parties
  • Photo Book
  • Video Game Tournament
  • Make-the-Grade Fundraiser
  • Invitation Art Show
  • Battle of the Bands | Music Competition and Much More

Individual Fundraising Ideas For Sports

There are a few important methods for raising the money required to keep your sports team operating. Each team member may pay dues, but if you want the team to be open to everyone, it probably won’t be enough to raise the money you’ll need.

  • Crowdfunding
  • Sponsorship
  • Online auctions
  • Virtual challenges
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Charity Marathons and Much More

Individual Fundraising Ideas For School Trip

The best approach for kids to learn about responsibility is through educational excursions, which also teach them how to save and earn money for the trip. Here are some ideas on how young people might get involved in the student travel experience.

  • Pull Weeds
  • Pet Sit
  • Be a Parent Helper
  • Walk Dogs
  • Hold a Rummage Sale
  • Recycle
  • Resell and Much More

Individual Fundraising Ideas For Sick

When a person gets very unwell, he has concerns outside his sickness. He could start missing a lot of work, and the medical expenses will mount. Along with his worries about his health, these costs can quickly mount and put him under financial strain. It’s not necessary for family and friends to do nothing. To lessen the strain, they might start raising money for the ailing person.

  • Disaster Relief
  • Support For Healthcare Professionals
  • Health Insurance
  • Cancer Treatment, Awareness, & Research
  • Doctor’s Bills
  • Kids’ Medical Costs and Much More

5 Individual Fundraising Ideas

Once you’ve decided what you want to raise money for, you need to decide how you’re going to do it. Simple suggestions for personal fundraising include:


One of the most well-liked personal fundraising strategies is crowdfunding. It entails collecting a sizable sum of money from many little donations. Why it works: People prefer to connect with people by name, and when you share your personal narrative on your crowdfunding website, people feel like they’re getting to know both you and your cause.

“In lieu of” fundraising

You may have seen this request on social media: “This year, instead of a birthday gift, I’d like you to donate to cause XYZ.” Similar fundraising practices are used at certain funerals, when guests are asked to give donations to a worthy organization rather of flowers. Why it works: It highlights a distinctive quality of a person’s character while raising awareness of a deserving cause.

Bake sale

Not just any bake sale. Consider making your favourite goodies at home and then promoting them online. Is there anything better than receiving baked goods at your doorstep? Because it’s freshly baked sweet things, this works. Additionally, due to the human element. It’s lovely to get a treat crafted with affection rather than paying for impersonal, mass-produced sweets from a freezer case.

Car wash

An organized vehicle wash is a tried-and-true method of raising money for certain students. A vehicle wash is a good method to raise money when new clothes, shoes, bags, etc. are required. Why it works: Aside from the obvious reason (you need to wash your car at some point), a neighborhood car wash fosters a sense of neighborhood and community.

Game night

A gaming night is a simple approach to acquire the money you require right now. Charge an admission charge, offer food and beverages, and set up a huge variety of activities. Even a sizable award in the end is not necessary. A fun night out is sufficient. Why it works: Families that might not have the time or money to invest in buying board games and playing them at home would benefit greatly from this.

5 Individual Fundraising Tips

You are aware of the purpose of your campaign and the sort of event you plan to have. It’s time to plan and carry out now. The best advice for personal fundraising is provided here.

Set Goals & Tell Your Story Well

Going in blind while doing personal fundraising is one thing you don’t want to do. Nonprofits don’t immediately dive into everything when they raise money. They first construct a strategy and spell out all the specifics.

We’re not advocating that you spend hours describing every detail of what you intend to accomplish and why. But establishing your fundraiser’s objectives and fleshing out a moving history lays the groundwork for everything you do.

When you’re just starting to arrange your fundraising, use these inquiries as a starting point:

  • Why am I fundraising?
  • How much money do I want to raise?
  • Where is the money going that I’m raising?
  • Who specifically has been touched, and how will these money assist them?

How To Put Together a Killer Backstory For Your Fundraiser

You should spend some time presenting the story—and delivering it well—after you have a firm handle on the fundraising strategy. In the end, it’s things like these that will motivate people to give!

When describing the journey, be as specific as you can: You must explain the “why” behind your fundraising efforts, regardless of where or how you choose to do it. Don’t overlook any particulars.

Start at the beginning and explain how you came to be in this position. Tell them just where the money is being raised for and the impact even a modest gift may have.

Appeal to the emotions and tug at the heartstrings: This is the winning formula. Sure, everyone can tell a good story. But it all depends on how you say it. Make it your own.

Talk about the emotional impact this cause has had on you and how it has made you feel. Allow your individuality to come through as well! You don’t want people reading your narrative and thinking, “Wow, that sounds like something out of a textbook.”

Be visual: Remember to take photographs! Including videos. One of the enjoyable aspects of personal fundraising is explaining to contributors why you are doing it.

Use images that are relevant to your cause, elicit strong emotions, and are high resolution (not fuzzy). Even a movie with a display of images set to music is possible!

Choose a Super Engaging Campaign

You have undoubtedly seen crowdfunding efforts on websites like GoFundMe and may even have contributed to them. These can be effective, but there is so much more you can do (and money you can raise) with a campaign that is more imaginative.

To get your creative juices flowing, think about these straightforward yet intriguing individual fundraising ideas:

Crowdfunding isn’t the only option for personal fundraising. Why not use a fundraiser like virtual trivia to pique the interest of your donors? The idea is straightforward and free!

Step 1: Select a streaming service (such as Zoom) that will act as the event’s “location”.

Step 2: To inform attendees of the time and date, send them a bulk email or text message.

Step 3: Pick your inquiries. Additionally, it may be advantageous to select some that are relevant to the purpose you are raising money.

Step 4: Host trivia!

Get Your Trivia On

It’s a brilliant idea to use virtual trivia to draw folks in. You may use inventive marketing techniques to publicize things like humorous team names, information about the contest, the possibility of winning bragging rights, and let’s not forget… a very enjoyable night!

good news Even more simple than hosting the event is making money. Simply levy a participation fee on each participant.

Sell Anything and Everything

If trivia is not your thing, you may even think about holding a bake sale to earn money for your cause. Confused as to what to sell? There are several options:

  • Affordable homemade baked goodies that you or a friend can make
  • Photographic sessions with a local expert
  • Baskets containing goods that local companies have contributed
  • Art or decor donated from a local artisan

Selling products that were obtained for free or at a cheap cost increases the profit margin of a fundraising like this.

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to sell, choose a day to hold an in-person sale or to make the products available online for a longer amount of time. On our online fundraising platform, you can quickly set up your own tiny shop where you may sell a number of various things in whatever quantities, colours, and sizes you want. Not to add, we give your contributors a variety of payment alternatives.

Make Pledges For Good

Have you ever heard of an a-thon? There is bike, walk, and read-a-thon events. Almost anything that you can count may be used as a fundraiser for an a-thon.

In other words, whatever criteria your a-thon is based on, individuals can contribute money that is connected to how well the participants perform. We’ll use the pushup marathon sponsored by Make-A-Wish Southern Florida as an example!

hosted a national fundraising event where donors gave based on the number of pushups participants performed. It proceeded somewhat like follows:

  • Participants solicited donations from friends and family by promoting their involvement in the event.
  • Supporters made contributions based on the number of pushups they believed the participant could complete in a predetermined length of time (for example, $1 for each pushup or $20 for a total of 15 pushups).
  • Participants performed as many push-ups as they could on the day of the event.
  • Those who made pledges afterwards gave the participant’s winnings.

As you can see, raising money for a single person may be far more entertaining than simply regular crowdfunding. Believe us when we claim that the possibility for bigger donations increases as you get more innovative.

Promote It Like No Other

When doing individual fundraising, one aspect that cannot be neglected is how to spread the news. To increase your chances of receiving donations, you want to include as many individuals as you can.

You should use as many various channels as possible to promote your fundraising as a nonprofit would! As soon as your campaign is ready to launch, begin spreading the word using techniques like these:

Social Media Social Media is one of the most innovative and economical ways to contact a large number of people, which is why 97% of marketers use it. Post frequently about your fundraising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. You have quick social sharing choices when you use a fundraising platform, too!

Text Messages – Send a brief text message to all of your contacts telling them about your fundraising! Use your notes app to write a sincere message, then copy and paste it into each individual message to make it simple.

Flyers – I know, it’s outdated. But it still functions! Make a flyer for your fundraiser that stands out by using free graphic design software like Canva. Then, request that nearby establishments, including shops, schools, and churches, hang the flyers or offer them for sale at their front desks.

A Few Best Practices For Promoting Your Fundraiser

In order to successfully raise money for a person, you must persuade your audience to donate rather than merely encourage them to share the information. Here are some top recommendations for achieving such objectives:

  • Be completely sincere and true in your communication. Try to avoid using tired, textbook-like, or too frantic language.
  • Promote your fundraising consistently. It won’t work to make a few social media posts about it or send one SMS to your buddies. On a regular rhythm, try to promote often.
  • Ask your family and friends for assistance. Send all the facts you know to everyone you know so they can help your fundraiser reach more people. You’ll boost your chances of generating money by having your friends spread the word to their friends and their friends to their friends.

Say Thank You After it’s Over

There is just one thing left to do when your fundraiser is over and you’ve reached your fundraising target: thank your donors! It helps a lot to just say thank you.

What various methods may you use to express gratitude to your donors? Think about the tried-and-true techniques that NGOs employ:

  • Give your donations public recognition on social media (extra points for a video!)
  • Send a lovely, handwritten card of appreciation
  • Huge hugs on the deck when you see them in person
  • Give them a short call when you have a moment in your day.

Make Your Life Easier with a Fundraising Platform

We’ve already touched on how using internet platforms for fundraising might free you up to be more imaginative with your campaigns. Using cutting-edge fundraising tools like RallyUp also greatly reduces the amount of physical labour required.

Most of the time, setting up an internet platform for personal fundraising includes a very quick and simple setup. It’s as easy as

  • Creating an account
  • Choosing the charity, you want to raise money for
  • Deciding on the sort of fundraising event you want to have (auction, sale, crowdsourcing, trivia, etc.).
  • Including the relevant material in your fundraiser (such as the title, your memoir, images or videos, etc.)
  • To encourage participation, share the link to your fundraiser on social media, through text, or by email.

That’s basically all there is to it! No need for a pen and paper. You can even do away with over planning. The best aspect is that using it is free.

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