Cannabis Business Social Network: Leading Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis Business Social Network

What is a cannabis Business social network?

If you’re in the cannabis business social network, one of the best ways to increase sales and build your brand is by utilizing social networks. By joining these social networks, you can engage with customers and connect with other businesses in your industry. In addition, social media can help you reach your goals by promoting your product and growing your customer base. Here are the top social networks for cannabis businesses. Read on for more information about each. This article covers some of the most important social networks for cannabis businesses.

Below is the list of best cannabis business social network to look for:


Founded in 2000 as a marijuana growers forum, Grasscity is now one of the most popular cannabis social networks on the web. Founded by a group of marijuana growers, it features a marketplace of goods and services. The website accepts bitcoin payments, making it easy to conduct business with other marijuana enthusiasts. Members can also share tips, advice, and information about growing cannabis. The website has around 1.5 million visitors per month.

Unlike other cannabis social network, Grasscity allows users to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts. Users can post photos, videos, share content, and engage in direct messaging. Cannabis business social networks are not as social and focused on the cannabis industry, but are more geared toward the general public searching for businesses. However, they still offer the same benefits as traditional business networking websites. For example, members can find and join groups related to their area of expertise.


The WeedLife community is a relatively new cannabis social networking site, but quickly gained popularity among marijuana enthusiasts. Members can view news about marijuana companies, share photos, and communicate in chat groups. Companies can also join the community to network with their target market. WeedLife is a good platform for promoting their products or services. The social networking website also allows businesses to join their exclusive cannabis industry forum.

If you’re a marijuana user, this site is for you. It features a community of people who are passionate about cannabis and can answer your questions. The forum also features a huge library of cannabis strain information. Users can also connect with other cannabis enthusiasts and get advice on growing cannabis. There are forums, live chat rooms, and a variety of other features that will make it easy for you to find a community that fits your needs.


Duby is another newer cannabis business social network. Duby is like the LinkedIn of the cannabis business world. Founded by stoners and other cannabis users, it has since grown into an app. Duby uses a logged-in Facebook or Tinder account to connect users. Because it’s a social network, users can share information and find dates. Unlike Instagram and Tinder, Duby isn’t intended for commercial use. However, cannabis-related product merchants can use it to keep close contact with consumers.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, many new platforms are being created to help those in the industry stay connected with each other. Duby, for example, is a cannabis-specific social network that features a mobile application that connects people in the industry. The app, which launched in April 2015, is a hybrid of Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder, makes it easy to connect with like-minded people and network. Duby is available for Android and iPhone users.


Another popular cannabis business social network is Weedable. It connects cannabis companies with investors and marijuana enthusiasts. Users can also target the audience based on location and practice area. It is also free to join, with no setup fees or long-term contracts. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Leaf Wire does not require registration. You can create an account on the site, share your products, share reviews and even connect with marijuana dispensaries near you.


The Allbud cannabis business social network connects marijuana patients, doctors, businesses, and investors. It features a searchable database of licensed dispensaries, forums, and classified advertising. The platform also offers resources for marijuana growers and entrepreneurs, including forums that discuss marijuana research and products. Members can earn through sponsored content and ads. Allbud has millions of users, so it should be a valuable resource for any marijuana business owner.

While the social network is for people in the cannabis industry, it also allows users to connect with other cannabis businesses. Its members are encouraged to post relevant content and share it with others. Some members have been felicitated for valuable contributions. The site also encourages users to follow other cannabis businesses and become part of their communities. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in the cannabis industry, because this market has so many opportunities for cannabis businesses.


CannaSOS, or Cannabis Business Social Network, is a social network aimed at connecting weed businesses. It began as a small website for cannabis producers, but has grown to include a growing number of users and even a marijuana dispensary. Despite its young age, CannaSOS is already very popular among weed lovers, thanks to its consistent blog that covers everything from cannabis smoking and use to marijuana laws and dispensaries.

CannaSOS is a huge community of cannabis business people who share similar interests and lifestyles. As a result, this social network is a valuable resource for new and experienced cannabis entrepreneurs. This social network features over 400,000 visitors each month and features a database of thousands of different strains, their cannabinoid ratios, and their effects. It also includes a large community of cannabis enthusiasts, with live chat rooms, forums, and a library of marijuana strains.

For cannabis businesses looking to get more exposure and establish themselves as trusted authority figures, CannaSOS is a valuable resource. It allows users to join forums and groups, participate in high-quality discussions, and build a powerful social media presence.

The user community on CannaSOS continues to grow exponentially, with over 400,000 people signed up. It is possible to moderate the flow of information and make your posts more relevant to the niche. Unlike other social media platforms, CannaSOS does not have a “reach squeeze” and posts will reach all group members. The site also allows members to add friends and create teams. Lastly, CannaSOS also has a free Android app. Its team is comprised of cannabis activists.


Another cannabis business social network is MJLink. The platform was launched with nearly $2 million in Seed Round funding and has since gained the attention of many industry thought leaders.

MJLink is a modern hemp sector social network specially designed for the practitioners of the hemp industry. Manufacturers, farmers, shopkeepers, sellers, retailers and people in the cannabis industry are also among them.


The LeafWire cannabis business social network has more than one million users. Like LinkedIn, LeafWire connects business professionals in the cannabis industry. You can meet potential investors and share content with your friends. It has a variety of resources for cannabis business owners, including live streaming and podcasts. LeafWire also offers a community for cannabis enthusiasts. It connects people with businesses, investors, and marijuana enthusiasts, who can provide you with the capital you need for your business.

Allbud also features LeafWire, an industry-specific social networking platform. LeafWire connects cannabis enthusiasts with high-profile employers, and both sides can benefit from access to the latest industry news and trends. A similar platform, BudHubz is the Foursquare of the cannabis world. It connects users by letting them find friends and find headshops, doctors, and other cannabis-related services. Both services are free to join and in beta development, but both are promising great opportunities for cannabis businesses.

This cannabis business social networking site allows you to post content, share it with friends, and create groups that are specifically relevant to your industry. There are even live streaming events, podcasts, and job listings specifically for CMA members. LeafWire also allows you to create groups, share content with your friends, and follow other CMA members. And because the cannabis industry is so quickly growing, it’s important to get started with the right platform.

One of the pioneers of the cannabis business social networks is Leafly. This site started off as a forum that connected college students with local dispensaries. Now, it boasts over a million users and has made branding easy for cannabis companies. Leafly also encourages forum discussions, but doesn’t go after user feedback. Users can also sign up for a loyalty program, which entitles them to receive special offers from various cannabis companies.


MassRoots is the first cannabis social network, designed to connect college students. These students use cannabis and often search for reliable dispensaries in their region. There are already more than 1 million wired members in this network. They are ideal for deploying branding plans for cannabis companies and dispensaries. The most prominent feature of MassRoots is that, rather than promoting user opinion through the discussion board.

MassRoots, another cannabis social network, is a great place to promote your marijuana business. This platform has over one million members and is the perfect place to utilize cannabis promotional tactics. MassRoots allows cannabis businesses to monitor customer analytics, as well as share news with their followers. With all these features, MassRoots is an excellent place for your cannabis business to start its social media marketing efforts. So, get started today!

While there are several great social media platforms for the cannabis industry, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While Mass Roots is more focused on privacy and product evaluation, LeafWire focuses on employment opportunities. LeafWire has been gaining attention for helping struggling cannabis brands. Its community is a powerful asset for cannabis businesses. However, it’s important to remember that a cannabis business social network can’t be all about networking. You must consider your business needs when evaluating the different social media platforms available.

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