What Are Social Wall Events? – A Complete Guide

What Are Social Wall Events

What is a Social Wall Event?

A social wall is a charming tool that enables brands to collect the most attractive social media content from their favorite social channel. You can create it in the feed and show it in events.

The Hashtag tracking tools come with the auto – modular feature that filters an irrelevant or unwanted social content of your collected feed.

In addition, you find customization options for creating a beautiful social wall that is well combined with the themes of your events.

The best part? The social wall is responsible, with virtual, hybrid or personally in the form of your event. The social wall will work to increase the rate of engagement of your events.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Wall Events?

Boost Engagement Rate

The engagement of the event has been a special focus for many event organizers, and they have tried to introduce multiple gamification elements in the event to improve the audience’s engagement.

But there is something that can keep participants in the entire program.

The social wall has the ability to unilaterally. Although social media works to collect people, it is right in your event.

Simplify Event Social Media Marketing

A social wall comes with a social media aggregator that brings all your preferred social media content to one place. Many social wall platforms offer to bring material from numerous sources and numerous methods such as Hashtag, handles, mentions, etc.

Social wall makes it easy for you to moderate social media with its powerful content that filters all irrelevant content. Helping you is more organized with social media content around your event that you can re -create for more marketing campaigns.

Updates In Real-time

The social wall offers a real -time refreshing feature. The real -time social wall directly shows social content. It gets more attention from the event participants.

This opens up for you the Hashtag feed, social media competitions, and more ideas for you as an event organizer, which we will discuss more in this blog.

Improve Social Visibility

Social wall produces social evidence in your event participants. When you showcase the content from participants in your social wall event. It attracts the attention of other participants and creates a band wagon effect for them to prepare content for you.

The content made from each partner will result in more participants’ content. This will increase your social exposure as your event’s content will be shared on your audience’s social media, which will bring more attention from social media users and create more awareness.

Thoughts to Use a Social Wall Events

Harness the Power of User-Generated Content

The content developed by the user is growing to become the number one asset to get the audience’s attention. Run some marketing campaigns. The reason for this is that the UGC is reliable, compelling and expanding.

However, collecting content produced by the user from your event participants and displaying it on the social wall can improve the event experience as never before.

This will create social evidence among your participants, improve gamification its and help you create a community of supporters of your brand.

Display Influencers Content

78 % of marketers find influence posts as the most influential marketing material. The reason for this is that influence is dominating the world of the Internet.

However, every social media users are influenced by lifestyle decisions.

Therefore, adding materials affecting the social wall of your event can really improve the event experience for participants. Seeing their favorite influence on the social wall will really be persuaded and attracted to the social wall.

Make sure the audience like your target audience selects the influxes. This makes you very easier to get your audience’s focus.

Highlight Sponsored Content

Highlighting the material sponsored on your social wall is another promise to use the social wall.

Engagement With a Social Wall Event


I hope you better understand the events of the social wall that we have brought it to the end of this complete guide. What are a social wall, its benefits and some compulsive ideas that you can put in the maximum use of the social wall in its own events?

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