Instagram User Not Found? How to Search For a Missing Instagram User

Instagram User Not Found

Instagram user not found? This is definitely a problem, especially if you’ve just created your account. Why is this happening to you? You may be looking for the latest trends or trying to attract new friends to your account. No matter what, it’s a bummer when this happens to you!

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So how do you fix this? I’m assuming you’ve done a search first to see if there are any Instagram users that match what you’re looking for. If there are, great! But what if there aren’t? What to do? This can be frustrating, but there are simple solutions!

Here’s Some Solutions, Instagram User Not Found


The first thing you need to do is try doing a search on Instagram. Use the keywords you’d like to search with, followed by Instagram in the search field. For instance, I may search for “Instagram,” followed by my name. This should bring up any matching Instagram accounts.

Now, this is where you can start finding your username. If you do a search, you’ll get a list of results. At the very bottom you’ll see a link to click on “profile.” Once you click on that link, you’ll be taken back to your original page. This means that if you do change your username, it’ll affect the search you do. Search for your username before you change it!

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If you can’t find your profile, the first thing you can do is clear your history. Click on your profile photo and click on “history” to clear everything from your profile. This means that you won’t have the “Instagram” tag showing on your profile, which is great for finding an Instagram user. If that doesn’t work, you may have to clear your search. To do this, search for “Instagram,” followed by your username.

Now that you know the person’s name, it’s time to check out their actual profile. Most people post their pictures on their main account, but if you’re doing a search for an Instagram user not found, look for their individual profile. Look for a photo in the Album that has the title “NOT TAGGED.” That’s the page you’ll want to open to see if you can find the person’s name. You may just see a blank profile, which you can change your search to match the user name you’ve just found.

Search Engines

If you still can’t find the user, you may want to search for them in the search engines. This way, you can see all of the people who have an Instagram account. This makes it easy to locate an Instagram user, but you’ll have to sort through profiles because there are literally thousands of people with an Instagram account. It may take several searches to find someone.


The easiest way to find an Instagram user is to look through your news feeds. You’ll want to look at the “Mashable” feed, because this is where most news stories are featured. If you find a story about someone, you’ll be able to see their Instagram profile. You’ll also find their links to their other social media profiles. You can follow these links, or you can simply leave the profile page blank and look for the user later.

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Reverse Lookup

If you have exhausted all of these methods, you may still be looking for an Instagram user not found? There is a way to do a reverse lookup. You can do a search for the person’s name, followed by “Instagram.” The last part of the term will bring up any Instagram pages that have been created since you last checked for them. These pages will have the user’s pictures on it, along with information about them, which should help you get a better sense of who they are.

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Email Address

Once you have an idea of what the person looks like, you’ll need to do a search for their email address. This will pull up any current or recent listings under that user’s name. Look through the email to try and identify any personal details. If you can’t find anything, you’ll need to do a paid search using an Internet directory. This is the fastest way to find someone.


With a little patience and work, you’ll find that using an Instagram finder is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump through hoops or dive into the dark unknown. With a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be able to see all kinds of profiles and learn more about the people who have set themselves apart online. If you need help with Instagram, the Internet is a rich resource that can lead you to answers.

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