How to Fix iPhone White Screen of Death and Its Causes

How to Fix iPhone White Screen of Death and Its Causes

If your iPhone is suddenly stuck on a white screen of death, don’t worry! You can try to fix it with these quick tips. First, turn off the brightness. If this doesn’t work, you can try to perform a hard reset. This method will clear out the memory on your phone. Luckily, it doesn’t wipe out any data. Instead, it will start from the beginning.

Here’s how to Fix iPhone White Screen of Death

Restore your Device

If you can’t see anything on the screen, then you can try to restore the device to a previous state by launching iOS System Recovery. The iOS System Recovery is a powerful tool for fixing all kinds of problems with your iOS device. You can also use it to fix other iOS devices as well. It is a simple way to bring back your phone to the original state. The process is fairly simple.

Once you’ve done that, you can try to restore the iPhone to its factory settings. To do so, open the Control Center. You will have to restart the phone again. This step will fix the problem. After you’ve done that, you can try holding out three of your middle fingers and double tapping the screen. This will force the white screen to show up and will allow you to use the device again.

Disable the Zoom Function

If this still doesn’t work, you can disable the zoom function. This is found in Settings, and you’ll need to uncheck it. To do this, open the App Store and look for iMyFone Fixppo. This is a professional tool for fixing iOS glitches and issues. It works for most iPhones and is available free of charge. If you’ve been having the same problem for a while, try some of these fixes first and then contact Apple.

Cable Problem

The most common cause of iPhone’s white screen is a cable problem. It’s the cable that connects the motherboard to the screen. If it’s damaged, you might have to turn off auto brightness to repair the issue. But, if you can’t find the cable, you can try other methods that will fix the problem. You can also try the Disk Firmware Update method, but you’ll probably want to use a free version first.

Turn off Auto-brightness

Another option for fixing WSoD is to disable auto-brightness. This can help you fix the white screen by turning off auto-brightness. If the problem persists, try to turn off auto-brightness on the device. Alternatively, you can also try turning off the display’s accessibility settings. If the problem persists, you can contact Apple to fix it. A good way to fix iPhone White Screen of Death is to follow the tips outlined above.

IOS Repair Tool

The best way to fix the white screen of death is to use an iOS repair tool. This software can help you recover all of the lost data from your iPhone. You can also try a free version of the tool, but make sure you scan it first to be sure it’s working properly. Afterwards, you’ll need to contact Apple support to solve the problem. This is not the only solution you can try to fix the iPhone’s white screen of death, however. Using these tips will help you prevent future issues from occurring.

Try DFU Mode

Gadget Firmware Update (DFU) Mode is considerably more impressive than Recovery Mode. It allows you to turn on the iPhone yet keeps it from firing up the working framework, so you can make changes to the working framework itself. This is more mind boggling and deceiver, yet it merits attempting if nothing else has worked. To place your telephone into DFU Mode:

  1. Associate your iPhone to your PC and dispatch iTunes.
  2. Turn off your phone.
  • What you do next relies upon your iPhone model:
  1. iPhone 7 and up — Hold down the Side button and Volume Down button simultaneously.
  2. iPhone 6S and prior — Hold down the rest/power button and the Home button simultaneously.
  3. Hold the buttons for 10 seconds. On the off chance that you see the Apple logo, you held it for a really long time and should begin once more.
  • Following 10 seconds, let go of the rest/power/Side button, however continue to hold the other button.
  • Assuming your telephone’s screen is dark, you’re in DFU mode. Assuming you see an iTunes logo, you really want to begin once more.
  1. Adhere to the onscreen guidelines in iTunes.

Fixing an iPod Touch or iPad White Screen

This article is tied in with fixing an iPhone White Screen, yet the iPod contact and iPad can have a similar issue. Fortunately, the answers for an iPad or iPod contact White Screen are something very similar. Each of the three gadgets share a significant number of similar equipment parts and run a similar working framework, so all that referenced in this article can assist with fixing an iPad or iPod contact white screen, as well.

Customer Support

The first way to fix an iPhone’s WSoD is to contact Apple support. You can do this by calling the Apple customer support number and requesting assistance. However, if the problem persists, you may need to visit the Genius bar or contact Apple. It is important to keep your iPhone out of dusty and damp areas and away from environmental stress, as this will lead to the white screen of death.

The Causes of the iPhone White Screen

An iPhone White Screen can be brought about by various things, yet the two most normal offenders are:

Failed software update or jailbreak

At the point when you attempt to refresh the iPhone’s working framework and the update falls flat, some of the time you’ll see the white screen. This is considerably more normal when attempting to escape your iPhone and the escape fizzles.

Hardware problem

Assuming programming isn’t the guilty party, the other most normal reason for the white screen is the link that interfaces the iPhone’s motherboard to its screen coming free or breaking. At times, this is essentially the consequence of an equipment disappointment after some time. In others, the connector comes free after the telephone has been dropped over and over again.


Once you’ve restored your iPhone, iTunes will restore it to its normal state. Then, you’ll be able to use it like new again. As soon as it’s back to normal, you can try using a professional program like TunesKit iOS System Recovery to fix your iOS device. If you don’t have any of these tools, you can download and use one that’s compatible with your device.

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