A Guide to Getting a Loan Against Your Car

A Guide to Getting a Loan Against Your Car

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it would be that there was not only a lot of sickness going around but also a lot of collateral damage. That is why if you find yourself in a cash crunch, it is time that you investigate all of your options. One of those would be taking out a loan against your vehicle. Is this a good idea? Here are some things that you should consider:

What are my eligibility criteria if I consider taking a loan out against my car?

According to Lantern by SoFi, “one of the best reasons to take out a car loan refinance would be because it is a great way to help pay off some unrelated expenses.” However, you still need to be aware of whether you even qualify by investigating the eligibility criteria. First of all, your credit score is the one thing that you should be looking at closely. This is because it can be a tremendous asset for not only getting you a note against your vehicle in the first place, but it also can avail you of a variety of different options if your credit score is higher.

Estimate the loan-to-value ratio of your car

There are plenty of interfaces that allow you to determine just what type of loan-to-value ratio for your car. The best interfaces will use market demand and the latest trends to offer you the maximum available loan against your car. This will help you get the maximum loan amount disbursed against your vehicle. All in all, probably the best thing for you would have to be if you have a car in good condition. In this case, that could absolutely help you out during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.

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What would happen to my old loan?

If you have an older loan, this would be called a running loan, and it would result in your lender closing your old car loan and giving you the remaining loan amount. You will probably want to go with a lender with an established reputation with the banks, working with them so that they will close out your loans faster and get the NOC (No-Objection-Certificate). Working in this manner will help you get your loan as quickly as possible.

Get all of your needed documents together

If you are looking to avail yourself of the best loan against your car, then start by being organized. Things such as your proof of address, PAN card, income verification, bank statements, and other necessary documents are all a crucial part of the process.

Shop for the best deal

Last but not least, you should shop around for the best deal. You have to realize that you should get quotes from multiple lenders with any type of loan. You can also eliminate sales taxes at your time of purchase. Are you worried about these multiple inquiries showing up on your credit report? Don’t be. You can use a soft inquiry to get a real quote and then save the hard inquiry for when you actually apply for the loan.

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