You do not need expensive or specific products to have a shiny car interior and exterior. Just look in the kitchen and bathroom and follow these tips.

Since they say that you have to take care of your appearance to give a good image, we can also transfer this philosophy to our vehicle. And to make everything easier and cheaper, we are going to clean the car with only things that we have at home or we can buy in the supermarket. The only thing to keep in mind is that it cannot be done on the street, so it will be convenient to find an appropriate place to do it.

Here’s how to clean car interior and exterior


Just apply a good dose of oven cleaning foam to our tires and wait a while, as you would to clean the oven, so that they are shiny. It is capable of removing all types of grease, as well as the stains left by dust on the brake pads.


Any liquid dishwasher is good for making the body shiny , even if you prefer it smelling of lemon. If we also use it with a compressor (pressure washer type) and with a foam application nozzle, the result will be surprising. Simply cover the entire car with foam and let it work; then rinse with water and voila.


The applications of toothpaste to clean the car are varied. Some use it mainly to clean the headlights and make them like new, polishing the paste with a toothbrush and a lot of patience. It seems weird, but it works.

On the other hand, toothpaste is also used to remove very difficult stains on car plastics or even on the leather of the steering wheel or upholstery. Try a small area first, just in case the leather dyeing isn’t going well at all.


The salt that is thrown on the roads in winter damages the car, both aesthetically (creating a crust of dirt) and partially deteriorating the sheet metal. What best removes this salt is to mix a cup of baking soda with 4 liters of hot water and a little neutral soap.


It helps us to make our vehicle shiny, although if it is a children’s shampoo almost better because it is softer. The logical thing is not to use a lot of product since, in excess, it could damage the paint. The ideal mix is ​​one teaspoon for every 3.5 to 4 liters of water.


Pure vinegar is a good ally to make car tires shiny, since acid removes grease very well.

But it is not the only thing it does: reduced to 10% with water and with the help of newspaper, it is a good window cleaner.

It also works to clean plastics or even complicated nooks, as it penetrates quite well. For the latter, you will have to use a piece of cotton dipped in half a glass of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

To curl the curl with the vinegar, you can mix in a spray bottle a part of dishwashing liquid, another part of white vinegar and another part of sparkling water: this way you will obtain a liquid of great strength to clean the car thoroughly.


We can recover the black color of a plastic bumper worn by rain and sun only with bitumen. For this we can use a shoe cleaning sponge and apply a couple of layers in long strokes.


Ammonia mixed with water is one of the best ways to clean your car out there. Sometimes even if the cloth is damp and we apply a few drops of ammonia it will be enough to clean, for example, the windshield, the mirrors and the windows of the car.

It is also very good for metallic details such as chrome or gold. It is preferable not to mix it with any other product (especially bleach), as it could be dangerous due to its toxicity.

Ammonia is also good for cleaning the car and removing sticky substances from the body, such as gum, tar, or tree resin.


It is not very well known what they are impregnated with, but these wipes are capable of removing any remaining dry substances that are in the vehicle. Perhaps by relationship, its best use is to remove the annoying pigeon poop that “decorates” the car.


The soapy sponge or the usual Nanas (make sure it is of the gram mage 0000 so that it does not scratch) they help us to eliminate those drops or dry remains of water only by wetting them. Rub gently and always with small circular motions.


It is a good ally to remove remnants of stickers or other glues, either from the sheet metal or from the glass. You just have to apply the oil on a cotton ball and rub in the area in a circular way.


In the soft drinks section we can find one of the most versatile products to clean the car, the cola. It has a multitude of applications: from cleaning rims to making tires shiny.

It is also a good car glass cleaner, since it removes well those dried water drops that are difficult to remove.

It also works great on rust that originates in the lower parts of the body.

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