9 Things to Consider When Switching From a Regular Bike to E-Bike

Switching From a Regular Bike to E-Bike

Riding conventional bicycles has always been the norm for decades. It doesn’t matter whether you take a short or long distance, because bicycles are the most affordable and convenient transportation. However, technological progress is slowly excessive conventional bicycles and replaces them with e-bikes.

Compared with ordinary bicycles, E-Bike is much faster. No wonder the e-bike completely replaced the conventional bicycle. If you also want more and more people to convert from conventional bicycles to e-bike, then this article discusses various factors you must consider.

It is not easy to distinguish between conventional bicycles and e-bike, because they have the same functions and appearances, and the operation mode is different.

Switching From a Regular Bike to E-Bike

E-Bike Mechanics

E-bike is conventional bicycles and is attached to motors. Many people think that e-bike is similar to pedal cars, but they are actually completely different. Use e-bike to pick up the motor to serve as a propeller. On the other hand, the pedal is powered by fuel.

If you don’t know what to find, you will not be able to distinguish between conventional bicycles and e-bike, because their body frameworks are similar to the shape of the geometry. It is the only difference to help the motor of the bicycle.

Speed Variation

Another main difference between e-bike and conventional bicycles is speed. Using traditional bicycles, your speed depends on the speed of you can pedal, and you can ride at a speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour, especially for experienced bicycles. On the other hand, the speed limit of the e-bike is 20 miles per hour.

In other words, no rider can maintain a speed restrictions per hour or higher than 20 miles for a long time, because it will directly cause leg narrowing and may be harmed more seriously. Therefore, don’t emphasize too much. However, you can easily maintain the maximum speed of e-bike because you don’t have to have too many pedals, because the motor has pushed forward bicycles forward. Therefore, if you plan to travel long distances, e-bike are the final choice.

Time Saved

Using e-bike, you can maintain a speed limit of about 20 miles per hour. This is because you don’t need to step on the pedal like ordinary bicycles, especially when you are uphill. This makes e-bike the best job to get off work, because you will not sweat, and high -speed restrictions will ensure that you work on time.

You will also notice that many drivers who deliver packages and other items prefer to use e-bike, not conventional bicycles because they are faster. And because they are mobility, your burden will not have much impact on the rider.

E-Bike Maintenance

The similarity of E-Bikes and standard bicycles can be easily maintained because you must check the brake, gear, chain, handle, lubrication and tires. However, if the motor has an electrical failure, it is best to bring it to the expert, because trying to repair it may make it worse.

Most electric bicycle components are warranty. If the warranty is not expired, they can be replaced for free.

Pedal Assist

Bicycles have different levels of pedal auxiliary tools. This can help you keep the battery’s motor power and increase speed.

When the motor is connected to the pedal, when your pedal, the motor is dumped, and the bicycle is promoted, it can easily ride, which means that you have nothing to do. However, you will continue to step on the pedal, but you don’t need too much effort. This makes e-bike the best bicycle for people with disabilities or elderly people or people who do not want to exhaust their tendons from long -distance commuting.

Battery Charge

When switching to e-bike, you must consider the duration of batteries in the electronic bicycle.

When full charging, most electric bicycle batteries can last three to five hours. If you plan to long distance, make sure you use additional batteries or chargers. Some fast chargers can ensure that your electronic bicycle battery is charged as fast as possible.

Number of Batteries

You can also consider promoting the battery required by bicycles -some e-bikes use one and other batteries. The best part of running a bicycle on the two batteries is that if a battery dies, the second battery will act as a backup. And make sure that once you notice that they are shortened; make sure to replace the battery.

Location of the Motor

E-bikes have two types of motors. These include:

A mini-drive motor. This is the place where the pedal is located. When they are attached to it, the pedal is very easy, because the motor picks up faster. Its concentration position allows you to easily maintain the balance and stability of the bicycle.

The hub driver motor is connected to the rear wheel, and some bicycles are connected to the front wheel. When they are connected to the rear wheels, the pedal power supply will be passed to the rear wheel, which makes you feel that you are pushed forward and make the cycling relaxed and interesting, especially in tilting.


E-bike is a high -end version of ordinary bicycles, so they hope that they are higher. Electric motors are the cause of cost. It is also best to note that the increased cost part is due to different materials used to manufacture e-bikes, making it heavy and comfortable.



Although there are similarities, ordinary bicycles and e-bike are very different, such as motors and speed. In any case, they will provide you with the same benefits: you can protect the environment, maintain health and obtain all the health benefits of cycling.

However, because e-bike is very good in terms of speed and convenience, the wise approach is to convert from ordinary bicycles to e-bike.

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