How to clean your steering with steering wheel cleaner?

How to clean your steering with steering wheel cleaner

The steering wheel of our car is the main point of contact between our hands and the car and a major component of the vehicle’s control system. This means that every time we drive a car, it’s important to keep it clean with steering wheel cleaner. Because we don’t want our hands to be contaminated with microbes, and it’s important to keep the vehicle in good condition so that we can control it even in the most demanding situations. Handles should always be clean and non-slip, so there is a way to do the above without much effort.

Here are some ideas about steering wheel cleaner.

1) Keep Wet Hand wipes handy

Buy a pack of handkerchiefs and keep them in your car at all times. Before you start driving, use one to clean your hands and the other to clean the steering wheel. We can use wipes as a steering wheel cleaner. This kills 99% of the bacteria on your hands and wheels, and melts body oil that gets on your wheels because of your hands, making them dangerously slippery.

2) Use Mild Cleaners

If the wheel is dirty, apply a mild soap cleaner to a microfiber towel and wipe the steering wheel circle all 360 degrees, this perfectly work as steering wheel cleaner. Holding the wheel through a towel and twisting your wrist back and forth will remove most of the dirt no matter how piled up and how long it sticks. If you still see dirt, you can use a scrub pad for the interior of your car, but be careful not to apply too much pressure.

3) Clean the leather

Many car owners have found that cleaning leather handles is too difficult and requires more care. It is actually quite simple to clean a handle made of genuine leather. Here is a guide on how to clean a leather steering wheel. First of all, you need to use leather cleaners, laundry products, and separate drying products. Shake the cleaner and cover all corners of the wheel before spraying. After waiting for 3 minutes, the driver can wipe the cleaner with the dusty dirt and apply a special drying product for leather.

If the steering wheel is made of leather, leather cleaning products should be used instead of steering wheel cleaner. You can also use a toothbrush to dip the cleaner into the stitches on the leather patch to keep it clean. Finally, wash the leather with water as these cleaners can be absorbed into the skin of your hands in the long run and cause health problems.

4) Use a steam cleaner

It is also a good idea to use a steam cleaner to clean and disinfect the steering wheel as a steering wheel cleaner. Do not apply steam to one spot for a long time. The high steam temperature can cause the material to be packed. Also, on most cars, make sure that the dashboard just behind the steering wheel doesn’t get wet or can be damaged. After you do this, make sure to fully widen the handle as the remaining moisture can cause bacteria to build up later.

5) For Natural Wood Type

According to automotive experts, “This type of handle cleaning is generally not recommended because natural wood handles are fragile.” However, there are a number of ways to clean these types of steering wheel cleaner without scratching the surface, one of which is to use a natural steering wheel cleaner on wood, such as a wood varnish product. This product not only makes the wheels cleaner and prettier, but also protects the wood grain.

Steering Wheel Care/Additional Tips

All spills must be cleaned up immediately. Leather is porous and once the liquid penetrates the surface, it is very difficult to remove the stain without steering wheel cleaner.

Also, do not clean leather handles with harsh or abrasive cleaners such as bleach. It may cause damage. You can use a mixture of alcohol and water, or you can use water and white vinegar as a steering wheel cleaner.

Do not use furniture polish or wax or silicone products on the leather. Do not uses Pledge, for example, as it can make the leather sticky, use only recommended steering wheel cleaner.

Do not use baby wipes to clean leather handles. It is alkaline and will damage the finish.

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