How to Protect the HV Battery from Deterioration

How to Protect the HV Battery from Deterioration

I have to take special steps, How to Protect the HV Battery from Deterioration from my hybrid vehicle if I plan to store the vehicle for an extended period?In addition to the storage tips for our conventionally-powered vehicles, our hybrids require additional steps for each battery, as the hybrid vehicle battery and auxiliary battery will discharge and their condition is liable to decline.To prevent excessive auxiliary battery drainage, charge the battery at least once every two weeks by powering on the hybrid system for 20 minutes with all non-essential electrical accessories (such as air conditioning and audio equipment) turned off. It is not necessary to drive the vehicle, but do not start the hybrid system in an enclosed area unless the tail pipe is connected to an exhaust hose to prevent harmful buildup of fumes. As an alternative, you may disconnect the negative terminal of the auxiliary battery.If you use the same smartphone or mobile phone for a long time, the battery life will deteriorate. The cause is deterioration of the battery. If the battery is repeatedly charged and discharged, its capacity will decrease and it will not last long. However, many people know that it is not just a matter of the number of charge / discharge cycles and the period of use, but that deterioration progresses faster or can be suppressed depending on how it is used.

In fact, the same is true for hybrid car HV battery. In addition to the “auxiliary battery” that is also used in gasoline-powered vehicles, hybrid cars also have a “driving battery” that is used to drive the motor. The latter is not easy to replace, and of course, like any other battery, it will deteriorate over time and you will not be able to get the same performance as it was originally.

But rest assured. You can prevent the HV battery from deteriorating by learning a few tips. If you are a hybrid car owner, remember this.

Actually, “When Not Running” is Important

It’s easy to think that batteries deteriorate when they’re in use, but that’s not all. Rather, the hybrid car with the system running is well controlled so as not to put a burden on the HV battery, so it is a point when electricity is not being put in and out than while driving. You need to be careful when parking.

The driving batteries used in hybrid cars are “nickel-metal hydride batteries” and “lithium-ion batteries” and have different characteristics, but it is preferable to store them in an extremely reduced or full state. There is none. Therefore, before you park your car in the parking lot, you can reduce the damage to the HV battery by checking the state of charge of the HV battery and making sure that it is neither too low nor full. Specifically, if the battery level is low (even if it is systematically possible), avoid using EV mode, and if the battery level is high, consume a little electricity in EV mode.

The Worst Thing is the Midsummer Garage

In fact, summer is the most damaging season for batteries. The hotter it is, the more attention you need to be.

Have you ever heard of mobile phones and smartphones that “when they are hot, they put a strain on the HV battery and shorten its lifespan”? The same is true for hybrid car batteries.

Even if you’re not driving, a hot environment can easily damage your HV battery. Rather, unlike when the system starts up, it is not cooled by a fan, so the heat hits the VH battery directly while parked in the garage.

In particular, be careful of the closed garage in midsummer, where heat tends to accumulate. That is the most unfavorable situation for batteries.

Therefore, if you store a hybrid car in such a garage, you can reduce the damage to the HV battery by taking measures such as ventilating the garage well and not putting it in a fully charged state.

But no need to worry or worry too much

But realistically, you don’t really have to be nervous. The reason is that the HV battery of a hybrid car does not deteriorate as much as the driver clearly feels.

As the performance of the HV battery itself improves day by day, the HV battery for hybrid cars is controlled at an extremely high level. The level is not the same as that of smartphones and laptops, but it protects the HV battery by grasping the state of the battery in detail and controlling it according to it while preventing over-discharging and over-charging. Control technology is also advancing day by day.

In detail, the HV battery will deteriorate, but as long as it is used normally, it will not progress to the area where the owner feels that it will obviously deteriorate in holding, unlike smartphones. Therefore, as long as the current hybrid car is used normally, it is not necessary to replace the HV battery until the end of the life of the car body. If possible, avoid the worst situation for a HV battery: “leave it in a closed garage in midsummer with a full charge”. But at the same time, I also want to keep in mind that you don’t have to worry too much about HV battery deterioration.

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