Ash blonde hair dye is one of those shades that returned with more boom than ever.

The beauty of this color is that it complements very well in most skins and hair textures, since it brightens the face, brings light and balances its pigments.

If you have always wanted a drastic transformation , or on the contrary, to give your blonde hair a twist , ash blonde hair dye is ideal to meet any goal. Go ahead and change your look!

Dirty ash blonde hair dye tint

One of the colors that are at the peak of popularity is dirty ash, just like our model wears it.

The trick is to deposit the color or highlights on a dark base, either brown or black, thus giving a distressed but super chic effect!

It is important that you consult a professional who knows modern techniques as ash blonde hair dye  is not an easy tone to achieve if you start with such a deep base.

Ash blonde hair dye balayage

The contrast between bleached hairs with light tints, such as ash blonde hair dye, looks great with a naturally dark base.

Thanks to the application technique called balayage, you can get “the best of both worlds”, leaving the root of your original tone while adding light to the ends, since the dye is done from the temple.

It should be noted that the dye requires bleach to extract all the natural pigment. Remember that an ash blonde hair dye requires removing the orange or reddish tones that occur during bleach.

White ash ombré

The dyes in the white, silver and gray range are still in fashion and, although it is not for all tastes, we cannot deny that it generates an impact wherever you go.

If you want to learn all the details of the style and others like it, click here. We assure you that you will find a look that suits your personality.

Platinum wicks

Another way to show off ash blonde hair dye hair is with platinum highlights.

The highlights plating bring dimension to your hair, besides giving birth to your face. Usually, the expert will place the dye from medium to ends and in interspersed strands of hair.

As high volume bleach or peroxide is also used, a moisturizing mask should not be missing from your weekly beauty routine.

Golden ash

Golden ash is a different alternative, as it adds luminosity to your hair.

How do you do it? Simply apply a golden blonde dye wash to subtly pigment the strands.

Of course, do it little by little (or have your stylist do it) since the clash between the gold and the ash could result in an unpleasant greenish color.

Faded tips

Now, we bring you a more innovative hair style: the famous faded ends.

The look is multi-colored hair consisting of an ash blonde hair dye base complemented by vibrantly toned mid-lengths or ends. Let creativity take over your mane!

Of course, to preserve the color you need a dry shampoo. This prevents the dye from fading with each wash.

We love it because it is enriched one hundred percent with olive oil that hydrates and conditions the driest areas of the hair. It also doesn’t leave any visible residue on your hair.

Bluish ash blonde hair dye

It’s a fact that the blue tint trend still steals hearts and eyes.

The advantage is that the range of this color is very wide, so it will not always be difficult to find one that suits you. The mixture of blue pigments with ash blonde hair dye will give you a shiny finish, making it the perfect option for those looking for hair with a mirror effect.

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