Disney Plus no longer works? Here are all the existing error codes and their solutions

Disney Plus no longer works

Identify the most common issues with the Disney plus video streaming service.

Although Disney Plus got off to a smashing start in France and many enthusiastic fans downloaded the app to watch their favorite episodes of The Simpsons, MCU, or Star Wars, not everyone had the chance to access to the platform without incident. Some have had or still have to deal with some technical problems. These appear as specific error codes. If you’ve encountered any of these codes before, don’t disturb Obi-Wan Kenobi or the Incredible. The complete guide below will fly to your rescue more effectively.

First of all, if Disney Plus no longer works on your mobile, TV or computer, first check your Internet connection. Admittedly, this is elementary advice, but it must be taken into account that access to the SVOD platform requires a minimum speed of 5 Mbps for correct broadcasting of the programs.

If you have the correct speed, try resetting your modem / internet box. Then log out of the Disney Plus app and then log back in. In many cases, this manipulation will be enough to regain your access.

Otherwise, delete the app from your device and download it again. You will then end up with a recent and reset version, guaranteed to be bug-free.

What does this error code mean?

If all of the above failed you, nothing is lost. There are still plenty of handy tips to resolve some of the more common Disney Plus error codes.

Error code 4 – Online payment failed

Disney Plus is not free. This error is directly linked to the payment method entered during registration for the service. Disconnect and then reconnect first. If the problem persists, check your billing details and edit them if they are incorrect. You must use a bank card valid in your country.

Error Code 5 – There was a problem with your Disney Plus account

This warning appears when your login details have been entered incorrectly or you have not verified your account. Make sure you have received a confirmation email from Disney Plus after registration and click on the account activation link. Be careful, this email may have landed in your spam folder. Control it. 

Error Codes 7 and 8 – Email or Password Problems

Disney Plus does not recognize the password or email address you entered. This is probably a typing error; remember to type each character correctly. If necessary, use the “Forgot password” function to configure a new password.

Error code 9 – Connection interrupted

Make sure you haven’t been accidentally logged out. And check that your identifiers as well as your bank details have been correctly entered to avoid a new disconnection of the service.

Error code 11 – Content unavailable

Not all programs featured on the Disney Plus service are available in all countries. In France, for example, Disney is subject to the principle of media chronology and many films will not be released until 3 years after their theatrical release. So, make sure that the movie or series you are looking for is offered in your area. If so, try resetting your internet connection. Also be aware that using a VPN to access the Disney Plus catalog from another country may affect the system.

Error code 13 – Too many devices logged into the same account

You can connect up to four separate devices simultaneously on the platform. Each device can be associated with a user profile – a maximum of 7 can be created. If you exceed the number of allowed devices, you may need to disconnect the ones you use the least. And do not share your credentials, otherwise you will host unwanted users.

Error code 22 – Restricted content or for the informed public

Make sure that you are not viewing the Disney Plus catalog via a “Child” profile. Although they are all reserved for a family audience, some programs are indeed not accessible to toddlers. Change profile; prefer a standard one to watch any program of your choice.

Error code 24 – Unable to log on

Check your internet connection, make sure the HYDRA has not compromised your network and reset your modem / internet box. Also try to disconnect and reconnect your app. Or check that your bank details are correct and still in effect.

Error code 25 – Internal error

Disney Plus is experiencing some server issues. Talk to him nicely. Otherwise, try to log out and log back in.

Error code 30 – Device incompatible with the Disney Plus service

Some devices may be incompatible with the use of the video streaming service. Do you want to check the compatibility of your smartphone or your TV? The full list of supported devices is here .

Error code 31 – Localization problem

Disney Plus is slowly rolling out around the world, so if you’re sneaky and trying to use a VPN to bypass your location verification, it can hurt your connection. Try resetting your device’s location settings.

Error code 32 – Connection problem related to your password

Log out, log back in, and verify that you have the correct password. Has this one been hacked? Try to regain control by clicking on “Forgotten password” and following the instructions. Otherwise, contact Disney Plus support. Reminder: 123456 is not a recommended password.

Error codes 35 and 36 – Restricted content

As for code 22 detailed above, check that the content you are looking for is available in your country. Disable all VPN, check your location settings, and make sure you’re not in kid mode.

Error code 38 – Time setting

One of the most bizarre mistakes. Make sure that the time displayed on your device is set correctly or correct it if necessary. Better to align with the correct time zone.

Error code 41 – Video playback problem

This happens when Disney Plus’s servers are full and a large number of subscribers want to download the same program at the same time. You can try to fix this problem by restarting your device or by signing out and signing in again. You may need to be patient while Disney maintenance fixes the issue.

Error code 42 – Connection problems with your internet service provider

The most common mistake. Either Disney Plus is in maintenance or your ISP is doing its own. Here again, you will have to be patient because the problem is not your responsibility. Try to reset your modem / box and wait.

Error code 73 – Content prohibited in your region

As with error code 31, this means that some content is not yet available everywhere. Rights issues in different countries mean that some films, in particular, are put on hold until Disney has the right to broadcast them. Check your location settings and turn off your VPN – Disney’s service easily spots its usage.

Error code 86 – Account blocked, violation of terms of service

It can be serious. You must make sure that the holder of the account used is over 18 years old, that a VPN does not interfere with the service, that your location settings are correct. And, if all that isn’t enough, contact Disney Plus support.

Error code 87 – Identifiers not found

Start the usual operating mode: disconnect and reconnect, check that your credentials are still operational, try the “Forgot password” option. And make sure R2D2 hasn’t messed with your settings. He’s a vicious droid. All solutions failed? It is better to contact Disney Plus customer service as a last resort. You can do this on Twitter or via chat. There is also a telephone line available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., except on public holidays: 0805 54 07 33 (the call is free from a landline). Finally, a global support page is available online.

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