In this article we discuss about the main causes and symptoms of high blood sugar. High blood sugar is a medical condition that is commonly associated with diabetes and refers to excess blood sugar that can be caused by over-eating sweets over the years or maybe diabetes in the family. It is well known that diabetes is a genetic disease that can be passed from parents to children or from grandparents to grandchildren, as it is perfectly normal for the disease to be passed down a generation. High blood sugar levels have serious consequences and require immediate attention. There is no cure for high blood sugar after the disease has passed its second stage, but there is a chance if you catch the disease at the very last moment.

High blood sugar has serious consequences or effects, ranging from blindness to heart attacks, obesity, and strokes. Therefore, it is recommended to check your blood sugar levels today, since the age group that usually suffers from this condition is usually between 28 and 60 years old.


Blood sugar levels have a limited number of well-known reasons that people around the world are trying to remember in order not to get this disease. It is important to keep in mind the causes and symptoms of high blood sugar, which are listed below:


Too much sugar is the main causes and symptoms of high blood sugar. The sweet substance in food mixes with the blood and spreads through the heart through the body. When you were a child, you must have remembered how your parents warned you not to eat too much sweets. This general warning was not only to protect your teeth, but also to protect your body. Although sweets taste good, they do not have a positive effect on the body; rather, they have long-term negative effects. Therefore, the controlled consumption of sweets can help control blood sugar levels.


Improper diet is another major causes and symptoms of high blood sugar. Blood sugar is controlled by a constant supply of nutrients from the food we eat, so an irregular diet will cause an irregular supply of vitamins and minerals, which in turn will lead to an increase in sugar levels in the body.


Diabetes can also causes and symptoms of high blood sugar levels. Both of these problems actually work hand in hand. If you have high blood sugar, you will have diabetes and vice versa. In fact, diabetes is high blood sugar that is no different from the following. Diabetes raises your blood sugar and, in turn, makes you face this problem at the same time, so when you have diabetes, an experienced doctor will always check your blood sugar to determine how much the disease really is.


Stress is the root cause of many problems. Severe stress can cause stroke and heart attacks. In this case, stress also causes and symptoms of high blood sugar in the body along with blood pressure. People don’t understand the intensity of stress and its effect on your system, so set aside some time for yourself a week to relieve stress from your system and help you cope with this problem. This is beneficial because, at least in the long term, you will not have secondary blood sugar problems.


Carbohydrates are okay, but if you take in too much and don’t spill anything at all, they just build up in your body and block blood flow. This is one of the main causes of high blood sugar levels. Foods like potatoes are high in carbohydrates, and if you eat too much, they can be very unhealthy for you. One cannot easily determine this, and there will be times when he will suffer. From some serious blood sugar problems just because he ate too many carbs.


There are some common causes and symptoms of high blood sugar that will help you understand your body better. These general symptoms are strong signals that you are currently suffering from high blood sugar. Some of these symptoms may include the following:


Blood pressure and blood sugar levels cause extreme lethargy in a patient suffering from these problems. This sluggish feeling is caused by the uneven distribution of blood in your body. Along with irregularity, high sugar levels also cause lethargic behavior. Severe lethargy caused by a malfunction can cause or lead to heart attacks that can be fatal to the patient.


High sugar levels in the body, caused by any of the above factors, causes you to gradually exacerbate the problem that you already face due to high blood sugar levels. Blurred vision is the first sign of high blood sugar levels, which then leads to diabetes and eventually blindness. Blurry vision usually occurs when you are exposed to strong sunlight and can sometimes be mistaken for a migraine, but if you suffer from persistent blurred vision, you need to check your blood sugar levels immediately.


Heart pain is mild and lasts more than an hour, but be careful as it can easily be mistaken for gas. This occurs in some patients with high blood sugar. The heart is a constant flow that supplies your body with blood that helps you function, making it the most important organ in your body besides the brain, but at some point when your blood sugar exceeds normal in your system, it starts create an imbalance in his beating causing mild chest pain. So check your blood sugar and be safe.


It is quite common for a person suffering from high blood sugar to feel thirsty and this is one of the most obvious causes of high blood sugar. People with high blood sugar often have the urge to drink something (maybe water, fruit juice, or soda) to fill them up and quench their thirst. During this time, the throat becomes dry and it is natural to ask for water during the high blood sugar phase.


It’s easy to catch your breath. This will happen quite often and can be said to be one of the most important symptoms of high blood sugar. Because of this, the person will be deprived of a number of physical activities, and people who encounter this particular symptom should usually go through this as it can also lead to speech difficulties.


During the high blood sugar phase, the stomach will be one of the victims of frost. A person will experience severe stomach pain if he or she has problems with high blood sugar. Stomach pain is fairly obvious during this period and a person will experience this symptom quite often as it is one of the most common symptoms of high blood sugar.


There will also be a sudden and unexpected change in bad breath. During diabetes, you may experience the problem of bad breath, for example, your breath can turn from normal to fruity, and this is considered one of the most common symptoms of high blood sugar.


Asking for water throughout the day is quite obvious if you suffer from high blood sugar. Since when you are faced with high blood sugar problems, the throat usually gets dry and the person often asks for a lot of water.

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