Dressing Style Rules All Men Should Learn

Dressing Style Rules All Men Should Learn

There are some Dressing style rules that you as a person should learn so that you can always dress nicely. In our article, we will address 14 different rules that you should keep in mind when dressing. They are about everything from shoes to accessories, as well as what you should wear when and where. With our tips, you will always be properly dressed no matter the occasion.

Dressing Style Rules

Although fashion is something individual, there are some things that can be good to remember regarding Dressing style rules. Here we have gathered our best tips regarding dressing style rules for men.

Bet On Your Shoes

There is nothing that lifts the whole like a pair of well-invested shoes. When it comes to shoes, always think timeless. Color, pattern, sole, quality – in the choice of shoes you should be picky. When choosing the shoes, you should have as a guideline that the design, color and material should last for fifteen years. Therefore, opt for classic dressing styles rules such as brogue shoes, loafers or a pair of smooth, five-eyed derby shoes for a sustainable style.

When choosing shoes, the shape is essential and you especially need to look at how the shape is over the toes. A shoe with a rounded toe is by far the most durable design that works year after year and is a master of classic dressing style rules.

Be Moderate with the Accessories

Dressing style rules with accessories such as ties and handkerchiefs, you put your personal touch on your suit, but are careful how you combine them. It is best to create a balance between the suit and the accessories by opting for one or two colors.

The really brave choose two contrasting colors that give your outfit a conscious whole. Handkerchief and tie should preferably be a shade darker than your suit to get a nice whole.

Dress for the Context

Having style does not only mean that you use your attire to express yourself, you also need to adapt your outfit to the environment you are going to live in. Think of clothes as codes – you need the right combination to succeed in entering different places.

The worst style is the one that is completely misplaced and when we talk about dressing style rules for men, it is as much about respect for others as it is about feeling comfortable.

However, there is a greater acceptance of breaking dress codes in today’s society. In most workplaces, there are few who raise their eyebrows if you show up in sneakers with a suit.

Know Yourself

Few things are less stylish than a man who dresses as he thinks he is expected to dress, instead of dressing as he really is. No matter what you are wearing, wear it so that you own it. True dressing style rules icons are those who go their own way with a great deal of self-confidence, which comes from the fact that the clothes they wear feel like a second skin on their bodies.

Be Careful When Choosing Glasses

Spend some time finding a pair of frames that suits you and your dressing style rules. On average, men choose spectacle frames in seven minutes; a pair of frames that will then be a part of their face for three years or more.

Poor choices and poor fit are reasons why you start to hate your glasses. When choosing a bow, consider your face shape, your hairstyle and the relationship of the bow to the eyebrows.

The same, of course, applies when choosing sunglasses. Here we have developed classic models of sunglasses that are safe shortly before spring and summer.

The Art of Wearing a Suit

The key to looking good in a suit is the fit. If you are buying a ready-made suit, you should focus on the shoulders. It is relatively easy to sew over the chest and over the waist if needed.

A classic suit is always the best buy. A dark variant with two buttons and few details is the model you will have the most use for and it is not boring. It’s a uniform.

Wear Your Jeans

The world’s most popular jeans model is undoubtedly “slim-tapered”. That model is further over the thighs, which makes it comfortable, and then it narrows towards the foot, which makes it look good both with a nice shoe or a pair of cool sneakers.

The model is the best year-round model as it fits everything, whether it is formal or informal. The wise man buys a dark color and wears it until it wears out nicely.

The Importance of Your Wristwatch

A wristwatch is like a work of art. Choose the watch because you love it, not because you hope it will generate money. Wristwatches, or watches, are personal and mark your passage through time, but it also has a practical function.

Aesthetic, practical and functional variants in sporty models can lift your everyday outfit to new levels. But the watch must suit you and your dressing style rules and it needs to sit well over your wrist.

The Secret behind Choosing a Shirt

Choose a classic model. It may sound ridiculous, but any shirt looks exclusive and expensive if it is pressed and well ironed. Look at the collar and the pattern when choosing. A collar should work both with and without a tie and the shirt should always fit well under a jacket. Avoid patterned shirts if you are not quite sure you can wear it.

Classic model

  • A collar that works with and without a tie
  • Avoid patterns if you are unsure

Choose Outerwear with Care

They are light in weight, they breathe and they protect you from the mood of the weather. Changes in seasons, the climate and consumers’ buying habits have made wool coats less attractive. Then rather invest in, for example, a bomber jacket or waxed jackets.

  • Outerwear in functional material
  • Bomber jacket or waxed jackets for leisure
  • Choose a stylish rainproof coat for more festive occasions
  • Outer vest as a complement

Underwear Under

Dressing Style rules is not just what people see with the naked eye. For men’s underwear, there are two rules to follow. The first is that your underwear works best without a pattern as it is not for adult men. Underwear is not there to express personality in the same way you do with your shirt or accessories. Whether you are a big Phantom fan or not, keep him away from your underwear.

Take Care of Your Clothes

It may sound like something your mother used to say but the fact is that when you spend time, energy and money on your clothes, you also need to take care of them and take good care of them. Clothing care is especially relevant now that we have seen a greater interest in craftsmanship and classic men’s fashion.

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