What is a Gonk

The Gonk, a Christmas craze that is currently on the rise, first debuted on our Instagram feeds in 2020. This year, the holiday figures are omnipresent, from toys that resemble wizards to gothic bedding and mugs. But first, what is a gonk?

What is a Gonk?

While gonks resemble holiday gnomes, their origins can be found in Nordic and Scandinavian folklore. Folklore holds that these little animals prefer the cooler seasons and enjoy cuddling up in homes, where if the family welcomes them and treats them well, they will bring good fortune.

Why are Gonks so popular?

They are just so adorable with their noses and beards sticking out of their big pointy hats, and who doesn’t enjoy a little touch of magical mythology around Christmas? Especially those that promise good fortune. They’re a lot of fun, and hanging them from the Christmas tree or placing them all throughout the home will make it feel more cozier and more welcoming.

Is it a Christmas decoration? Gonk

Gonks are not strictly Christmas decorations, despite the fact that they resemble little Nordic Father Christmas when they have beards. However, over time, they have been included into Christmas legends and have become a significant element of the holiday season. Additionally, it is customary to set out a bowl of porridge for them on the winter solstice.

Stacey Solomon, an Instagram celebrity, is a passionate fan and gives her extensive collection the moniker “Norman,” which aptly describes their gnome-like appearance. Many high street retailers have joined the trend, including The Range, Aldi, and Matalan, all of which offer affordable prices.

What is the difference between a Gonk and a Gnome?

While the two can be mistaken, gnomes have Germanic origins, date to the 1800s, and were originally constructed of clay; plastic was only used more often starting in the 1960s. Additionally, gnomes are said to bring luck. Scandinavian gonks are manufactured more frequently from wool, fabric, and felt and have a far longer history, with the first mention of them being in the 1600s.

Can you get an Easter Gonk?

Yes! Easter gonks with pastel-colored caps and flowers have started to appear in recent years. Include them in your Easter table settings or perhaps a wreath. In 2022, Halloween goblins also began to appear everywhere; here are some of our favourite.

How to style them

Gonks are the ideal holiday decoration to fill any odd spaces in your home this season. How to style them is as follows:

  • To make your living room’s fireplace a focal point, install one on either side of it.
  • A standing gonk will spruce up your doorstep and provide a welcoming entrance this Christmas.
  • Combine three people of various heights to form your own tiny clan!
  • Showcase one or two under your Christmas tree to cover the tree’s base and to add some holiday cheer.
  • Create a festive space in your bedroom and decorate it with a comfortable blanket, holiday accents, and, of course, a gonk!

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