What Is ELK BLEDOM on my Bluetooth List?

What Is ELK BLEDOM on my Bluetooth List

If you’re connecting a Bluetooth device and you see ELK BLEDOM listed unexpectedly in the device list, you might be wondering what it is. Fortunately, this is a mystery we can shed light on.

ELK BLEDOM Is a Bluetooth LED Strip Light

If you see the ELK-BLEDOM in the list of Bluetooth connections on any device (such as an iPhone, Android smartphone, PC, Mac, or others), there’s a good chance someone nearby has a smart LED strip plugged in.

These light strips can be controlled via Bluetooth via a smartphone app and are usually sold on Amazon.com, and they use a common Bluetooth chipset that lists “ELK BLEDOM” as a Bluetooth device.

For example, here’s a manual for one of the light strips, which instructs the owner to connect to the ELK-BLEDOM to control the lights using an app on a smartphone. It is likely that dozens of brands of LED strips on Amazon use the same generic chipset, which may be readily available in China, where they are made.

Own an LED Strip Light?

The reason ELK BLEDOM is so mysterious is that people scanning for Bluetooth devices will see light strips owned by other people nearby, most likely their neighbors. In one example, we see (and connect to) an LED strip in another house 70 feet away.

The “BLE” in the name probably refers to Bluetooth Low Energy, a type of Bluetooth designed for low-power devices. Ironically though, these LED strips seem to have a stronger Bluetooth signal than many other devices, as they can often be seen from an unusually long distance on Bluetooth lists. A typical Bluetooth device typically has a range of about 30 feet.

It’s Not a Hidden Camera

We’ve seen rumors online that the ELK BLEDOM may refer to a Bluetooth-enabled hidden camera or security camera. After a deep search, we didn’t find any manuals or documentation to confirm this. Most likely, the camera rumors are a concern for those who see the ELK-BLEDOM and don’t have an LED strip at home (or they didn’t know their LED strip was Bluetooth-capable).

Nevertheless, you can easily exclude the camera by downloading an LED light controller app on your phone, such as duoCo Strip on iPhone or Android. When you run it, you may see “BLEDOM” or “ELK-BLEDOM” in the “Group Management” tab on the side. If so, you know it’s a strip light. Also, if the signal is strong enough, you can even connect to a light strip device. Surprisingly, these LED strips don’t use any form of wireless security, so if you own one, anyone nearby who uses the app can control it.

Also, if you want to determine the physical location of the ELK-BLEDOM device, you can use an app like Wunderfind (on iPhone or Android). To do this, run Wunderfind and walk around the area and you will see the distance to the ELK BLEDOM change as you move.

In doing so, you can pinpoint the direction and distance – and locate the device if it’s not in someone else’s house or apartment next door. Good luck and stay safe outside!

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