IVPN Review: Fast as Lightning

IVPN Review Fast as Lightning

In the VPN market, IVPN is a bit like a dark horse. It does not have the marketing influence of large participants like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, and it will only slowly obtain the names of independent players such as Mullvad. I took its pace to find out what IVPN could do.

It turns out that IVPN can do a lot of things, and it is definitely one of the best VPN services there. It is safe, easy to use, and is as fast as fat lightning. The only bad thing is that it cannot solve the streaming media services. When we continue to move forward, I will encounter some small pricing problems. However, if you are not in the streaming media, IVPN may be one of the best VPNs in the market.

What IVPN Can Do

One of the reasons I like IVPN is because it has made a part of me. On the IVPN website, the company revealed many false proposals proposed by its competitors. Although it is not good to ask potential customers if it really needs VPN, I admire IVPN honest and practical about its products. There are no exaggerated claims or snake oil.

This direct method is extended to IVPN to discuss its functions. It tells you what you need to know, just on the tin pot. First, IVPN can be used on many devices and operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and even routers and NASes. Interestingly, this is one of the minority VPNs that provide GUI for Linux, which I tested it.

In addition to some interesting security functions, I will discuss these functions later. The VPN client also has some built -in good reverse tracking tools, which should help you fight well with tracker and other malware. It also has a feature that allows you to suspend VPN in a specific time. This is what I could not see before, but it is convenient for the right person.

The server is also okay, but it is not very good. IVPN provides servers for servers in the United States and Europe, but rarely outside the field. If you need a better coverage in South Asia or Latin America, there is a better VPN. In this case, even Mullvad; NordVPN may be a good choice.

IVPN and Netflix

However, for everything IVPN can do, it cannot do one thing: enter Netflix. I tried about 10 servers without a broken Netflix. This is a pity, but in the defense of IVPN, it is not a VPN that can be promoted through Netflix.

Security and Privacy

Of course, one of the most important aspects of any VPN is that your connection is a guarantee for the invaders, and your own data can protect your VPN. In these two cases, you are not worried about IVPN because it attaches great importance to this. First of all, it is one of the few VPNs that allow you to use cash or cryptocurrency anonymous accounts.

Your only account information is code, without email or other recognition information. This can keep things good and anonymous, but to ensure that the code is safe or loses the unfavorable conditions required for access to VPN. Since IVPN has no other record except the code, if you lose your account, you cannot retrieve your account.

IVPN and Logs

You can imagine that a trouble in maintaining anonymous registration is completely irrelevant. It introduces all the functions on the company’s website in detail, and it may be the most thorough file I see. IVPN explained the data it collected and did not collect data. What will happen when the small data it collects and cancels the account.

I think that transparency is one of the biggest trust marks that services can provide for you. This is why I like ExpressVPN’s details about its trusted technology -therefore, I am completely confident in IVPN, and I am very confident. This service looks completely safe, if you pay with cash, it is completely anonymous.

If you are worried about surveillance for any reason, although it may be because some VPNs based on the United States are forced to abandon Torrenters data, IVPN is a good choice.


The security of IVPN is also first -class. It provides the killing switch enabled by default, unlike NordVPN or Surfshark, or I have recently enabled all other VPNs. It is not sure why so many VPNs can choose this important feature in the default situation, but in this regard, IVPN seems to be the only reasonable benchmark.

Compared with competition, another thing that makes IVPN stand out is that it has only two protocols that can be used. Fortunately, they are the best VPN protocols around: OpenVPN and WireGuard. Both protocols balance speed and security, which means that you have a fast but highly encrypted connection every time.

IVPN does not use a fast but unreliable protocol (such as IKEV2) to hide the mediocre infrastructure, which seems to be the standard fare of many well -known people in the industry, watching you, PureVPN.

IVPN Settings

The excellent interface is extended to the “Settings” menu; you can distort and adjust your heart in it. In other words, the change settings should be left to those who know what they are doing. Therefore, if you don’t know what port, please be careful what you do here.

However, in general, I don’t think you have to adjust too much here. Overall, the default value of IVPN is very meaningful, most of which are common sense choices. My only criticism is that I have to OpenVPN on WireGuard by default, which is just because it is a practical and test protocol, but WireGuard does have a speed advantage.


IVPN maintains a good price, although this is one of the few areas I think the service can do better. Unlike most VPN services, IVPN retains two plans: IVPN standards and IVPN Pro. In addition to the price, the main difference is that PRO provides more bells and whistle.

Overall, pricing is indeed competitive. I like a few ways you have to choose from, and I like all of this transparency. If you register for a longer time, no banner shouts how much you can save; IVPN just provides you with the required information, you can decide yourself.

In other words, the longer you register, the greater your savings. Although the difference is not much, you feel that you have a long stress. For example, I like to use IVPN for a monthly choice. I hope more VPN will do this.

Comparing Standard to Pro

When buying IVPN, of course, you will want to know which better choice in the two plans. The standard is a solid plan. At $ 60 a year (if you register longer), you will get a very good VPN. In addition to streaming media playback, you can also complete all the needs you need. This is a good choice, rarely cheap VPN.

Connecting Multiple Devices

I am not very satisfied with the difference between the numbers of devices associated with the account at the same time. The standard plan is only allowed, and seven are the professional. Please note that this does not mean connecting at the same time. Each IVPN account has the restrictions related to the device, and more logs are added from all connections.

Obviously, some VPN providers hope to limit the number of the service at the same time, although not all read our Surfshark comments, the comments are not limited. However, for standard users, restrictions will be very low in two aspects. If you can connect an unlimited number of devices, there are two activities at any time. However, every time you use the third device, you will log in to all devices, which is very annoying.


IVPN is very fast, there are no two ways. In fact, it may even be as fast as ExpressVPN. This is a feat. You can read in our ExpressVPN comments. As usual, I tested IVPN from Cyprus and connected to four different locations around the world. I changed the New York City, where there is no server in New York City, New Jersey next door. The result is below.

LocationPing (ms)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
Cyprus (unprotected)510442
United Kingdom1236035
New Jersey2698139

As you can see, IVPN is as fast as lightning with fat, no matter which protocol is used. At the basic speed of more than 100Mbps, I lost only about 20 % in the connection with the state, which is amazing. It is a bit disappointed with British reading, but this is still a good result. Japan is usually a stupid person.

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