How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft – Is it Difficult?

How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft - Is it Difficult

How to breed turtles in Minecraft

How to breed turtles in Minecraft is definitely not as difficult as you might think. There are different resources and items available in the game which would make turtle breeding as easy as ABC. The first thing you need to have is of course a turtle. It doesn’t really matter what kind of turtle you want, but you will need to have one for breeding purposes. You can simply go to the “Zot Lab” and pick out a female turtle, which will be the basis for breeding your own turtles.

A Scute

Breeding turtles in Minecraft is advisable since adult turtles in this game can produce an item known as a Scute. This Scute will then be used by your players to produce a turtle shell. Turtle Shell has an air-breathing status effect, which means it can be used as an effective breeding method. For example, a player can find two turtles that are within close proximity to each other, and then they can use the turtle shell to get the baby turtle to start breathing air. Once the baby turtle begins breathing air, it will then be able to grow.

Mate the turtles

To begin breeding, you will need at least two sea turtles, and a piece of lettuce. Simply go to the shack where the turtle was hatched, and then pick out the two sea turtles. When you have two, go to the breeding zone. A red light should turn on, and it is advised that you fish the red hearts, since lettuce will need oxygen to grow. After the red lights stop blinking, you can then begin trying to mate the turtles.

Turtles shell

One important note – be careful when handling your turtles’ shells, because they can become damaged very easily. The best way to handle them is by using a sea turtle egg bag. This allows you to place the sea turtles shell on top of the egg bag, so that the turtle eggs do not get disturbed. If you fail to remove the shell, or damage the shell, there is an 80% chance that the turtle will not hatch at all. You can tell if the sea turtle eggs are fully mature when the shells crack.

Enchanted tool

When the eggs hatch, you will need to know how to breed more turtles. Since red sea eggs have the highest chance of being able to be fertilized when placed on a silk touch enchantment, it is highly recommended to use this enchanted tool to try and breed more turtles. After placing the eggs on the silk touch enchantment, wait around twenty five days to see if the turtle will be able to hatching. If it doesn’t, simply remove the eggs and throw them away. You should also remember to change the incubator’s water every day.

On the other hand, if you are trying to breed turtles for simply petting purposes, the best way to go about it is to simply go to the beach and catch some rays. Bring the live one back to your house and let it stays there until the next morning. It may sound a little strange, but it really works! Just make sure that you have plenty of space in your house to house the turtle that you are going to breed.

Breeding process

Once you have caught a ray, find two turtles that can fit on your lap. Feed them with food that you have made at the shore biome. They should quickly begin to lay sand. This is the start of your breeding process. As the sand begins to cover the shells, slowly move them towards the breeding beach.


If you want to learn how to breed turtles in minecraft, you have to understand that they are very sensitive when it comes to changes in their environment. So, do not be afraid to go around the terrarium or the aquarium constantly to keep the sand from moving. Also, make sure that you know exactly how to collect the silk touch turtle eggs that you will be using in your experiment. This may require some research, so be prepared to spend some time learning how to breed turtles in minecraft.

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