What Modeling Software Can I Choose? Getting Started 3D Game Modeling

What Modeling Software Can I Choose Getting Started 3D Game Modeling

To develop 3D game modeling is a very basic project. At present, what mainstream modeling software is there in the market? If you want to learn modeling, how should you choose? Let’s take a look at it for everyone.

In recent years, the game industry has developed better and better in China. A unity 3d game developer who has worked for 5 years has an annual salary of 200,000, and the salary of other modelers, original painters, and conceptual design it’s also impressive.

3D Game Modeling Software

3ds Max:

Currently the most mainstream 3d game modeling software in the game market. 3D Max has a wealth of visual design, it has wide coverage, easy to use, simple and efficient modeling, and it can design realistic 3d characters for games. 3D Max can help design visualization professionals, 3d game developers and visual effects artists maximize their productivity by simplifying the process of dealing with complex scenes, so it is widely used in 3d games and architecture.

One of the world’s most outstanding three-dimensional animation production software is widely used in the creation of digital special effects for movies, TV, commercials, etc. It has even won many awards such as the Oscar for Science and Technology Contribution Award, and many Hollywood blockbusters use Maya. Such as Disney, Japan’s Square Enix game company, Sony’s Naughty Dog game studios are all in use. It can be said to be a collection of software.

Many people tend to compare 3dmax and Maya together. In fact, this doesn’t make much sense, because the two software have their own focus. After learning, they come out to find a job. The focus is not which software is more high-end, but the interviewing company. What software is used?


The most outstanding feature of digital sculpting software is that it allows artists to sculpt “unrestrictedly”. Compared with traditional modeling software, it can give full play to the imagination and creativity of users, and is freer. Zbrush is the only way to model modeling. It’s quite powerful. However, since there is no animation or special effects related, Zbrush is generally about sculpting high poly models. If you want to complete the entire process, you still have to use other 3D Game Modeling Software. You usually have to learn this software when you learn art in the next era.


Vray, In essence, it is actually a renderer. It is necessary to wait for modeling, draw textures, and set materials for rendering.


Comprehensive 3D game software for advanced polygon subdivision surface, modeling, sculpting, 3D painting, animation and rendering. It’s easy to get started; so many conceptual artists choose to learn modo to assist in painting.


Open source cross-platform all-round 3D animation production software. Blender is the biggest selling point is that it is free. It can be modeled, rendered, animated, and even now sculpting. If you want to save costs, this software is a good choice.


Mudbox is a digital carving and texture painting software, which can be used for carving + painting textures and even, generate PTex. Currently, Maya and 3d Max are the same owner and company.


3Dcoat is a digital sculpture software specially designed for game artists developed in Ukraine. Modeling, sculpting, rendering, the details are very fine, there are some functions such as UV display and painting texture is quite good.

Auxiliary Software Used With Modeling Software


Xnormal, fast rendering speed, used to bake normal map, ao, etc


Topogun, Retopo tool. Of course, other software like Maya and Max can also retopo and Zbrush can even generate it automatically;

Headus UV layout:

The software dedicated to UV, the operation is very smooth;

Marvelous Designer:

Clothing design and simulation software, mostly used for the physical generation of the clothes of game characters, the software interface is very friendly.

what 3D Modeling software is used for video games


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