How to Make Brown Dye in Minecraft: An Easy Guide

How to Make Brown Dye in Minecraft

Here are some guides, how to make Brown Dye in Minecraft

Cocoa Plants

How to make Brown Dye in Minecraft? A brown colored dye is notoriously difficult to come by since it needs cocoa plants. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find any plants that grow naturally in the jungle. So, it would be wise to visit the dark jungle biomes for more cocoa plants for your own special brown dyed mobs. This article will aid you in learning how to make brown dye in Minecraft (every version of minecraft) and its many uses.

A Crafting Table

If you plan on using a crafting table in the game, then I recommend you make a special empty hopper. The purpose of the hopper is to keep all crafting ingredients automatically. For this, you need to create an empty bucket from above-ground blocks like gravel and cobblestone. With an empty bucket, fill it with dirt or stone and place any decorative material above the bucket in order to add its effects.


One effective way of making a brown dye out of any type of dye is to simply add water to it. Water can give any dyes an additional effect. Also, it allows them to thicken without waiting on a crafting table to process it further.


To make a brown dye with any kind of dye, you need to understand how to effectively craft different kinds of items. Unlike other games where you have a limited number of inventory slots, minecraft gives you a whole lot of room to customize your inventories. It allows you to stack up inventory blocks on the same slot. This means that when you want to craft something, you can do so by just placing the appropriate block next to an empty slot.

Concrete Powder

For instance, to craft the Brown Reeds which produce the best results, you need to place thirty wood logs on an inventory slot. Then, get more dry brown concrete powder from an inventory chest. Once you have finished that, place those concrete powder tiles over the thirty wood logs on an empty slot. You should have at least one empty inventory slot to use to hold the extra brown concrete powder.

Wood and Pebbles

Now that you have placed the dry brown dust on the slots, it is now time to craft the final item. Craft the Repeater by combining one piece of the dry wood and thirty pebbles. Place all thirty pebbles on the slots, spread them evenly and close the inventory. Then, craft the Repeater by using an X-Ray Visor and targeting the wood pieces that you just placed on the slots. When you press the X-Ray Visor key, an invisible X marks the spot where the pebbles are located.

Brown Leather Bag

Now that the Repeater has been crafted, you can continue to craft the other useful dye materials. The final item you will craft is the Brown Leather Bag which has the texture and appearance of brown leather. You will need a total of seven pieces of leather so that you can craft the Brown Bag. When crafting this bag, remember to place all of the crafting ingredients inside of one inventory. It is much easier to craft all of the items in one inventory then to craft them all over again.

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After crafting all the items of the Brown Material, place the crafting grid next to your Cog crafting bench. The crafting grid will act as your guide while you try to craft the Brown Material. If you need help, there are several helpful websites online that will help you craft the other dye recipes as well. With these valuable resources at hand, you should be able to successfully learn how to make brown dye in Minecraft easily.

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