How to craft Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite Season 6

How to craft Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite Season 6

The Hunter’s Cloak is a useful tool in Fortnite Season 6, so here’s everything you need and how to craft Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite and how to create this unique item.

How to craft Hunter’s cloak in Fortnite? That is the question that is plaguing the minds of millions of Fortnite players since the game launched. The concept of crafting items was introduced with the intent of attracting more of the casual and free-to-play population, but it clearly had the opposite effect. Instead of the casual crowd jumping on the bandwagon and buying up all the best gear available, there were fewer people queuing up for their chance at a rare drop or item. Clearly something was lost somewhere along the way.

Here’s how to craft Hunter’s cloak in Fortnite Season 6

Ingredients for the Fortnite Hunter Cloak

So what went wrong? Well, one theory is that Fortnite really does not feature any kind of crafting function. The crafting system is actually part of the Fortnight expansion, and so any items you craft are purely cosmetic. However, it could just be that players simply weren’t looking to craft. I’ve always believed that a significant proportion of the player base are actually Cosmetic Hunters, and so the disappearance of the crafting function leaves the door wide open for other, less mechanically inclined souls to pick up where Fortnite left off.

Here’s everything you need to know about crafting the Hunter’s Cloak to conceal yourself from wildlife in Fortnite Season 6.

So how to craft hunter’s cloak in Fortnite seems like an easy question to answer, right? After all, it’s simply a case of using the materials straight out of the loot table and crafting a new item from scratch. Well, it isn’t quite so simple. The loot table is full of a bewildering number of different materials. From unique melee weapons to magical enhancers, each has its own use, and can only be gathered from specific places.

So how to craft hunter’s cloak in Fortnite is to take each material and work out which type of weapon or item it can be used for. For example, you might find that you are able to collect the remains of an ancient fight. Using this as the raw material for your new cloak, you should be able to craft a decent weapon out of it. The trick, however, knows where to find the ingredients to make these items.

The first thing to realize when learning how to craft hunter’s cloak in Fortnite is that you are going to have to get more materials than usual. This is because more items are droppable than they are obtainable. Some are hard to find, and then there are the ones that are only available through the fortnight jobs. Fortunately, most of the ones that are droppable will provide a decent boost to your stats.

It’s important to consider what your build type is when figuring out how to craft hunter’s cloak in Fortnite season 6. Each character starts out with slightly different stats. This means that you might want to invest in some more items. If you want to try to conserve as much money as possible, you should try to stick with crafting items that can be sold for other items. Some of these can be sold in the marketplace at high prices, but you will still come out ahead if you purchase them from drops.

One tip that many players use is the idea of dual wielding weapons. By equipping two guns, you can quickly create an astonishing damage output. You can then switch them over to melee weapons to maximize the DPS output. This is one of the most effective ways to make hunters cloak in Fortnite season 6.


This is something that you will learn as you continue playing the game. It takes practice and patience, but when you do it right, your items will be impressive. So, how to craft hunter’s cloak in Fortnite season 6? It all comes down to having the best Fortnite hunter loot. Once you have it, your character will be unstoppable!

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