What is a Human Firewall? How it can reinforce your security system?

What is a Human Firewall? How it can reinforce your security system?

Human Firewall

A group of people in an organization that works to detect cyber attacks as your computer can bypass the security system. With the arrival of digital era and increase digitalization, the amount of data available is widely increased. Increase data call for high security for security.

A regular firewall is an instrument that stops unfortunately traffic that can enter your system and damage to weak data. Like a firewall, a human firewall focuses on saving your network. It is necessary to train employees to handle their data efficiently and make sure the company damaged any data. Human firewalls are important because they can help prevent large cyber sets. Although they are the last line of defense, it is important to train them well and ensure they are very careful. Through this blog, we will learn more about different areas of human weakness. We will also learn how to help you strengthen your security system.

5 Ways to detect a cyber attack

Areas of Weakness to the Human Firewall

1. Phishing

One of the most common ways to fall for cyber attack, many employees has fallen for the bushy attacks. Must know what kind of phishing is currently circulating you can help you reduce the risk of falling for them. The email tells that your Facebook account may be disabled and other similar emails should be ignored. Spear phishing has become more popular as hackers and scammers that these attacks prove to be more legitimate with the use of personal information. These attacks are more targeted and can be even more dangerous. People should be aware of the applications that are beyond normal and able to detect signs of such attacks.

2. Theft/Loss

Another way is that your network can be weak or through the loss of devices. With the arrival of work in home methods, it has become more common in these days to bring your device. People do not have any anti-theft protection and may not properly save their devices. A mobile device containing personal information related to organization must be well-preserved. It is ensured that the emails or information cannot be accessed on your phone by preserving the face recognition feature or fingerprint.

3. Malware

The malware opportunity installed on your system is usually when you are browsing any compromised website. Sites you can often see cyber attacks and have threats. One of the most common ways to download malware is through different pop-up windows on the website. It is important to train people about malware and how it works. People should know that malware can be installed, which will go a long way to save your network.

Ways to strengthen your Human Firewall

1. Education

While building human firewall, a small education can run a long way. First of all, you should take all your employees to your company with the company’s security system’s safety methods. It is important to train security risks and best practices to avoid falling for these risks. Sometimes using tools to e-mail, there are more chances to understand your computer security. In such a situation, what is education about working and will not help you in a long time. You can also run an experience in which you can fake a phishing e-mail. If the individual is unable to identify it, they are redirected to a training page that will help them improve their life and improve their knowledge about other cybersets.

2. MFA or 2FA

Verification of multi-factor or 2 factors has become very popular today. They are required to strengthen the human firewall and give another layer of security in cyber attack. A multi-element verification requires two things to save their accounts, what they know and they have some things. Everything he knows refers to the password, and whatever will be their phone or a device where they can receive OTP or once password. To enter an individual’s password and then the OTP will be allowed to log in to your device. To ensure that multi-element verification and 2FA space, will help prevent hackers from logging in to individual account. While it is important to follow the methods of human firewall, it is important to remember that it is not foolish. The invaders can be quite smart to generate codes.

3. Devices Issues by the Company

People are now more open to work from home policies and remote work, in such a situation, the use of personal equipment for official work is increasing rapidly. Our devices can be more sensitive to malware and cyber attacks. To ensure that the right security measures are necessary to secure our data before using these devices for office work. If the company is based on devices for its persons, it is easy to maintain security methods and to ensure security software and easy to install security tools. With this place, you will be able to install and manage remote devices and increase your weak data protection.



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