How to Make your iPhone Instagram Icon Aesthetic With iOS 14

How to Make your iPhone Instagram Icon Aesthetic With iOS 14

The iPhone is completely different from Android mobile, and it has many latest features. A mobile in hand is like your whole world on your hand, and when it’s an iPhone, it covers every corner of the world. Most social media in every corner of the world, especially in Instagram. ISO 14 is one of the latest features for your iPhone, and custom ISO14 aesthetic for your iPhone icons has become a huge trend worldwide various Instagram symptoms or Instagram Icon Aesthetic world.

Instagram Icon Aesthetic

Instagram is one of the top leading and trendy social media where many people’s day is incomplete without Instagram. Scrolling Instagram has become a hobby for many youths, and it is a help platform for many businesses. And it helps people to showcase their ability in the world through stories, rails and letters. The iPhone is popular for its unique, so the common things have a good look for this iPhone. The common Instagram logo does not seem to be ignored in your iPhone. So from the new updates in ISO 14, you can get aerial Instagram icon from different colorful Instagram neon signs, popular websites such as Pinterest and CityPNG etc. You can look attractive by amazing home screen with your iPhone aesthetic icons.

Follow the steps listed below:

  1. First open shortcuts app in the iPhone.
  2. Then tap this plus icon at the top of the right corner.
  • Select the Add Action.
  1. Now type open application in the search bar and select this app.
  2. Click Choose and select the Instagram app.
  3. Tap the dot in the top right corner. From there, name some shortcuts and add home screen.
  • When it appears from the name and icon of the home screen, then rename the shortcut.
  • Next, go to the Pinterest App to find a new icon image. You can find something like Instagram Icon Aesthetic. When you find a picture, please save your photos.
  1. Return to the same shortcuts app and then tap the current icon. Choose the select icon and tap on the picture you just saved and select and add.


Finally, after setting up your home screen with a unique and aesthetic Instagram icon, your phone looks more attractive to you and others. You can also get, aesthetic Instagram logo or icon, aesthetic camera icon, aesthetic layout icon, aesthetic Facebook icon, aesthetic app store icon, aesthetic snapchat icon, aesthetic message icon, aesthetic facility icon on some websites And enjoy it.

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