What Is the Best Way to fix an iRobot Error 14?

What Is the Best Way to fix an iRobot Error 14

The last of the series of iRobot Robots – The Rainmaker series, is called The Rainmaker II. IRobot are the leading robotics manufacturers in the world today and this latest robot is no exception. It is probably one of the most versatile robots that they have ever created. It can be used in a variety of different applications, as it has many different applications and settings which can be programmed to suit your exact needs. In this article we take a look at what the iRobot error 14 might be doing and what you can do about it. There is also some information regarding the replacement iRobot product, the iRobot Roboquad.

What is iRobot Error 14?

Firstly, this error is basically caused by the robot not being designed for real world use. This usually happens when the robot was designed for a very simple and easy task, such as picking up an object from a shelf. However, the robot was designed so that it could function in the real world, and unfortunately it is not able to distinguish between what it wants to do and what it should be doing.

How does the robot get unstuck? Well, it basically does not know how to carry out the program that it has been given. When the programmer adds new instructions to the robot, it becomes confused and often gets errors. This is because of the way the robot was designed when it was first made. So, to fix the error, you need to be able to re-program the robot to carry out the correct program instead of just ignoring it and hoping that it will stop getting its self unstuck.

Logical Area Networks

The problem is caused by a part of the robot called the ‘Logical Area Networks’ or LA Networks. This is a set of communication channels that are designed to help the robot communicate with each other. These communication channels are essential, but they are also prone to getting stuck and becoming unreadable. This makes the robot stop communicating with the other computer, and as a result it becomes impossible for the robot to carry on working. This is the main cause of the robot error you are seeing.

Clean Your Device

The first thing you can do to repair this error is to clean up your computer. Make sure that all the files, programs and settings on your computer are in the right order. This is essential so that the robot does not have any problem understanding the commands that you give it. If any of the files are corrupted, then your robot will not be able to process the commands that you give it. It will simply not work at all. This is why cleaning up your computer is essential.

Upgrade Your Robot

The second thing that you can do to remove the error is to upgrade your robot. Some people believe that an outdated robot is unable to get the job done as quickly as a new one would, but this is not true. All modern robots have an updated version of themselves which is known as the robot operating system or ROS. This upgrade is the best way to fix this particular error and allow your robot to read the files it needs to run the program correctly again.

If none of these methods help you to get rid of your robot error, then the only other option that you have is to send it back to the manufacturer. This might seem like an easy option, but it’s not. Manufacturers are not keen on selling faulty machines and they are quite expensive to ship them back. They also care about making money – a faulty robot costs them money to replace. They are not going to send you a new one if you are going to send them one that is working perfectly. However, sometimes it is possible to contact the manufacturer and they will offer you a refund, in exchange for the broken robot.

How to Fix Roomba Error 14

The issue emerges when a client attempts to utilize the Roomba robot however experiences the blunder 14 (reinstall the receptacle then, at that point, press clean).

Completely Clean the Roomba Robot

You might experience mistake 14 or 1-4 on the Roomba robot (a cleaning robot) in the event that its residue receptacle or connectors are messy and completely cleaning the unit may take care of the issue.

  1. Flip over the residue receptacle (where the devotee of the unit is situated) of the Roomba robot and unscrew the screws (generally, 4-6 screws) on the lower part of the container.

2. Presently dismantle the canister unit and get out the fan from dust/flotsam and jetsam. You might utilize solid air blow or well shake the part however use nothing sharp or tacky in it. In case it is essential, then, at that point, you might attempt a q-tip to eliminate the residue. Additionally, remember to wipe out space over the fan.

3. Then, at that point, try to get out the vent at the rear of the receptacle and remember to get out the vacuum opening.

4. Presently check assuming the fan in the canister can be turned openly and isn’t stuck.

5.  Then, at that point, gather back the unit and check in case it is clear of the blunder 14.

Not on this occasion, you can get free contact with engine and container. You might utilize a pencil eraser (or a razor) to get out the contacts however attempt the progression at your own danger.

Brief Workarounds

Assuming that the issue perseveres, then, at that point, you can fix the mistake 14 on your Roomba robot by attempting the accompanying impermanent workarounds revealed by the clients to tackle the issue for them:

  1. Remove and reinsert the battery of the Roomba robot.

2. Ensure the contacts are not standing out of the robot. You might slip a base piece of a can or a metal/tin foil strip over the messed up part of connect with the receptacle and the lodging.

3. Ensure the residue canister is appropriately and immovably shutting (you might press the sides of the container subsequent to eliminating the handle). You can likewise rub the sides of the canister with sandpaper to appropriately situate it.

Assuming the issue endures, then, at that point, checks if supplanting the imperfect part (like container contacts from eBay, and so forth) or the entire residue canister gets out the Roomba robot mistake.


Despite the above solutions, you will need to carry out some extensive research into what is causing your error message. There could be any number of problems, which could be behind the iRobot error 14. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the software and that your robot is not connected to the internet. This has been shown to resolve the problem.

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