The green screen is a staple food for action and fantasy blockbusters, allowing filmmakers to bring luxury vision into life. With this production tool, there is no background or visual effect that is too strange or ridiculous.

However, this does not mean that the green screen is only used for explosive and large budget movies. Many video production teams use creative green screen creators to create movies and editing that may not be used for box office, but they are still very interesting and can be viewed on smaller screens.

What is a green screen, and how does it work?

The green screen is a green background used in video production. It can add visual effects in later production by editing technology called Chroma Keying.

However, visual effects are not limited to explosion, but also broadcasting travel and other dreamy visual skills. They also include inserting ordinary backgrounds into the scene.

The working principle of the green screen is to set up a mini -studio during the shooting, which is too expensive or logically impossible. For example, the sunset scenes in TV programs and movies are usually completed with green screens. That’s because the sunset color of the golden time will last for several minutes on the camera.

Why green?

Before Chroma Keying became the specification of the TV industry, the blue screen was widely used in film production. Blue and green screens actually work from a technical perspective, because they are located in people’s natural skin and chromatography. However, due to the weather anchor, news players and other TV celebrities tend to wear blue clothes more. Therefore, it is easier to use a green screen to find that it is easier to use the green screen instead of the implementation requirements for various talents.

Modern cameras have also developed more sensitive to color green, so the use of green screens can produce cleaning effects.

With its cutting cost and marginal advantages, the creators like you can propose various green screen ideas to make interesting and creative videos. You can post these videos on YouTube and Twitch.

How to make your own green screen

You can create your own portable green screen by buying a large amount of green leather paper or fabric, and then put it on the frame or wall. Both options can afford it, although they are also easy to wrinkle. However, although the green screen of the fabric can be fixed by ironing and steaming, the paper background with creases and wrinkles will be more difficult to clean up in later production.

Another DIY green screen background is to draw a wall with green paint. This requires a space that can change the color of the wall. However, this is very cheap and can eliminate the problems of wrinkles and creases. If you take this route, choose paint with low gloss to reduce the light reflection or glare in the video.

How to film using a green screen

After setting DIY green screen studio, there are a few things to remember.

Use Proper Clothing

Plan your wardrobe of your video theme. Don’t let them wear any green clothes. Avoid using green cosmetics, such as green eye shadow or mascara. Otherwise, once the Chroma key editor is completed, their parts may eventually be seen on the screen.

Video themes should also avoid reflective clothing and accessories. In addition to creating glare on the camera, they may also reflect the green screen background. This will make the editing process longer and more difficult.

Use Proper Lighting

To get a cleaner key effect, check your lighting will not produce unnecessary shadows and dark spots. Experts recommend using three sources to light up your video theme: one on each side of the green background, one is directly illuminating them.

Put the soft box near the light to ensure a more uniform light distribution. Cheap and simple green screen idea diffusion lighting is hanging a piece of white paper in front of the light source.

Keep in mind that the lighting is matched with the background inserted in the later production. Check if your video should be shot outdoors or indoors during the day or night.

Keep legitimate separation between the green screen background and your subject.

Let them be a few feet away from the green screen background to avoid shadowing. The farther the theme and the background, the better. However, if space is a problem, make sure to light up the scene correctly.

How to edit videos filmed on a green screen

Therefore, now you have learned how to use green screens for video. The rest is editing and enhancing your content! Because of the free software available online, you can edit the video yourself.

If you are not an expert in the post -production process, please don’t worry. To help you determine which one can help you the best, please check our best video editing software guide. We compare and compare the functions of different programs in it and answer some common questions.

If you want to bring the original green screen video to life and publish it on various social media channels, we strongly recommend CANVA’s free online video editing. It provides thousands of templates for various video formats: YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Customized these video templates are very simple and clear. They let you create a title card suitable for video aesthetics and add graphics to different scenarios. Our user -friendly tools make this process easy to understand, even for novice video editors.

Easy Green Screen Tutorial for Beginners


Don’t forget to save your job. Keep viewing your green screen video to capture its pace and check the fault. After running, you are satisfied with the work and download it in a high -quality MP4 format.

Congratulations, your first green screen project idea is now a real video!

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