I’m here for those who want to know how to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4? For those who don’t know this, this may be a difficult task. Install PlayStation Remote Play and synchronize with your PS4, just like PSVita, you can play PS4 on your laptop.

Remember, this will require a good Internet connection, and there is no lagging between the laptop and the PS4.

The first idea I thought of using a laptop as a PS4 monitor was to connect the two devices to HDMI. Unfortunately, these two laptops and PS4 use HDMI output, and neither accepts HDMI input, which will not work.

There are two ways, how to use a laptop as a monitor for PS$ through HDMI:

  • Using the service of PS4 Remote Play
  • Using a Capture Card

Each of these methods involves some simple operations. Therefore, no delay let us start.

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 Using HDMI

PS4 is one of the top game systems and has fun. With high -resolution gameplay and more than a hundred different game choices, you may lose your own hour in the game.

Connecting HDMI from PS4 game console to laptop is not as simple as the display of PS4.

You need a laptop that supports video input to play PS4 games to establish seamless connections between PS4 and laptop.

Although the HDMI port itself is compatible with backward compatibility, the cables can only carry video streams in one way. Although some laptops have accepted HDMI, they are very small and far apart.

If you are looking for different things, you can delete the monitor screen of the laptop, find a controller converted to HDMI, and use it as a monitor. As you expect, this is beyond the ability of ordinary people and is too complicated.

The use of capture cards and remote playback is the two methods that are connected to a monitor with a laptop screen as a PS4 game.

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 with Remote Play  

How to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4 without a capture card? Many game consoles (such as PlayStation 4) include an online game flow platform, which allows you to play games from the device on another device through LAN.

You need to use USB cables, PlayStation network accounts, DualShock 4 controller, and Internet connection to use remote playback to synchronize laptops and PS4. It is necessary to upgrade the PS4 system to the latest version. Please follow the steps below:

1st Stage

To continue, please visit Sony’s website and download the latest version of the remote Play application. The operating system of Windows or Mac notebooks should be able to run the software.

2nd Stage

Open the PS4 console settings to allow remote playback connections after installation. You can access the higher bandwidth game from PS4 by enabling PS4 or maintaining a static mode. Since your console cannot be set to REST mode by default, you can use the power saving settings to perform.

3rd Stage

Next, in your PS4’s Remote Play Connection options activate “Remote Play.”

4th Stage

In this way, you will use USB cables to connect the game controller to the laptop. For this reason, please turn on the switch to connect PS4 to the Internet.

5th Stage

After that, find the remote playback connection option, and then select a screen resolution, such as 720P.

6th Stage

Open the rest mode. Although it is enabled by default, it is important to check it carefully. By transfer to settings, set the function in the REST mode, and then set the settings.

7th Stage

Check whether the PS4 on the network option has been opened; if not, you need to open it to transmit the PS4 streamlined to the laptop.

8th Stage

Now you can use remote playback software on your laptop to change the settings. You can adjust the resolution and frame rate in the “Settings” menu to find a perfect balance between the function of the laptop and the pleasant game.

9th Stage

To connect the controller to the laptop, you need to use a USB cable or DualShock 4 wireless USB adapter. You can connect wirelessly.

  • Hold down the PS button and share it for a few seconds until the light of the controller starts to flash.
  • Then use the USB cable or adapter, connect it to the laptop, and save it for a few seconds to match.

10th Stage

Log in to the PlayStation network account on the laptop and return to the remote Play application. Your remote playback application detects your PS4 console, and you can start playing immediately.

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 Using Capture Card

How to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4 without Remote Play? If you encounter difficulties when connecting the PS4 console to the laptop screen on PS4 Remote Play, then you still hope that you can use the capture card to play PS4 on the laptop screen via HDMI.

This is a simple way. However, you will have to invest some money to buy all the necessary items for the environment. Your laptop, video capture card, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, file sharing compatibility, and HDMI cables are all items you need to organize the system.

The capture card is a small device, so that you can capture the lens and view the material from the console on another device.

  • Capture the best quality video to the USB port on the laptop computer. Software is related to device settings. The installation process is simple.
  • You need the S-Video connection cable to connect the video card to PS4. Then connect the HDMI-in on the capture card to the HDMI OUT of PS4.
  • After running the program and open the PS4, add the capture card to it. The application will automatically detect and display the PS4 console on the laptop screen.

That’s it. You have connected the PS4 console to the laptop and the laptop screen is used as a PS4 display. These are the two possibilities you can use. These two methods are not difficult to implement.

How to setup Laptop as a Monitor


We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4. We describe two simple methods above. Each action in any process only takes a few minutes, so you don’t have to wait a long time to start running, play and enjoy the PS4 game on the laptop screen.

Your PS4 can use a video capture card or connect to the laptop by HDMI. Both methods are easy to use. We recommend remote playback methods because it is a streaming option approved by Sony.

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